Wrestling is a Way of Life

Someone once said, “Wrestling is not a sport, it is a way of life” Often “civilians” laugh at this statement, thinking it just a silly boast. However, I hope now when you are frustrated trying to explain to one who mocks and says, “What’s the big deal about this wrestling anyway?” you will hand them this letter and just maybe they will begin to understand. anyway I know that you do!

This was written on December 15th 1998 and published in Wrestling USA magazine at that time.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be hired to teach at my former high school. In addition, I was ecstatically happy to be working closely with the new Island Trees wrestling coaches. They were diligently rebuilding a program that had for many years been a wrestling powerhouse, until the death of their legendary coach Ted Petersen. Continue reading “Wrestling is a Way of Life”