UFC 118 Wrap-up: Wrestlers Rock the Garden !

Saturday, August 28th was a good day if you fancy yourself as both an amateur wrestling and mixed martial arts fan. That is because, on this day, in front of a packed house at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, four prominent former DI wrestlers turned MMA elite fighters stepped into the octagon as part of UFC 118, and all exited it having done their jobs, sweeping their bouts to demonstrate to the world why wrestling remains the greatest and most dominant martial art in the world… For some, the victories were a way for them to continue to climb the proverbial latter; for another, it was about showing the boxing world that MMA is not something you can just pick up without first dedicating yourself to becoming competent in all areas; And finally, for the final two, it was about doing what was necessary in order to set up a much anticipated rematch against other for the lightweight strap.  Regardless of the motivational factor, the one thing that these four men (Nik Lentz, Gray Maynard, Randy Couture, and Frankie Edgar all had in common is that they all did the wrestling community proud by dominating their opponents from the opening bell of each of their respective battles. Continue reading “UFC 118 Wrap-up: Wrestlers Rock the Garden !”