Higher Education: All-American Perez Latest NYS Wrestler To Take Talents to Ivy League, Headed to Princeton.

All I can say is finally ! For those of you who loyally read all of these recruiting press releases, you know that in the past two years, I have written about just about every demographic possible; I’ve covered a Minnesota kid taking his act to Buffalo; I’ve highlighted back-to-back #1 recruits opting to become Bearcats; I even managed to sneak in an article about three kids from the same wrestling club all heading to different elite academic colleges. What follows is hardly the first Ivy League related piece that I have written, and with the way things are looking, it certainly will not be the last. Therefore, why does this particular story appeal to me? Because it hit me just a few seconds ago that today marks the first time that I will have the pleasure of paying tribute to a young man from my own hometown….After the countless recruiting updates (all of which I should note were a joy to pen), I finally get to pay homage to a Levittownian, thanks to the work, both in the classroom and on the wrestling mat of General Douglas MacArthur High School senior, Chris Perez, who just short of a week ago realized his personal dream when he formally committed to Princeton University. In making the big decision, the pride and joy of the Generals’ wrestling program became the second Long Islander to select the Chris Ayres Tigers as his next home. He joins All-Suffolk wrestler, Steven Leshinger of Sayville, who in early November, was the first member of the class of 2011 to opt for the New Jersey based institution of higher learning.  Now, all that remains is for a wrestler from the CHSAA to pledge his allegiance to the Orange and Black in order to complete the clean sweep. Continue reading “Higher Education: All-American Perez Latest NYS Wrestler To Take Talents to Ivy League, Headed to Princeton.”