Gain Explosive Power with BAND Training

Adding bands to barbell training is another great way to develop both power and strength. Adding bands to your training is one of the best methods to develop bar speed and overcome sticking points. In this article we will discuss other applications of the Dynamic and Max Effort methods discussed in the chain series.

Training with Bands for Power

By John Gaglione

The last few weeks we discussed how chains can be applied to barbell and body weight exercises for both power and strength.

There are many applications to using bands when training. They can be used for a number of different exercises for building strength as well as for injury prevention. The bands we recommend for the applications used in this article can be purchased through Elite Fitness Systems. It is important when performing these advanced exercises to use a proper band to minimize any chance of injury. Using a lesser quality band can be very dangerous. Other good brands of bands include Iron Woody and Jump stretch. Continue reading “Gain Explosive Power with BAND Training”

Increase Relative Body Weight Strength with Chains

Body weight training is one the best ways to prepare for wrestling season, but what happens when you get so STRONG that your body weight is not enough? This week we will learn how to PROGRESS traditional body weight exercises with CHAINS.

Chain Training Part Two: Increase Relative Body Weight Strength with Chains

By John Gaglione

Last week we discussed how chain can be attached to barbells in order to develop speed, strength, and explosive power.

Continue reading “Increase Relative Body Weight Strength with Chains”