College Coaches to Go “Camp”ing Again: Bound Brook Phenom Will Wrestle Afterall

Last April, when the news broke that then 2x New Jersey State champion (he has since added a third crown), Andrew Campolattano, had elected to bypass wrestling on the collegiate level and instead accept an offer to play football for the Scarlet Knights of rising EIWA contender, Rutgers University, the hearts of nearly every division I head coach broke at the notion of such a unique, once-in-a-lifetime talent leaving his wrestling shoes in the center of the mat. Instantly, memories of all of the great scholastic grapplers that the world’s oldest sport had lost to the gridiron in the past few years flashed back all at once in their collective minds. For me, names like Grant Miller, Jimmy Lawson, Dexter Lattimore, Arthur Jones, Justin Tougas, and Trevor Laws among others flooded by brain with thoughts of what if. And none of these fine multi-sport athletes had the resume of the Bound Brook stud. At that moment, I could not help but wonder, when is it finally going to end? When would wrestling finally win out over the all powerful football? When would the possibility of one day representing your county in the Olympic Games take precedent over the opportunity for fame and riches that goes with making it to the National Football League?….Yesterday, I got my answer as the “when” became the “present” with the announcement that Campolattano had a change of heart and will now be utilizing his limitless potential as a 197/285 pounder on the mat, and not as a linebacker on the turf of Rutgers Stadium. Victory had been achieved and the “w” question shifted from when to where. This is a question to which that those same formerly broken-hearted coaches now hope their respective colleges/universities will be the answer. Continue reading “College Coaches to Go “Camp”ing Again: Bound Brook Phenom Will Wrestle Afterall”