Congratulations Chris Perez on Winning the 2011 Lighthouse Ranking Contest

First, I’d like to congratulate Chris Perez on an outstanding season culminating with a Silver Medal finish at Senior Nationals this weekend. Congratulations Chris, and I wish you well at Princeton.

I’m also pleased to announce that Perez is the winner of the Lighthouse Ranking contest and our only contestant. It was close.

In short, the criteria for winning was to rank the top 25 teams in Sections 8 and 11. A point was awarded if you identified the rank within 5 or less positions of the team’s final standing at their respective section tournament. Click here for the official ranking contest rules.
Section VIII Pre-season ranking
Section XI Pre-season ranking

Now for the results. Lighthouse’s Section 8 Preseason ranking narrowly edged Perez’s submission with 18 teams correctly identified to his 17. Perez narrowly edged Lighthouse with his Section XI submission correctly identifying 12 teams compared with 10 for Lighthouse. Perez’s combined score was 29 to Lighthouse’s 28.

We spend a lot of time on the rankings, so if you ordered these teams by pulling them from a hat, Chris please keep it your little secret. 😉

For the top 50 teams Lighthouse edged Perez’s predictions having identified the correct rank on average 5.18 positions from their final standing compared to Perez’s average of 5.48.

Congratulations Chris. Your award of $50 will be sent to you this week. Thank you for participating.

Chris Perez’s Results
Section 8 Section 11
Accuracy Perez Lighthouse Perez Lighthouse
0 1 3 2 7
1 5 3 4 0
2 4 8 0 2
3 1 2 3 0
4 4 1 2 1
5 2 1 1 0
Average 4.52 3.88 6.44 6.48

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