SAME OLD SONG and DANCE (with an added twist)

“Vision without action is a daydream.”    Maybe you see yourself as a champion next year?   “Action without vision can be a nightmare.” Maybe it is time to seek real professional help?

This year I thought I would get a head start on the end of wrestling seasons obvious conclusions. As I have stated many times over the years, only a handful of kids will reach their top goals for any particular year.  This is the way it should be, and it is “OK” because your top goals should be very hard to reach for all individuals.

What I should add is, as long as you worked as hard as possible leading up to the season and during the season, 100% is all anyone can ask.  There is also a small group that may have exceeded expectations and performed above the goals they had set.  I hope that your season falls under that category!

Of cause the reality is that whether you where shooting for a national championship, state championship, county title or just trying to make it through the season in one piece.  Most come up a little short and then must look at the possible reasons why?

It is here, because I am in the business of making kids stronger, that I start to get a lot of  the same comments.  “He needs to start lifting”, or “He just was not strong enough.”  I am not going to beat a dead horse.  If you know me or have read my articles you know my opinion.  You can never be strong enough.

If not,  please read “THE NEED FOR POWER”,  where I try to make my case.  So, you may ask yourself;  What do we do about it? What is new?  That is what I am getting to, an offer you may not be able to refuse.

First,  let me clear the air for those who don’t completely understand.  We have now more than ever two different groups of kids.  There are those that did not do any weight training, and for that very reason certainly were not strong.  We need to get them training, but how and where?

Enter the second group that is growing larger (by number of athletes not muscle size) every year. That is the group that has been working out.  They too did not seem to get much stronger. Understandably frustrated at the outcome, the question again is now what?

Here is the answer you have been looking for.  Send them to the IRON EMPIRE for a 12 week training offer.  In that 12 weeks I will show you why there is no other gym like ours.  I will also show you that nobody trains like us.  Plus guarantee you results that you have never seen before!

That is any athlete, from any place, who may or may not have been training or trained before. In only 12 weeks we will teach you how to lift, how to train and  show you what you have been missing.  I can not offer you anything more!

If you have not been strength training it is time to start (no more excuses).  If you have been training on your own or with some other outfit, it is time to get real results.  Let me add this here; “If you have been training with any of my so called competitors, bring your best lifts, and in 12 weeks you will break EVERY ONE OF THEM!” Again GUARANTEED!

Nobody else will make an offer like this because nobody else can.  Please contact me to get started at  One last note, you can see some of our training in action at our new gym website:,  please check it out.  Coach Ellinger

7 thoughts on “SAME OLD SONG and DANCE (with an added twist)”

  1. Good stuff coach and you back it up!! One thing you did not mention is how reasonably priced this training’s the best off season training you can get anywhere at any price and it’s still the least expensive!! Most HS athletes don’t understand how important strength is until they get to the next level (college) or it’s to late..even the best FUNK style wrestlers soon understand this when they get to the next level!!! Check out Jason Welsh from northwestern 3x California state champ and the # 1 recrute he’s senior year one of the best funk style I have seen..what he found out really quick in college is that he was not STRONG enough !!! This is just one example there are so many!! Everone I know knows a young athlete that could have been better if they were STRONGER…DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  2. That is a great offer. Guaranteed too. That is putting your money where your mouth is. I think the T – shirt would be a cool bonus.

  3. Thank you all! We currently have our largest group of athletes with more joining every week. What we had found out was that we were not getting the word out to enough athletes. Our Hard Core Gym featured article in Powerlifting USA Magazine indicated this to us.

    It seems that parents especially did not know what we had to offer. I even had a long time friend from Bethpage indicate to me that he was unaware of all the great things we where doing.

    He was the 2nd person that I have know for many years to indicate this to me last month alone! Once they found out and came down, they took a 1 week trial offer and we now have 2 more members.

    This is what this offer is all about. I want as many athletes as possible to have an opportunity to experience our gym. As was pointed out in our PLUSA article, if you don’t like it we will shake hands and you are free to go!

    PLEASE tell EVERYONE you know about us. Word of mouth is still our best advertisement. Thank you, Coach Ellinger

  4. Many of my wrestlers have benefitted tremendously from lifting weights the same way that they do over at the iron empire. I am a coach and have lifted with Will myself and I now train my kids in the same way that I learned from him. We have an unfair advantage over almost all of our opponents as a result of the training that our kids endure.

  5. This up coming vacation week is a great opportunity to take advantage of a free trail week. When new members come down to the gym I like to give them much more individual attention while they learn the basics of our program.

    This week I will be able to have them come down earlier then usual to give them even more extra time and instruction. This should help them learn the system quicker and get them into the group setting faster. Translation: They can start getting stronger sooner!

    The reason I am offer this is because we are so busy. This year we already have the most members we have ever had. Plus more are already scheduled to come down. So to offer you the very best training possible please contact me at and take advantage of this opportunity. Thank you, Coach Ellinger

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