Hauppauge Defeats Wantagh on Criteria (match videos inside)

In a season with few dramatic outcomes, fans at Wantagh’s Tom Ryan Duals cheered from the edges of their seats as the dual between the Wantagh Warriors and Hauppauge Eagles was decided in the final bout at 96 pounds.

Jose Rodriguez(W) vs Chris Mauriello(H)

In a season with few dramatic outcomes, fans at Wantagh’s Tom Ryan Duals cheered from the edges of their seats as the dual between the Wantagh Warriors and Hauppauge Eagles was decided in the final bout at 96 pounds.

The Eagles struck first at 103lbs when Munro(H) defeated Foglietta(W) by 5-2 decison. The Eagles held on to the lead for the next 12 contests.

At 125lbs Joe Barbato(W), the 2010 state runner-up at 103lbs, wrestled up to challenge Nick Mauriello(H). Mauriello shot a single. Barbato sprawled, and an inside battled ensued for points. Mauriello, exiting through the back door, scored the takedown. After turning Barbato for a 3 point tilt, Barbato reversed Mauriello and ended the first period behind, 5-3. Mauriello began the 2nd period from bottom. He quickly reversered Barabto, turned him, and scored the pin at 2:18. The Eagles moved ahead 15-6.

The Warriors quickly struck back when Chris Araoz(W) with a flurry of takedowns and tilts overwhelmed Sravan Munagavalas(H) to end the bout with a TF victory at 3:40. The Warriors narrowed the gap to 15-11.

The Eagles won the next three bouts extending their lead 26-11. At 152lbs and 160lbs, the Warriors won by decision closing the gap, 26-17.

Moving into the Warrior’s muderer’s row, Chris Loew(W) battled Chance Menendez(H). Loew, who failed to achieve All-Section in 2010, was to challenge Section XI’s third place finisher in 2010. As he’s shown repeatedly throughout the year, Loew was not only unitimidate, he was determined to win. With the bout tied in the third period, Menendez escaped and returned Loew to the mat to secure a 5-2 victory. The Eagles extended their lead 29-17.

Next up was Joe Kavanagh, all-state runner-up in 2010. I’m not sure it would have mattered who the Eagles were going to send to battle with Kavanagh. The outcome likely would have been the same: pin! Kavanagh glued his openents shoulders to the mat at 1:01. The Warriors narrowed the gap to 29-23.

At 215 Nick Hall(W) was to face Anthony Martello(H). Deep into the third period Hall lead 2-1. Martello, with Hall prostrate and short time left on the clock, searched for opportunities to turn him with an impatience of a mornining commuter running to make the train. With just seconds left, the ref awards Martello a point for stalling. The bout was tied. An Eagle win would make it nearly impossible for the Warriors to win. At the edge of the matt, with toes just touching the inside of the circle, and arms wrapped around Martello’s thighs, the ref awards 2, takedown. The Warriors pulled within stricking distance trailling by 3, 29-26.

It was in Steve Enlish’s(Wantagh) hands to keep hope alive. When he stepped on the mat, the crowd sensed something big was about to happen. English scored the pin over Mike Rutigliano to put the Warriors ahead for the first time with the score of 32-32.

The bout was to be decided by two middle school competitors at 96lbs. In the Warrior’s corner was Jose Rodrigues, an eighth grader and third ranked in section VIII. For the Eagles, Chris Mauriello stepped into the circle, a 7th grader and 5th ranked in Section XI. Neither looked phased by the tall demands these 2 varsity novices were asked to carry. Mauriello struck first with an early first period takedown. After controlling Rodrigues for the entire first period, the tone was set for the remaing periods. Short 2 points of securing the major decison, Mauriello cut Rodriguez for 1. In on a double leg takedown, time expired before Mauriello was able to convert for points.

The Hauppauge Warriors tied the score at 32-32 and win on criteria, having 8 wins to the Warrior’s 7.

What follows are videos of  bouts beginning at 171 through 96, as well as interviews with coaches and grapplers.

Chance Menendez(H) vs Chris Loew(W)

Joe Kavanagh(W) vs Tal Granot(H)

[fbplayer src=”http://s3.amazonaws.com/flv.lighthousewrestling.com/2011-season/video/wan-hpg/kavanagh-granot.flv”]

Tom Hall(W) vs Anthony Martello(H)

Steve English(W) vs Mike Rutigliano(H)

Chris Mauriello(H) vs Jose Rodriguez(W)

Interview with Coach Chris Messina

Interview with Coach Paul Gillespie

Interview with Steve English

Interview with Chris Mauriello

Box Score

96 C. Mauriello (Hauppauge) D Rodriquez (Wantagh) 8-2
103 Munro (Hauppauge) D Foglietta (Wantagh) 5-2
112 West (Hauppauge) P Sidoti (Wantagh) 1:04
119 Albert (Wantagh) P Kelly (Hauppauge) 2:18
125 N. Mauriello (Hauppauge) P Barbato (Wantagh) 2:18
130 Araoz (Wantagh) TF Munagavalasa (Hauppauge) 3:40
135 M. Ehlinger (Hauppauge) MD Turano (Wantagh) 13-0
140 Shatoff (Hauppauge) D Cantorno (Wantagh) 10-5
145 Lepkowsky (Hauppauge) MD Ulino (Wantagh) 20-8
152 Wedel (Wantagh) D B. Ehlinger (Hauppauge) 7-6
160 Corbett (Wantagh) D E. Granot (Hauppauge) 8-2
171 Menendez (Hauppauge) D Loew (Wantagh) 5-2
189 Kavanagh (Wantagh) P Granot (Hauppauge) 1:01
215 Hall (Wantagh) D Martello (Hauppauge) 4-2, OT
285 English (Wantagh) P Rutigliano (Hauppauge) 3:34

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