The Sun Never Sets on THE IRON EMPIRE

We are very pleased to announce that our gym has been featured in the number one Powerlifting magazine in the country. Powerlifting USA’s latest issue has an article about us listed under “Hardcore Gym!” This is a very cool honor and we would like to thank Rick Brewer, House of Pain, and of course, PLUSA and all the good people involved! The link to the article is I hope you enjoy it. Coach Ellinger

16 thoughts on “The Sun Never Sets on THE IRON EMPIRE”

  1. I like working out here. It is like a medieval dungeon. There are no frills. All they have is everything that you need to become an animal. So you should either work out here or go pack some salt, you punka$$es.

  2. Great article. Congratulations to Coach Ellinger. The facility itself just sets the tone when you first walk in. Add to that the guidance, training and motivation these young athletes receive from Coach Ellinger and it’s a winning combination.
    I would highly recommend The Iron Empire to any athlete looking to step their performance up to the next level.

  3. S.C. You really know how to get your point across. I may have to use you as a spokesman? Thanks, Coach E

  4. Mr. Araoz, Thank you so much for the kind words. I am looking forward to the next several years. It should be a lot of fun!

  5. This gym obviously sets the stage For those who want to concentrate on their Training And are serIous about Getting the Best Workout they can. All credit and Kudos to Coach Ellinger!

  6. Thanks BRE, many others, myself included, felt like you. This was indeed a great article. I think the author put a nice twist on it with the whole “Batman Cave” thing. It made it funny and interesting to read.

    Some have asked about the trading the car for gym memberships and my Dad digging out a basement in 1947. Yes it is all true!

    As for the gym; we keep working to move forward. The program has steadily improved so that performance goals that we thought impossible only a few years ago are now conquered.

    We have an 8th grader who pulled conservatively close to 400lbs. A 9th grader Squatted 100lbs over body weight for 20 reps. A HS senior who will blow your mind. I believe he will do a double body weight(over 400lbs)for 10 before he graduates!

    As always everyone is welcome to come down and check the place out. Thanks again; Coach Ellinger

  7. Iron Will Ellinger,
    Guys like you are a rare breed. You were and are an inspiration to all athletes.

  8. Hey Corny THANKS! How and what are you doing these days? Talk about inspiration, ALL the men and women in the ARMED FORCES and the extraordinary things they do EVERYDAY is inspiration!

    As you know many of our High school friends and teammates went into service. Also I have even more friends and teammates from Southern who served.

    Several of the “kids” I trained over the years have chosen to start in the military. I have the highest respect for all of you!

    I want to add that ANYONE WHO HAS SERVED IN THE MILITARY can train with me for FREE. Also if anyone has a parent who is currently serving, you to can train with me for FREE!

    Hey if you are in town this weekend is the Alumni Match. If not when you get back to LI make sure you give me a call, Thanks again E

  9. Results talk if you are willing to train hard (wrestler have to) then go to the empire you will not regret it!!!!!

  10. I believe that Training here is One of the very best things you can possible do to improve your wrestling. If you go and train there in a very short time you wIll believe it too!

  11. Here is a link to a great article. I am Always happy to see that there are still some out there who get it. Sorry about the link, don’t know why it came up this way?

    We have been SMASHING RECORDS down at the EMPIRE. Some highlights are as follows.

    500lbs Squat High School Senior @ 210lbs
    510 Trap Bar Dead lift @ 150lbs -HS Sophomore
    5 1/2ft. tall tractor tire flip by last years state champ at 103lbs.
    Dips with 45+lbs. by last years All-County 119 also a 10th grader

    Please feel free to come down anytime!

  12. The wrestlers who trained at the EMPIRE this past year have set all new standards for exellence! I have never witness or heard of such improvement in a group of kids in my live.

  13. WOW, did not know we were still up and running? Anyway-thanks, it has been nothing short of amazing this past year. A quick run down from memory goes something like this. 1 National Champion, 3 ALL-Americans, 2 of which where 2x AA. 2 State champions, 1 undefeated State champion who was wrestler of the year in his state. 3 kids going D1 next year. Record setting performances for a Catholic School Wrestler. Not to mention all the qualifying champions and County place winners and champs.

    I feel we may just do better next season too!!!

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