What’s The Difference-part III

So what is it that truly makes our gym different than others?  In this series of articles, as well as several others, we talked about teaching proper training techniques.  Implementing a good program that focuses on the big multi-joint free weight lifts, and the best types of equipment to use for safety and progress.

While we feel that these factors are very important and play a big roll in the overall success of our gym, we know that it is the members of our gym that make the difference and set us apart.   When you break it all down it is the attitude of these members that makes training with us different.

All athletes will have to decide during their career what price they are willing to pay in trying to reach the top. As Dr. Judd once said, “The price of greatness is real expensive.”  It takes a little more to train on our program or one of similar quality.

We train year round 4 days a week.  Two of those days are Friday nights and Sunday mornings requiring the athletes to sometimes make decisions based on what is truly important. It doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold,  Spring break,  Christmas break or Summer break.  If the sun rises, we train.

The athletes who will stick with us display several important characteristics:   The desire to make themselves better, the  dedication to the training necessary to continuously improve, and the discipline to carry out the work it takes over time.

I feel that most of the athletes who come down to the gym to try it out, don’t really know what to expect.  One thing that I find is that almost all of them that come down, join. The reason is all of them have the common attributes listed above.  It may be easier for some not to make such a large commitment and to avoid all the hard work.

It may be easier for you to try to fool the guy in the mirror.  Maybe you can convince him that the job can get done training on a much less time consuming program? One that doesn’t take so much effort.

For these athletes though, it is a price they are willing to pay to help improve their performance.  It is this kind of attitude that they bring to the gym that flows from one member to the next.  It is a proven fact that athletic performance can be improved just by the teammates or partners you train with.

I have witnessed  imaginary limitations that athletes may have imposed on themselves shattered due to what they have seen others accomplish down at the gym.  Every year records are made, new ones  set and broken.  I am in constant awe of what these young men can lift and how strong they become.

This past year we had a very young and mostly new crowd.  There was a long learning process that took place and it is still going on today.  Even with this being a factor, many new standards were set for future members to strive for.  This is a never ending journey for us, as we try to reach the true limits of our ability.

While some have called it magic and have said I must have some kind of mystical powers, the truth should be clearly visible in this series of articles and others I have written.  There are  no short cuts, new fancy devices or supplements  that will make it easier for you to reach the top.  If you are willing to do the HARD WORK, then join us!  Coach Ellinger

6 thoughts on “What’s The Difference-part III”

  1. I am basically re- posting here what I have stated in my last comment. Please lets only make positive comments and ask questions on other authors articles. If you have a strong opinion please feel free to contact me directly. Thanks all, Coach

  2. Dear Mr. Ellinger, I would like to thank you for making professional training affordable for the young athlete, as affordability and accessibility to high level training programs are very rarely combined.

    My 14 yr. old son’s overall development is a testament to your philosophy and ability to combine an individuals hard work and dedication with a specific program designed around the young athelete’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Watching a 140lber squatting #315 and deadlifting #405 at max, is quite impressive. It is also quite impressive to see how you develop various sport specific programs,as well. Whether it be for wrestling, football, baseball, or lacrosse, you’re able to connect with your athletes and promote a positive atmosphere.

    Thank you for being a positive influence in this aspect of my son’s life and I will certainly continue to recommend the Iron Empire.

    There is a Difference.
    Dave Yagy

  3. Thanks Dave, The lifts that your son made, as I told him; even I would not believe! I am glad we filmed them so we can post them in the future. These next several years should be a lot of fun! Will

  4. COACH, Something is wrong With your site? Comments do not come up on others articles and Rates do not show on yours? Merry XmAs!

  5. Hey Merry Christmas to you and everyone else too! I hope everyone got plenty of stuff and ate a ton while they could. As far as the computer stuff these things are always messed up. I think in your case though it might be Too much Eggnog! LOL

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