The Bearcat Report: Week 3 in Review

This past weekend was action packed as Binghamton wrestlers competed in the Cornell Body Bar and East Stroudsburg University Open tournaments on Saturday, as well as the Sprawl and Brawl Duals on Sunday.

Justin Lister

This past weekend was action packed as Binghamton wrestlers competed in the Cornell Body Bar and East Stroudsburg University Open tournaments on Saturday, as well as the Sprawl and Brawl Duals on Sunday.

At the Body Bar, Matt Kaylor picked up a technical fall as well as a 12-9 decision over Cornell’s Marshall Peppelman before losing to John Martin-Cannon of Buffalo 3-2 in the 165lb semi-finals. A 5-4 loss to Kent State’s Ross Tice resulted in a 4th place finish for Kaylor. At 174lb, senior Ryan McGarity picked up two victories before falling to Mack Lewnes in the semis. He did not wrestle in the 3rd place match, resulting in a 4th place finish. Nate Schiedel dominated three opponents en route to a 6-2 loss to Cornell’s Steve Bosak in the 184lb finals. Cody Reed went 4-2 for the day at 197lb, which was good enough for a 6th place finish.

At the East Stroudsburg Open, freshman Tyler Beckwith secured two pins and a major decision on his way to the finals, where he defeated The College of New Jersey’s Brian Broderick 5-4 tb to claim the title at 174lb.

On Sunday, Binghamton wrestled both Eastern Michigan and Michigan State at the Sprawl and Brawl duals, held in the West Gym at Binghamton University.

Binghamton vs. Eastern Michigan

125: Jared Germaine EMU dec. Ryan Gerondel BU 8-4: Gerondel, a true freshman, made his season debut in this match. After a scoreless first period Gerondel took bottom to start the 2nd period. A reversal and an escape gave Gerondel a 2-1 lead entering the 3rd period. Germaine took bottom in the 3rd and escaped to tie the match at 2. After Gerondel secured a takedown to go up by 2 it looked as is he would pick up his first college win. However, it slipped away as Germaine got a reversal and eventually turned Gerondel at the end of the match to pick up an 8-4 victory. Despite the loss, Gerondel was aggressive and wrestled hard the entire match. 3-0 Eastern Michigan

133: Anthony Jerome BU dec. Andrew Novak EMU 7-3: Jerome established himself as the dominant wrestler early in the match, picking up two takedowns to leave the first period with a 4-2 lead. After Novak escaped to begin the 2nd period, Jerome secured his 3rd takedown and accumulated riding time. The 3rd period began with a 6-3 lead for Jerome, who chose neutral. A scoreless 3rd resulted in a 7-3 victory for Jerome. 3-3

141: Anwar Goeres BU dec. Seth Schaner EMU 10-3: After two takedowns in the first, Goeres entered the 2nd period with a 4-2 lead. An escape and a takedown saw Anwar’s lead increase to 7-2. Schaner escaped in the 3rd period, only to be taken down yet again by Goeres, who also picked up the riding point to win 10-3. 6-3 Binghamton

149: Donald Vinson BU TF Corey Phillips EMU 3:04: After a quick takedown to start the match, Vinson turned his opponent 4 times to leave the first period with a 14-0 lead. A quick escape in the 2nd period ended the match. 11-3 Binghamton

157: Justin Lister BU dec. Aaron Sulzer EMU 7-2: Binghamton’s returning all-American didn’t look his sharpest in his season debut, but picked up a takedown and 3 near fall points in the first period. After getting reversed in the 2nd, he escaped to enter the 3rd period with a 6-2 lead. Another escape in the 3rd period led to a 7-2 victory for Lister. 14-3 Binghamton

165: Matt Kaylor BU majors Nicholas Hendrick EMU 12-3: Kaylor continues to dominate opponents in the neutral position, as he picked up 5 takedowns in this match, with Hendrick’s only points coming from escapes. 18-3 Binghamton

174: Ryan McGarity BU majors Chris Eggert EMU 15-5: After a takedown and two turns, 5th year senior McGarity entered the 2nd period with an 8-0 lead. Immediately after getting reversed in the 2nd period, McGarity escaped and secured a takedown to take an 11-1 lead into the third period. The Binghamton wrestler chose bottom in the 3rd period, and picked up a reversal along with some riding time. Chris Eggert got a late takedown. 22-3 Binghamton

184: Nate Schiedel BU majors Khodar Hoballah EMU 9-0: Nate dominated this match, securing a takedown in each of the three periods, in addition to two escapes and a point for riding time throughout the match. 26-3 Binghamton

197: Cody Reed BU dec. Nick Whitenburg EMU 7-4: Despite getting taken down first, Cody managed to get out and pick up two takedowns in the first period, giving him a 5-4 lead entering the 2nd. Whitenburg chose bottom, but Reed earned a point for riding the Eastern Michigan wrestler out for the entire period. Reed escaped in the 3rd period. 29-3 Binghamton

285: Wesley Schroeder EMU dec. Dan Bittner BU 3-1: After a scoreless first period, Schroeder escaped to take a 1-0 lead in the 2nd period. Although Bittner got an escape of his own to tie the match in the 3rd period, he was eventually taken down. Final Score 29-6 Binghamton

Binghamton vs. Michigan State

Anwar Goeres

125: Eric Olanowski MSU dec. Ryan Gerondel BU 3-2: Gerondel received a penalty point after an illegal headlock by Olanowski in the first period. An escape in the 2nd period gave Gerondel a 2-0 lead. However, Olanowksi escaped in the 3rd period, and took down Gerondel with 30 seconds left with a side headlock to defeat the Binghamton wrestler. 3-0 Michigan State

133: Anthony Jerome BU dec. Josh Harper MSU 6-5: Jerome took down the Michigan State wrestler twice in the opening period, giving him a 4-1 lead. After choosing bottom for the 2nd period, Jerome got put to his back before reversing Harper to make the score 6-4. Hoping for another turn, Harper chose top for the 3rd period. Although he was unable to turn the Binghamton wrestler, Harper got a riding point to make it a one point match. 3-3

141: Dan Osterman MSU dec. Anwar Goeres BU 3-1: Goeres chose bottom after a scoreless first period. Although he gave up a one count, he eventually escaped to take a 1-0 lead into the 3rd period. However, Osterman escaped to force overtime, where he took down Anwar for the win. 6-3 Michigan State

149: Donald Vinson BU dec. Colin Dozier MSU 6-1: A first period takedown and a 2nd period escape gave Vinson a 3-0 lead going into the 3rd period. Dozier chose neutral, but got taken down once again. Although he managed to escape, it was not before Vinson managed to earn a point for riding time. 6-6

157: David Cheza MSU dec. Justin Lister BU 7-4: Both wrestlers were aggressive in a scoreless first period. Lister chose bottom in the 2nd period, and hit a nice Granby to earn the escape. However, he was taken down by Cheza soon after. Up 2-1 entering the 3rd period, Cheza elected to start the period on his feet. The match appeared to be over after he got another takedown on Lister to go ahead 4-1. However, Lister escaped and took down Cheza to tie the match at 4 with 30 seconds remaining. Cheza escaped around the 15 second mark to take the lead. Lister had to chase the Michigan State wrestler, and left himself vulnerable to another takedown. 9-6 Michigan State

165: Matt Kaylor BU dec. Ben Boudro MSU 10-6: Kaylor secured three takedowns in the first period to take a 6-2 lead. A 2nd period escape put Kaylor up 7-3. Boudro chose bottom in the 3rd period, and escaped only to be taken down by Kaylor for the 4th time. However, he escaped once again, and then took down Kaylor at the end of the match. Kaylor earned a point for riding time. 9-9

174: Ryan McGarity BU pins Curran Jacobs in 5:34: A bad takedown call followed by an escape by McGarity gave the Michigan State wrestle a 2-1 lead after the first period. Although McGarity tied the match with another escape, he was taken down and near side cradled for 3 back points. Up 7-2 entering the 3rd period, Jacobs chose neutral. He appeared to be in deep on a shot, but McGarity spladled him for the pin. 15-9 Binghamton

184: Ian Hinton MSU dec. Nate Scheidel BU 6-5: Hinton established dominance in the neutral position in the first period, getting two takedowns on Nate to take a 4-2 lead into the 2nd period. After Hinton chose bottom in the 2nd period, Nate showed toughness in riding him out the entire period. Schiedel escaped in the 3rd period to close the gap to 4-3, but was taken down again. Schiedel escaped in time to keep his riding time point, but was unable to get the winning takedown on Hinton. 15-12 Binghamton

197: Tyler Dickenson MSU dec. Cody Reed BU 3-2: After a scoreless first period, Reed escaped with 1:10 left in the 2nd period to take a 1-0 lead. Although Dickenson got in deep on a single leg, he was unable to finish as Reed displayed solid defense. Dickenson escaped 15 seconds into the 3rd period to tie the match. He got in deep on another single leg, but was unable to finish yet again. A very questionable takedown call on the edge of the mat handed Dickenson the match. Reed escaped, but was unable to get the takedown for the win. 15-15

285: Mike McClure MSU majors Daniel Bittner BU 11-0: McClure’s 1st period takedown gave him a 2-0 lead. An escape and another takedown extended his lead to 5-0. The Michigan State wrestler picked up a near fall for 2 points, as well as another takedown and some riding time. Final Score 19-15 Michigan State

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