Section VIII 2010-11 Preseason Individual Rankings

This is the presaons Section VIII (Nassau County) individual ranking 2010-11.

This is the presaons Section VIII (Nassau County) individual ranking for 2010-11. Since it’s impossible to know the weights wrestlers will be competing at in 2010-11, wrestlers are ranked at the weights they competed at in 2009-10. Preseason rankings are wrong no matter how you slice it. The purpose of this ranking is to have a discussion around weights and the athletes that we should be paying attention to but are missing from this version.

96 Lbs. Class

  1. Mark Raghunandan (Long Beach) – Jr
  2. Krishna Sewkumar (Long Beach) – Jr
  3. Robert Person (Bellmore) – So
  4. Conner Sullivan (Plainedge) – So
  5. Joe Doria (Massapequa) – So
  6. Chris Frisina (Syosset) – Sr

103 Lbs. Class

  1. Joe Barbato (Wantagh) – Sr
  2. Mike Fera (Manhasset) – So
  3. Matt Gray (Long Beach) – Jr
  4. Danny Jones (Garden City) – Fr
  5. John Lanzilloti (Roslyn) – Jr
  6. Jamie Dunn (Mepham) – So

112 Lbs. Class

  1. Chris Perez (MacArthur) – Sr
  2. Will Montgomery (Seaford) – Sr
  3. Dan McDevitt (Wantagh) – So
  4. Oral Allen (Long Beach) – Jr
  5. Alex Bossert (Division) – Sr
  6. Greg Haft (Plainview) – Sr

119 Lbs. Class

  1. John Pellegrino (Division) – Sr
  2. Christian Dluginski (Sewanhaka East) – Sr
  3. Marvin Amazon (Uniondale) – Sr
  4. Chris Arroz (Wantagh) – So
  5. Mike Lofrese (Garden City) – Jr
  6. Arsal Lacorte (Valley Stream Central) – Sr

125 Lbs. Class

  1. Mike Leonard (Clarke) – Sr
  2. Denvol Haye (Uniondale) – Sr
  3. Matt Alleva (Massapequa) – Sr
  4. Rus Lascala (Plainedge) – Sr
  5. Bobby Krug (Bellmore) – Sr
  6. Anthony Locke (MacArthur) – Sr

130 Lbs. Class

  1. Edisson Tigre_Borja (Long Beach) – Sr
  2. Steven Rispoli (East Meadow) – Sr
  3. Angelo Rella (MacArthur) – Sr
  4. Carlos Rodriguez (Herricks) – Sr
  5. Nahun Ramirez (Westbury) – Sr
  6. Michael Egan (Lawrence) – Sr

135 Lbs. Class

  1. Nick Khoury (Long Beach) – Sr
  2. James Rodriguez (South Side) –
  3. Ryan Harding (Seaford) – Sr
  4. Dom Aspesi (Bethpage) – Sr
  5. Dean Shmuely (North Shore) – Sr
  6. Matt Schmelzinger (Garden City) – So

140 Lbs. Class

  1. Dylan Palacio (Long Beach) – Jr
  2. Mike Nigro (Plainedge) – Sr
  3. Nick Chicoine (Massapequa) – Sr
  4. Mike Paccione (Mepham) – Sr
  5. Rob Zorn (Sewanhaka East) – Jr

145 Lbs. Class

  1. Dan Spurgeon (Plainedge) – Jr
  2. Adam Dauguste (Long Beach) – Sr
  3. Chris Sarro (Massapequa) – Sr
  4. Chris Farrell (Herricks) – Jr
  5. Felix Perez (Division) – Jr

152 Lbs. Class

  1. Jeff Saint Macary (Sewanhaka East) – Sr
  2. Chris Loew (Wantagh) – Jr
  3. Eric Anderson (MacArthur) – Sr
  4. Dan Coder (Plainedge) – Sr
  5. Evan Pantofel (East Meadow) – Jr
  6. Ricky Soto (Farmingdale) – Sr

160 Lbs. Class

  1. Jermaine John (Bethpage) – Sr
  2. Juan Carlos Diaz (Division) – Sr
  3. Kevin Sanchez (Freeport) – Sr
  4. Tom Anderson (Syosset) – Sr
  5. Andrew Jones (Plainedge) – Jr
  6. Aaron Vaszuez (Farmingdale) – Jr

171 Lbs. Class

  1. Joe Kavanagh (Wantagh) – Sr
  2. Rob McNamara (Division) – Sr
  3. Brian Monks (Mepham) – Sr
  4. Davlon Porter (Uniondale) – Jr
  5. Ben Odugbeson (Sewanhaka West) – Jr
  6. Kevin Ryerson (Herricks) – Sr

189 Lbs. Class

  1. Conor Wetzel (Massapequa) – Sr
  2. Nick Capparelli (North Shore) – Sr
  3. Refikcan Mert (Sewanhaka East) – Sr
  4. Dennis Melendez (Sewanhaka West) – Jr
  5. Conrad Rosales (Framingdale) – Sr
  6. Elijah Shabazz (Uniondale) – Sr

215 Lbs. Class

  1. Dave Ng (Plainedge) – Sr
  2. Andrew Danzinger (East Meadow) – Sr
  3. Tom Hall (Wantagh) – Sr
  4. Oscar Bruce (Freeport) – Sr
  5. John Shanley (Division) – Sr
  6. Jonathan Espinosa (Lynbrook) – Jr

285 Lbs. Class

  1. Dante Salbrey (Uniondale) – So
  2. Joe Manna (Island Trees) – Sr
  3. Evan Kappatos (Syosset) – Jr
  4. Jason Delgrosso (Lawrence) – Jr
  5. John Aronson (Syosset) – So
  6. Brendan Tenny (Framingdale) – Sr

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28 thoughts on “Section VIII 2010-11 Preseason Individual Rankings”

  1. 285, Salkey, Kappatos, Tenny, Manna, Sultin Delgrasso
    189…Farmingdale kid shouldnt be ranked…Wetzle unmatched this year?
    171..Joey All da way
    160…Diaz then jermaine
    Rest seem good

    1. Shouldntb be ranked 5th…..maybe 2nd…

      He beat Capperelli during season last year and beat a number of ranked wrestlers.

  2. ng is going 285 ,manna had almost 80 offseason matches. dante is legit and so is kappatos shoould be interesting ,, other guys to watch …. — tenny, zbiakowski, kid from Lawrence

  3. Salkey and manna week 1 matchup at the uniondale tourney should be good … but if NG is going 285 it wont matter

  4. well, at 103, danny jones he is attending chaminade this year so hes out of the question as well as joe barbato is wrestling 119 and that is confirmed….a lanzillotti fera county final is defintely gonna be a highlight of the counties this season!

  5. Erm….Ng is gonna be too weak to bea up on anyone at 285….Which Tenny placed john or brendan?

    DANNY JONES !! love that kid…very tough kid..
    Barbato is going to states soo it doesnt matter
    Can Krug take it all this year?

  6. Most kids from 98-171 should be ranked one weight class up, some two weight classes up.

    Sec 8 Albany Predictions:
    Krishna Sewkumar (Long Beach)
    Mark Raghunandan (Long Beach)
    Mike Fera (Manhasset)
    Joe Barbato (Wantagh)
    Will Montgomery (Seaford)
    Chris Perez (MacArthur)
    Dylan Palacio (Long Beach)
    Mike Leonard (Clarke)
    Dean Shmuely (North Shore)
    Chris Sarro (Massapequa)
    Jermaine John (Bethpage)
    Joe Kavanagh (Wantagh)
    Conor Wetzel (Massapequa)
    Dave Ng (Plainedge)

  7. You took it thr wrong way…Its more of applied strength..285 will be hard for states…Even in the counties when u give up 40 pounds to someone weighing around 260-280 That is how I ment it.

    285-NG (215 champ)
    Salkey (placed 3rd)
    Kapattos(w/e his name)(took 5th)
    Brendan Tenny (took 6th)
    Manna (took 5th in suffolk)
    Sultan (if he wrestles)
    Delgrasso(made it counties ranked thruoghout the past 2 years)

    215-NG(if he goes 215)(Previous champ, 3rd/4th in states)
    Danziger/Hall (these two go back and forth throughout the year)
    Division kid has alot of potential
    Freeport kid..He is surely tough

    189-Wetzle (Hes the only one left to do any good)
    Not sure of the other wrestlers need to do mroe research

    171-JK all the way, Most likely a state champ this year
    This weight is a competition to take second palce in counties unless there is an early upset again JK


  8. at 112- watch for Mignone (island trees), Power (east meadow)and Kraus (manhasset) all three worked hard during the offseason

  9. ok this is how the weights will go with the bump

    John Lanzilloti (Roslyn) – Jr
    Mike Fera (Manhasset) – So
    Oral Allen (Long Beach) – Jr
    Matt Gray (Long Beach) – Jr
    Matt powers (east meadow) – so
    Thomas Mignone (island trees) – jr
    (I think on of the long beach kids might bump)

    Joe Barbato (Wantagh) – Sr
    Will Montgomery (Seaford) – Sr
    Alex Bossert (Division) – Sr
    Greg Haft (Plainview) – Sr
    Kenny Albert (wantagh) – Sr
    Sam Ward (locust Vally) – fr

    John Pellegrino (Division) – Sr
    Thomas Manning (MacArthur) – Sr
    Dan McDevitt (Wantagh) – So
    Marvin Amazon (Uniondale) – Sr
    Mike Lofrese (Garden City) – Jr
    Chris Arroz (Wantagh) – So

    Chris Perez (MacArthur) – Sr
    Mike Leonard (Clarke) – Sr
    Denvol Haye (Uniondale) – Sr
    Matt Alleva (Massapequa) – Sr
    Christian Dluginski (Sewanhaka East) – Sr
    Bobby Krug (Bellmore) – Sr

    Steven Rispoli (East Meadow) – Sr
    Edisson Tigre_Borja (Long Beach) – Sr
    Angelo Rella (MacArthur) – Sr
    Rus Lascala (Plainedge) – Sr

    this really does take forever b.c i found commons and matches for all the people i ranked so there not biest done by match ups

  10. They all beat each other in counties last year….Salbery lost to Tenny, Tenny lost to Kapottos, Kapottos lost to salkey…Manna will be the defining term in heavy weight.

    NG vs Danziger? Or even Daddino if he returns
    Either way Id Danziger wrestles Ng Pin for Ng, Daddino returns will be exciting match.

    JK vs wetzle will end with a pin for JK
    (JK is just too damn sexy for those dang candians(Inside joke))

    Jones vs Diaz GONNA BE EPIC

    152, not sure who would be good since its upfor grabs….D’aufest?the Syossetkid. What weight is he?

    145, dec. Spurgeon

    140, Dylan no contest….

    135, I dont like this kids style but he wins his matches…Khoury Looked tight last year now its ime to rip the vag open this year.

    130, THE TIGER tigre Going all the way to states and taking 4th…my prediction for him.

    125,Krug looked good last year so i would have to say he will make a run for everyones money.

    119, I dont really care about but abler gone and Adbin gone its up for grabs

    112, Perez, montgomery

    103, if someone fed those 2 indian kids?

    96, Those 2 indian kids

  11. Rankings look good. Hard to give kids a legit preseason rankings when some sat on the couch while others wrestled 100 offseason matches.

    Ng is a tough kid and can win counties at 285. His biggest competition is manna from IT.

  12. i agree tho kapptoas will be tough as well,. dante salkey lost in the final again this week to mike pinto ( who his a very tough wrestler from JG) also freeport kid ( dont know his name sorry) is wrestling very well too 285 could be one of the toughest weights in nassau, look for Mignone vs. Mike Fera (Manhasset) friday night at i.t. they then may wrestle the next night at the vss tourney. also thursday night ST.ANTS V.S HAPPAUGE should be a great match


    Sat – Dec 18

    9:00AM Clarkstown North Tourn (Chaminade, Clarkstown North, ?)

    9:00AM Cyclone Tourn at South Side (Charminade, Hempstead, Hicksville, Lynbrook, Mepham, Oceanside, Plainview JFK, South Side)

    9:00AM Jericho Duals (Bayport-Blue Point, Cold Spring Harbor, Hills West, Jericho, Oyster Bay, Port Jefferson, Westbury, Wheatley)

    9:00AM North Shore Duals (Kellenberg, North Shore, ?)

    9:00AM Paul P Grammatico Tourn at VS South (Babylon, East Islip B, Holy Trinity, Island Trees, Longwood B, Manhasset, VS South)

    9:00AM Ralph Jansson Tourn at VS North (Great Neck South, Hewlett, Lawrence, Mineola, Plainedge B, Sayville, Seaford, Sewanhaka West, Martin Luther King-PSAL, VS North, VS Central, Wantagh B)

    10:00AM Glen Cove Dbl Dual

    10:00AM Wantagh Tournament (Baruch-PSAL Fox Lane-Sec 1, New Rochelle-Sec 1, Sachem North, Shenendahowa-Sec 2, Syosset, Wantagh, West Babylon)

    12:00PM East Meadow at MacArthur (Salk JHS)

    4:00PM Big Red Challenge at Glen Cove (Carle Place, Glen Cove, Herricks, Kellenberg)
    8:30AM Center Moriches Duals (Brentwood, Brentwood B, Center Moriches, Central Islip, Eastport-SM, Edgemont-Sec 1, Rocky Point, Roslyn, Smithtown East, Westhampton)

    8:30AM Rick Herrmann Tourn at Bellport (Bay Shore, Bellport, Centereach, Comsewogue, Mt.Sinai, Sachem North, Southampton)

    9:00AM Berlin CT Tourn (Avon-CT, Berlin-CT, Bunnell-CT, East Lime-CT, Hand-CT, Middletown-CT, Mattituck, New Milford-CT, Rockville-CT, Sports Science-CT, Westbrook-CT)

    9:00AM Disney Duals (Clarke, Sayville)

    9:00AM Doc Fallot Duals at Hampton Bays (East Hampton, East Hampton B, Hampton Bays, Hampton Bays B, Hills East, Sayville B, West Babylon B, Westhampton B)

    9:00AM Guilford CT Invitational (Brien McMahon-CT, East Haven-CT, Fairfield Warde-CT, Guilford-CT, Newtown-CT, Old Saybrook-CT, Stratford-CT, Ward Melville, Wilton-CT, Xavier-CT)

    9:00AM Jim Wilson Duals at Minisink Valley (Averill Park-Sec 2, Massapequa, Minisink Valley-Sec 9, Nanuet-Sec 1, Plainedge, Putnum Valley-Sec 1, William Floyd, Wyoming Area-PA)

    9:00AM Kings Park Duals (Connetquot, Copiague, Garden City, Kings Park, Miller Place, Newfield, Sachem East, St. Anthony’s)

    9:00AM Lee Van Slyke Duals at Burnt Hills (Burnt Hills, Longwood)

    9:00AM North Babylon Holiday Tourn (Commack, Freeport, North Babylon, Northport, Riverhead, Smithtown West, St. John the Baptist, Walt Whitman, Wingate-PSAL)

    11:30AM Deer Park Duals (Deer Park, Lindenhurst, Sachem East B, Thomas Edison-PSAL)

  13. With 285 becoming required,it is definitely more competitive then in years past. Usually you have possibily 2 or 3 kids who are legit all county wrestlers. With some Nassau county placers returning, manna from Suffolk (placer as well) and NG bumping up, I agree that 285 will be one of the tougher divisions. I beleive in a week or two salkey, manna an two other highly ranked 285 lbs will be in the same tournament not sure if it was a plainedge or Uniondale tourney.

    Ng (plainedge) is my #1 for that division but i did catch the bayshore tourny last weekend and Manna (it) made it look too easy, I would keep an eye out for him as most returning heavyweights didn’t have an opportunity to wrestle him Last year.

  14. yes the uniondale duels dec.28 and 29 will feature salkey, manna, ng and legrasso of lawernce im not postive but i think farmingdale goes there too if thats the case we’ll have county preview, and then 2 weeks following that the tourney at I.T will have all those teams except lawernce and farm. but throw in freeport kid.and we’ll call it the 285 showdown at I.T

  15. and dont take your eye off kapptaos after losing in the finals to malcom allen ( ranked upstate new rochelle i believe) im sure hes really to get am go against some island guys

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