Mat Side with Rob Koll: The Binghamton Open Report

After waiting 238 days the wrestling season is finally upon us! Today we wrestled at the Bearcat Open in Binghamton.

Rob Koll 2010 EIWA

After waiting 238 days the wrestling season is finally upon us! Today we wrestled at the Bearcat Open in Binghamton. The team wrestled “unattached” which means we could not coach or pay for our player’s expenses. By doing this we save a date of competition that can be used later. Overall, I was pleased with the team’s performance. As a team I am pleased that we looked consistently tough on top and our guys appeared to be physically, very strong. I didn’t feel that our conditioning was better than average, but this may be a function of this being the first time our guys made weight.

Here is a weight by weight breakdown. P.S. It is midnight, I’m tired therefore all mistakes are to be overlooked!

125 -Unseeded freshman Tyler Biscaha dominated everyone except his teammate, #10 ranked Frank Perrelli, who he defeated in overtime. Tyler missed almost all of last year due to knee surgery. His other victories were by scores of 12-5, 17-2, 19-4, and 5-1.

Frank Perrelli placed 4th with a 3-2 record. Frank wrestled an uncharacteristically uninspired tournament. He stood around for much of many of his matches. When you are in as good as shape as Perrelli this makes no sense.

I hope to see these two in the Body Bar finals next week!

133 –Unseeded sophomore Joe Stanzione dominated everyone in his weight class including #12 ranked Kyle Hutter 10-4. Joe has looked great in practice and we expected that he would compete for the title. I cannot say that anyone expected he would look this good. Joe, like most of our team, was extremely effective on top. He didn’t only ride but he turned and pinned many of his opponents.

141 –Corey Manson wrestled well but came up short in the finals losing in overtime. In the past Corey would have found ways to lose one of two of his pre-finals matches so I am pleased, but not satisfied with his results. The good news is Corey always finishes strong so this is a very good sign of things to come!

Mike Nevinger went 5-2 and placed 6th.

149- Kyle Dake picked up where he left off by defeating highly regarded Cory Jantzen in the finals. Kyle showed that he is a full sized 149 pounder and there will be no growing pains.

157-It is comforting to finally have a healthy DJ Meagher back in the line-up. DJ got better as the tournament progressed and capped a brilliant day with an exciting victory over Walter Peppelman from Harvard.

Freshman Jesse Shanaman went 4-1 and placed 3rd.

Craig Eifert went 5-1 and placed 5th.

165-Justin Kerber only gave up two escapes in his five match march to the championship. Justin’s physically punishing wrestling style will serve him in racking up bonus points for the Big Red.

Marshall Peppelman went 6-1 and placed 5th.

174-Mack wasn’t ever seriously tested as he claimed his fourth straight Bearcat Open title.

184-I have been telling anyone who cares to listen that Steve Bosak is the most improved wrestler on the team and that he has very good shot at the NCAA championship… this year. I started telling people this after I made the mistake of challenging Steve to a match over the summer. Up until that point Steve had never beaten me. I am not proud to say that within twenty seconds into the match I had been taken down and within five more seconds I was worrying about my life and my limbs. I don’t claim to be what I used to be but I can assure you, neither is Steve! Assuming we can convince Steve he is as good as he is, this Bearcat Open title is a precursor to NCAA gold!

197 Cam walked into the finals were he found himself down by one in the third period. His opponent (Micah Burak-Penn) chose the bottom position and Cam not only rode him out for the ridding time point but turned him for the win. This was a little too close for my comfort level but it was a great victory for Cam.

285-Oney Snyder placed third losing 3-2 to the eventual champion. Oney looked strong throughout the tournament. He keeps great position and is terribly hard to score upon.

Stryker Lane placed fifth losing only to the runner-up. Lane looked great throughout the tournament and was actually winning in the third period when he got overly confident and found himself on his back with a 280 pound body on top of him. The end result was not positive and will not happen again.

That’s all I have for you. We will give the team tomorrow off and then start preparing for our Friday night Central Michigan match. CM has a very tough dual meet team and I expect a dogfight. If you have not already purchased your ticket please do asap. We have 125 remaining so you should not just show up at the door.

All the best, Rob

Click Here for Complete Brackets

Championship Finals

125 Tyler Biscaha, Cornell dec Eric Dunnet, Old Dominion 5-1
133 Joe Stanzione, Cornell dec #10 Kyle Hutter, Old Dominion 10-4
141 Zach Kemmerer, Penn dec Hicks Manson, Cornell 9-7;tb2
149 #2 Kyle Dake, Cornell dec #9 Corey Jantzen, Harvard 2-0
157 DJ Meagher, Cornell dec Walter Peppelman, Harvard 4-2
165 #4 Justin Kerber, Cornell dec Daniel Rivera, Old Dominion 6-0
174 #1 Mack Lewnes, Cornell Fall Rob Morrison, Rider F5:51
184 #6 Steve Bosak, Cornell dec Nate Schiedel, Binghamton 8-1
197 #1 Cam Simaz, Cornell dec #12 Micah Burakk, Penn 6-4
285 Orlando Scales Notre Dame College dec Kevin Lester, Columbia 9-4

Consolation Finals (for third and fifth)

Bout for 3rd first
125 #17 Garrett Frey, Princeton dec #10 Frank Perelli, Cornell 8-1
125 Nick Arujau, American dec Mark Rappo, Penn 2-0
133 Jimmy Kirchner, Rider dec Matt Bystol, Columbia F2:40
133 Daniel Riggi, Binghamton dec Adam Krop, Princeton 3-2
141 Anwar Goeres, Binghamton dec Aaron Nestor, Rider 3-1
141 Luke Veith, Hofstra dec Mike Nevinger, Cornell 4-2
149 Steve Santos, Columbia dec Donald Vinson, Binghamton 5-1;tb
149 Zac Cibula, Rider dec Jeffrey Pelton, Notre Dame College 4-3
157 Jesse Shanaman, Cornell dec Brian Tanen, Lehigh 4-1
157 Criag Eifert, Cornell dec Tyler Banks, Cornell 7-1
165 Matt Kaylor, Binghamton dec Adam Hogue, Harvard 6-1
165 Marshall Peppelman, Cornell dec Matt Magill, NYU 7-0
174 Greg Zannetti, Rutgers dec Ryam McGarrity, Binghamton 10-5
174 Ryan Callahan, Princeton dec Canaan Bethea, Penn 3-1
184 Kadeem Samuels, Lehigh dec Joe Budi, Old Dominion 7-3
184 Nick Mills, Columbia dec Kevin Bailey, Lehigh 5-3;ot
197 Cody Reed, Binghamton dec Daniel Hopkins, Rutgers MFF;
197 Jall Bennett, Finger Lakes WC dec Max Wessell, Lehigh 6-2
285 Oney Snyder, Cornell dec Zeal McGrew, Hofstra 2-1
285 Stryker Lane, Cornell dec Blake Herrin, American 5-0

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