The Russians Are Coming

The Russians are coming to NEW YORK on Friday, November 19 at Hofstra University Arena to battle Team USA in a Freestyle Dual meet beginning at 7:30PM.

by Al Bevilacqua

Wrestlings Biggest Challenge

Since the late 1970’s wrestling has been taking a “big” hit in regard to the losses of hundreds of collegiate wrestling programs that has also impacted our world and Olympic effort.

Obviously the ripple down effect has reduced the HS numbers as well. The number of participants have been decreasing each year. Wrestling in 1978, had over 330,000 HS wrestlers with 9800 teams with over 600 college teams in the NJCAA, NAIA and the NCAA.

We now have 230,000 wrestlers in 10,000 high schools. The colleges are fighting for survival and the world level athletes have no resources to compete globally.

The challenge for all sports is at the support level. Colleges and even high school administrators, look at one very important component when faced in a financial crisis in respect to their budgets.

How many people are we attracting to our Duals & Games?

What wrestling needs more than wrestlers is MORE FANS. The more fans attending & supporting wrestling at the HS and College level the more kids will give wrestling a chance while providing the resources to expand the sport.

KICK-OFF for 2010-11 Wrestling Season

Russia VS USA

1972- USA VS. Soviet National Team at Hofstra- 10,000 fans
1986- Soviet Union vs. USA at Nassau CC- 5,000 fans and CBS Sports national television 1 hour show.
2010- USA vs. Russia at Hofstra Arena- Can we fill the place?

No matter which Russians come they are loaded with 2-3 World and Olympic Champions at every weight class. They are the best technicians in the world…..USA are “fighters” and hard workers who can compete with anyone in the world.

Be There

When? Friday, November 19

Where? Hofstra University Arena

Time? 7:30PM.

Tickets will cost $20 and will be available in advance or at the door. Those who wish to pre-purchase tickets can do so at the following link:
USA vs Russia Freestyle Dual Meet

Here’s Noel Thompson to fill you on on the event.

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