In this series of articles, I really aimed at shedding some light on various types of bogus training.  As I had to explain to some, the idea was to target those who have no business being in the athletic training game.  The reason is simple, I want to help as many athletes as I can.

To sugar coat it, beat around the bush, make it nice, and to try and not insult the meek was not an option in my opinion. Taking on anyone who wants to cheat you and steal your money is not a problem for me.  You see, the reality is, your time in the competitive arena is short.

The suggestion here is to make the most of it and give it everything you’ve  got.  Hopefully this article and others can help lead you to make a quality choice when it comes to training.  You should also use the vast wealth of information that is at your finger tips to gain as much knowledge as you can.

I believe that anyone offering serious quality training will not have a problem with this article. As a matter of fact, many could not agree more.  Those who do not should read the article with a grain of salt, and should make the necessary adjustments to their programs.  They have an obligation to the athletes they train to educate themselves and offer the best training that they possibly can.

With that being said, it is time to move on.  I am looking  forward to the 2010-11 season and new challenges.  My next article will  answer  some  questions about my gym, training, and some of the new things we have been working on.

I want to offer everyone good luck for the new season. Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments or training needs. Thank you, Coach Ellinger

5 thoughts on “MYTHS,1/2 TRUTHS AND LIES part IV- the CONCLUSION!”

  1. Will

    I do not want you to keep telling people about the benefits of strength training for wrestling. If they start doing what we are already they will become more competitive. I have been coaching for almost 20 years now and have really taken it to another level out here because of the information about strength training that you have imparted to me. Our kids have come to enjoy lifting as much as drilling and perfecting their technique for wrestling. They know that strength is as important as hitting moves correctly. As a matter of fact you can execute your technique more efficiently if you are strong. I have a kid on our team who is a freak athlete and he placed at Fargo this past summer. He has taken his strength training to another level and it shows when he wrestles. We will begin this season with an unfair advantage in 90% or our matches because our kids are stronger than the kid from the other school lining up across from him.

  2. Coach, You know what is funny about this. I have noticed more and more that kids at the gym are somewhat reluctant to tell certain people about the gym. I have heard many times now that they don’t want me to get kids from lets say a competitors school to come down. They, it seems, have realized exactly what you have said. They have a big advantage. I wish your team continued and even greater success in this up coming season. I believe it will be a big year for you. Thanks, Will


    Here is a link to an article I found. I have posted it here in case you think I am the only one who sees the current problem with the “training” being done by many.

    I thought I was past this, but down at the gym this week I ran into a local kid. He was a nice kid and I offered to help him and I hope he does indeed take me up on my offer?

    Anyway, we talked about training and seeing that we where Squating the conversation turned to Squats. To make a long story short he informed me of how a certain Wrestler from his school could Squat 6 plates.

    I said ” 315 huh” knowing full well that the kid in question could probable not Squat this weight. He said NO, 6 plates on each side! I shook my head others laughed and I made him an offer.

    I said “bring him down- if he Squats JUST 315 for one good rep. I will train you for a month for free”. He said he would? I will let you know if he ever shows up.

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