Matt Side With Rob Koll: 2010/11 Season Preview

My wife loves the summer, my kids love the summer. I love when the summer ends. The end of summer symbolizes one thing: wrestling season is almost here.

My wife loves the summer, my kids love the summer. I love when the summer ends. The end of summer symbolizes one thing: wrestling season is almost here. When Rachel thinks of the fall, her thoughts turn to kids heading back to school, the smell of burning leaves, and the onset of colder weather. I, on the other hand, associate fall with our wrestlers returning to school, the smell of Resilite and turning up the heat in the Friedman Center. I try to contain my enthusiasm when I am around her because she doesn’t appreciate the fall like I do. She says I have a sickness, and I know she is right. Unfortunately, the only cure for my ailment is death so until that day occurs, I will continue to rejoice the onset of fall albeit for different reasons than my wife.

Summer sped by at a blissfully quick rate. Most of the wrestlers spent their days working and training in Ithaca. I am certain no other Cornell team has ever returned to cam-pus in such great shape. In addition to this, no other Cornell team has ever had the luxury of such an abundance of talent. In the past we have spoken about having the ability to win the NCAA team championship. This year, we expect to win the NCAA team championship.

Betsy Veysman, former Cornell Daily Sun editor and cur-rent hard core Cornell wrestling fan, has generously volunteered to help me with my newsletters as well as various yet to be determined projects. (She doesn’t know that she will be doing other work so if you happen to run into her please only thank her for the newsletters). So as you read this, and future newsletters, you may notice that I have become significantly more grammatically coherent.

The following is a brief weight-by-weight synopsis. I have not included incoming freshmen in the breakdown. Undoubtedly there will be many challenging to start, and if they do break into the lineup, you can be sure they will vie for All-American honors.

Weight-by-Weight Preview

125: In last year’s season preview, I said Frank Perrelli was an All-American caliber wrestler. He looked like one as a part-time starter with a 21-5 record, a Body Bar title and a fifth place finish in Las Vegas. I expect that Frank will continue the streak of 125 pounders on the NCAA podium for Cornell.
Others to Watch: Tyler Biscaha, Josh Kennedy, Brett Hernandez-Henderson

133: Mike Grey accomplished several things last season, including his first EIWA title and his 100th win. This year, I expect he will finish his career with a second AA honor and be in the hunt for the title.
Others to Watch: Joe Stanzione, Cody Kelly, Quin Leith

141: Corey Manson has come into the last two seasons off shoulder surgery and has improved as the seasons progressed. We expect big things this year as Corey has looked great in training and is very strong for a 141 pounder.
Others to Watch: Chris Villalonga, Mike Nevinger, Ryan Dunphy, Conner David

149: You might say Kyle Dake had a fabulous freshman year. What started as a reasonable cut to 141 last fall became a really tough one as he grew during his rookie campaign. He will be a very good sized 149 pounder and there is no reason to expect anything less than the success he had last season.
Others to Watch: Scott Albrecht, Phillip Smith, Matt Metzler

157: DJ Meagher was unfortunately injured very early last season and was unable to return. But he’s back and looking strong this year.
Others to Watch: Jesse Shanaman, Craig Eifert, Derek Schreiner, Brett Landrum

165: Those who know Justin Kerber’s history on this team may be surprised that he will be at the same weight for the second consecutive year. It took a while for him to adjust to the 165 weight class as a junior, but he really Photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo turned it on in March, especially at NCAAs. He fell about one second short of his All-American goal, which I believe he will achieve this time.
Others to Watch: Marshall Peppelman, Cody Hutcheson, Patrick Sullivan

174: All I can really say is that Mack Lewnes is really, really, really good. We all know what he expects to do this year.
Others to Watch: Colin McDonald, Warner Phipps, Michael Alexander, Jake Arnone

184: Pin pool, watch out for Steve Bosak. Steve saw how good he could be at NCAAs last year and this should be a breakout season for him.
Others to Watch: Travis Dale, Peter Mesko

197: Cam Simaz had 32 bonus point victories last year, often exhausting his opponents completely by the start of the third period. He was third at nationals in 2010 and should finish a few spots higher this time around.
Others to Watch: George Kocher, Jason Winckel

285: The only thing I am certain of when it comes to Oney Snyder, Stryker Lane, Maciej Jochym and Lukasz Stala is that we have four very good big men with four very strange names. Whoever survives the room and breaks out as the starter will be nationally competitive in time for our March title run.

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