Mat Side with Rob Koll – NCAA Analysis and Interview with Scott Casber

I’m back from Omaha and still riding a high from the weekend. Every wrestler wrestled well whether in victory or defeat. I am so honored to be a part of the greatest NCAA tournament performance in Cornell wrestling history.

Coach Koll and Nickerson at EIWA

I’m back from Omaha and still riding a high from the weekend. Every wrestler wrestled well whether in victory or defeat. I am so honored to be a part of the greatest NCAA tournament performance in Cornell wrestling history.

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125 Troy wrestled heroically in battling back to 4th place after losing in the second round. Troy has battled serious shoulder problems for the past three years. At the tournament I know of at least six times when it came completely out and had to be reinserted into place. He had every reason and excuse to default out of the tournament. He never considered this option because he didn’t want to let down his teammates, coaches and fans. Troy finished his career with NCAA placing of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th but more importantly with the uttermost respect of everyone who knows him.

133 Once again Mike battled up to the All-American round but fell short. Mike has had a great year and is a phenomenal team leader. His loss was particularly painful because I know how badly Mike wants win, not only for himself but for his team. He will be back with a vengeance next year.

141 Now that he did it allow me to say, “I told you so”. The “Kid’s” national championship will be the first of many for Kyle. What most people do not know is that Kyle seriously reinjured his ankle on Wednesday and had to get it “shot up” before each match. He is a stud.

165 Justin returned to prime form at just the right time. He struggled throughout the year as he adjusted to the weight class and because of an early season knee injury. His biggest victory came against a former national runner-up from Missouri. This match typified his turn around as he soundly defeated an opponent who had previously defeat Justin by a major decision. Next year Justin will get on the podium.

174 Mack had an amazing season and should be very proud of all his accomplishments. Of course Mack will not be satisfied with his 2nd place finish and that is one of the many reasons he will win it all next year.

184 Steve Bosak showed everyone why the coaches are so high on him by winning three matches, two of which by fall. Steve made it to the All-American round this year and will make it much higher next year. This finish should help Steve realize just how good he can be.

197 CamAmerican cruised into the Semi-finals where he lost a decision to 3X champ Jake Varner. He wrestled back to the consolation finals where he defeated Hudson Taylor of Maryland. Taylor had previously defeated Cam three times; twice by fall and once 7-3. Cam wrestled a perfect match and found a way to score the winning takedown in overtime. In my mind this was Cam’s single greatest victory to date.

285 Josh went 0-2, losing by one and another in overtime. Josh did not reach his goal of getting back to the podium but I consider this season a great success.

Halfway through the season I realized that Josh’s body was not going to make it through the season if we continued to allow him to train “normally”. I made the decision that he would not be permitted to wrestle more than one day each week. This might sound crazy but once Josh started this new training regiment he wrestled much better. Unfortunately he just wasn’t big enough to compete at the highest level at 285.

It was a great year and I am so proud of all this team accomplished. It is truly a pleasure to work with everyone on the team as they represent Cornell with distinction both on and off the mats. Next year we should be ranked in the preseason as the #1 team in the county and I fully expect to end the season in the same position! Mark your calendars there are only 359 days until Phily.

Special thanks to Cornell Alumni Affairs for their support of this year’s Cornell NCAA socials. In the past we have had to count entirely on our friends support to make these very special events a reality.

Other news:

Kyle Dake Named EIWA Freshman of the Year

Kyle Dake has been named EIWA Freshman of the Year following his championship performance last weekend at the NCAA Championships in Omaha, Neb. Dake, a true freshman, had a 34-2 record at 141 pounds this season, and became the first true freshman to win a national title in five years.

Dake is the fourth wrestler in the last five years to win the award, and follows Troy Nickerson (2006), Mack Lewnes (2008) and Cam Simaz (2009).

After defeating Montell Marion of Iowa 7-3 in the final, Dake had this to say to a reporter:

“Yeah, I won a national title this year, but I wanted to be an undefeated national champ. That’s something I can work for and something that I’m going to work for. I said it at the beginning of the year in Win Magazine that I want to be a four-time national champ, and you got to get one to get four so I have three more to go. Looking over in the corner and seeing coach Koll and coach (Jeremy) Spates jumping in the air and then right behind them you see this sea of red shirts with a big white ‘C’ in the front of them, everyone going nuts,” Dake said. “It was loud in there. It was pretty cool. I don’t know how else to explain it. It was really cool.”

Golf Tournament

Please save June 19 on your calendar. It does not matter if you are any good or have never picked up a club. Everyone has a great time and you won’t regret participating in the event. Please email if you can make it.


Our banquet date is set for May 1, noon at the Lakewatch Inn. Please contact contact Cathy Pace or 607-255-6793 if you can make it or if you wish to sponsor a wrestler. The cost of the meal is $30.

Pin Pool Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Pin Pool contest. For the year we finished with twenty-one dual meet falls, 33% more than last season. At $1,823 per fall this equates to $38,073! I am thrilled with the results of the Pin Pool. Not only did we raise funds for the program but we also found a fun way to further motivate our wrestlers to go for the fall. I believe the increase in falls is directly related to the contest and I also believe this “pinning attitude” continued into the post season where we registered an additional nine pins at the EIWA’s and six at the NCAA’s. I number of friends volunteered and I “brow beat” others into continuing the contest through the EIWA’s and NCAA’s. With the addition of these gifts our final tally is $43,500.

That’s all for now and as always no spell or grammar check!

All the best, Rob

Rob Koll
“Dunlop” Coach of Wrestling
Cornell University

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  1. with the success of his Cornell program and the personality he brings as a head coach…what top recruit would not want wrestle for this guy?

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