The rumors that some of you have been hearing are true! We have finally realized our long term goal of adding a wrestling area to our gym.

The rumors that some of you have been hearing are true! We have finally realized our long term goal of adding a wrestling area to our gym. The idea was simple, it seemed. We wanted to offer the wrestlers on LI something that we felt was lacking; a place where they could train year round with quality instructions  in weight lifting AND wrestling.

While it took some time to put it all together, we feel that it was well worth the effort. Members of the Iron Empire can now train year round in one place. They also have the many added benefits that come with a membership. Besides the professional instruction, they can  get extra training in when they need to.  They can choose to do some conditioning work on the many pieces of cardio equipment,  for example.

Members can also take advantage of the facilities when they need to make weight or to work on some extra technique.  Many ex-wrestlers for years have talked about having a gym like this when they wrestled. Everyone seemed to  feel the same way. What a great opportunity for the dedicated wrestlers in our area this would be.

To sum it all up, you can now come to the Iron Empire, which is located in Bethpage, for all your training needs. Whether you seek instruction in weight training and athletic performance, wrestling or both, you now have the one place to get it all, and we are open year round!

For all the parents out there, you can benefit too. You have the convenience of not having to drive to several different places.  Some parents will choose to join the gym and take advantage of the many services provided while their kid(s) train.   We may also be able to save you a great deal of money to boot.

If you have been searching for a place to do some serious training…look no further! We offer the best training coupled with the best rates. It’s a combination you can’t beat!  Please contact me, Coach Ellinger  at ironwill(at)optonline(dot)net for more info and to schedule a time to come down and see the facilities.

4 thoughts on “WRESTLING at THE EMPIRE”

  1. Congrats on the mat set-up Willie…no thanks to me of course. Glad to see you have put this together. I hope local Bethpage wrestlers as well as those from neighboring Nassau and Suffolk towns take advantage of this new set-up.

    best, Pete

  2. Thanks Pete; it was a long time coming but thanks in a big part to my brother Frank ,we got this done. As you know I welcome all wrestlers and athletes to my gym and I am looking forward to getting many more in the future. We have already started working with some wrestlers so if you or anyone else would like to come down and check it out, please feel welcome!

  3. Sure Folksyle; What we added as of right now is wrestling every Wed. night. We train M.,W.,F at 5 to @ 7 pm. and Sun. mornings at 9 am. For members who are currently lifting and want to get extra wrestling practice in, we do an hour of technique and drilling on wed. after lifting. They are also able to drill on their own whenever they wish. We will look to add more wrestling practices in the future. Also we will add for none members who want to just work on wrestling a $20 fee for 1 hour. Hope this helps, any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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