Super Seven: Friars Win CHSAA State Crown Behind Plethora of Champions

2010 CHSAA Championship Finals

96- Pat Skinner (Kellenberg) Maj Dec. Blaise Rufo (Monsignor Farrell), 14-6
103- Chris Brienza (St. Anthony’s) pinned Paul DiStefano (Monsignor Farrell) 5:49
112- Jimmy Morris (St. Anthony’s) Maj Dec. Donovan Melendez (Mount St. Michael), 11-2
119- Grant Greene (St. Anthony’s) pinned Glenn McKenna (Chaminade) 0:21
125- Vin Fischetti (Monsignor Farrell) Maj Dec. Jon Faglione (Chaminade), 13-1
130- Jamel Hudson (St. Anthony’s) TF Joe Francolino (Monsignor Farrell), 20-5
135- Andrew Lenzi (Fordham Prep) TF Tim McCann (Monsignor Farrell), 20-5
140- Troy Sampson (Chaminade) Dec. Andrew Murano (Xavier), 7-6
145- Tony Carlo (Monsignor Farrell) TF Anthony Alesandro (Kellenberg), 20-5
152- Ben Villaret (Monsignor Farrell) pinned Mike Fodera (St. Anthony’s) 0:10
160- Brandon Meisner (St. Anthony’s) pinned Brian Rogers (St. Francis) 0:50
171- Nick Terp (Salesian) pinned Thomas Re’ (Kellenberg) 0:45
189- Paul Alessandrini (St. Anthony’s) Dec. Rob Sweitzer (St. Anthony’s), 8-3
215- Brendan Fowler (Chaminade) pinned Casey Sheehan (Canisius) 1:43
285- Jon Decir (St. Anthony’s) pinned Jack Cambria (St. Joe’s Collegiate) 0:30

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Troy Sampson (Chaminade-140)
Quickest Fall: Ben Villaret (Monsignor Farrell-152) :10
Most Falls/Least Time: Ben Villaret (Monsignor Farrell-152) 3/2:06
Ironman Awards: Glenn McKenna (Chaminade-119), Andrew Lenzi (Fordham Prep-135), Troy Sampson (Chaminade-140), Tony Carlo (Monsignor Farrell-145), Ben Villaret (Monsignor Farrell-152), Brian Rogers (St. Francis-160)

Final Team Scores

01. St. Anthony’s— 286.5
02. Monsignor Farrell–225.5
03. Chaminade—207.5
04. Kellenberg—144.5
05. St. Joe’s Collegiate—89.0
06. Fordham Prep—73.5
07. Mount St. Michael—66.0
08 St. Peter’s Boys—48.5
09. Xavier—44.0
10. St. Francis—38.5
11. St. Joseph’s by the Sea—38.0
12. St. John the Baptist—33.0
13. Canisius—30.0
14. Iona Prep—28.0
15. Salesian—26.0
16. Holy Trinity—23.0
17. Nichols—20.0
18. Niagara Catholic—18.0
19. St. Mary’s—16.0
20. The Gow School—9.0
21. Xaverian—7.0

2 thoughts on “Super Seven: Friars Win CHSAA State Crown Behind Plethora of Champions”

  1. Very nice coverage Mr. Diano. I am sure the athletes and coaches of this often over looked league appreciate it!

  2. Coach,

    Again, much appreciation for your heart felt sentiments…While I have been told that I am a good writer, words cannot capture the genuine gratitude I feel when individuals such as yourself recognize my efforts.

    If I was able to convert one person into a CHSAA fan this past weekend, then all of the work was well worth it.

    If it had not been for the CHSAA, it is very possible that I never would have developed my passion for the sport. Hence, as a means of giving back, I always seize the opportunity when available to go the proverbial extra mile on the league’s behalf.

    Again, thank you ! You have made my weekend !

    All of my best,

    —Matthew Diano

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