Mat Side with Rob Koll – Weekend Review 10-08

Rob Koll recaps the Big Red’s weekend performance against Penn and Princeton.

Cornell Big Red
Cornell Big Red

It was a great weekend for the guys. Everyone wrestled well and I am very happy with where we are at this point in the season. Obviously the competition is not as tough as it has been in the past but I still get nervous whenever we wrestle Penn at Penn. We used to have some very tough battles in the Palestra so it is nice to dominate the Quakers on their home turf.

We will use the next couple weeks to get ready for the EIWA’s. Harvard and Brown have a few tough individuals but realistically should not pose a threat as dual meet teams. This gives us the luxury of training hard through this weekend.

Weekend highlights.

Pin Pool: The coffers are starting to fill! This weekend we had seven falls, boosting the pin total to thirteen on the year. This equates to $23,569 ($1,813 x 13) for the season!

125 I decided to rest Troy this weekend and in his absence Frank Perrelli dominated two of our opponents’ toughest opponents. Frank is tenacious and very tough from top, bottom and neutral. It is very comforting to have someone of Frank’s ability training in the wings. I don’t say “waiting” because no one works harder than Frank. His commitment and focus will pay dividends next year when he competes for an NCAA title.

133 Mike Grey continues to look good, although tech falls do not pay the bills!

141 Not much I can or need to say about Kyle. He is dominant in every position.

149 Corey Manson continues to improve. He beat two very good opponents this weekend and is gaining confidence in every match. He is finishing his takedowns much better than earlier this season. This is no accident as Corey constantly works on his weaknesses. I have said in the past that Corey always wrestles his best late in the year and he is making me look prophetic.

157 Derek Schreiner wrestled hard but went 0-2 on the weekend.

165 Justin Kerber gets a little better every time he steps on the mat. He has finally started to adjust to the speed difference from 184 to 165. He is also much more mobile now that he is fully healthy.

174 Mack Lewnes improved his record to 30-0 and he still has not given up a single offensive point.

184 Steve Bosak earned his keep by pinning both of his opponents.

197 Cam Simaz had two strong performances, by defeating a very tough Penn opponent before pinning his Princeton foe.

285 Josh Arnone racked up two more victories to improve to 13-6 on the season. We have been able to keep Josh healthy by limiting his mat time. Josh focuses almost all his time on conditioning and strength training. I really don’t worry too much about his technique. I figure he has wrestled for fifteen years he is not going to forget who to wrestle in two months.

For a more complete summation of the weekend please go to:

That’s all for now. I hope many of you will be able to make it to our final matches of the year when we face Brown on Friday at 7:00 and Harvard on Saturday at 3:00. This will be our seniors final time to wrestle at Cornell University. We will be honoring: Troy Nickerson, Brian Alves, John Basting, Nate Holley, Michael Moore, Taylor Moore, Carl Landers, Matt Panasevich and Josh Arnone immediately before the match.

As always, all the best and no spell check,


Box Scores

Cornell 31, Penn 3
125: Frank Perrelli (Cornell) dec. Mark Rappo (Penn), 6-3 (Cornell 3, Penn 0)
133: No. 11 Mike Grey (Cornell) dec. Bryan Ortenzio (Penn), 10-3 (Cornell 6, Penn 0)
141: No. 1 Kyle Dake (Cornell) dec. Zach Kemmerer (Penn), 7-0, (Cornell 9, Penn 0)
149: Corey Manson (Cornell) dec. No. 9 Cesar Grajales (Penn), 7-6 (Cornell 12, Penn 0)
157: Troy Hernandez (Penn) dec. Derek Schreiner (Cornell, 5-2 (Cornell 12, Penn 3)
165: No. 16 Justin Kerber (Cornell) dec. No. 18 Gabriel Burak (Penn), 3-1 (Cornell 15, Penn 3)
174: No. 1 Mack Lewnes (Cornell) maj. dec. No. 17 Scott Giffin (Penn), 13-4 (Cornell 19, Penn 3)
184: No. 17 Steve Bosak (Cornell) win by fall Harrison Cook (Penn), 4:32 (Cornell 25, Penn 3)
197: No. 5 Cam Simaz (Cornell) dec. Micah Burak (Penn), 5-3 (Cornell 28, Penn 3)
HWT: Josh Arnone (Cornell) vs. Tyler Blakely (Penn)

Cornell 46, Princeton 3
125: Frank Perrelli (Cornell) dec. Garett Frey, 10-4 (Cornell 3, Princeton 0)
133: No. 11 Mike Grey (Cornell) tech fall Zach Bintliff, 17-2 (6:32) (Cornell 8, Princeton 0)
141: No. 1 Kyle Dake (Cornell) win by fall Luis Ramos, 5:22 (Cornell 14, Princeton 0)
149: Corey Manson (Cornell) dec. Daniel Kolodzik, 8-2 (Cornell 17, Princeton 0)
157: Danny Scotton (Princeton) dec. Derek Schreiner (Cornell), 5-3 (Cornell 17, Princeton 3)
165: No. 16 Justin Kerber (Cornell) win by fall Mike Alvarez, 2:02 (Cornell 23, Princeton 3)
174: No. 1 Mack Lewnes (Cornell) tech fall Travis Erdman, 16-0 (5:42) (Cornell 28, Princeton 3)
184: No. 17 Steve Bosak (Cornell) win by fall Kurt Brendel, 2:32 (Cornell 34, Princeton 3)
197: No. 5 Cam Simaz (Cornell) win by fall Charles Fox, 2:16 (Cornell 40, Princeton 3)
HWT: Josh Arnone (Cornell) win by fall Robert Grogan, 4:16 (Cornell 46, Princeton 3)

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