A Look Back at 2010 Section XI Tournament

It was another quality final at Stony Brook and now we need to take a look back at the matches and also look at who may be getting wildcards and a trip to Albany.

It was another quality final at Stony Brook and now we need to take a look back at the matches and also look at who may be getting wildcards and a trip to Albany. It seems Suffolk should send anywhere from between 25 to 29 wrestlers to Albany depending upon how the wild-card draws fall…similar to last year’s count.

96 – West is a machine…picking him to win in Albany. O’Hara may have built up enough points as a 96 pounder to make it to Albany.

103 – Max Soria gets a county championship as brother Mike forfeits to him in the finals. Let’s see how the seeds shake out upstate….hopefully if Max has to forfeit to Mike in Albany it will be in the finals. Gomez of CI has an outside shot at a wildcard with 3rd and 6th place finishes in 2009 and 2010.

112 – McNeil is so impressive. He dominated on his feet as I expected but he was equally impressive on the mat against a dangerous mat wrestler. McNeil and Malik Rasheed should be going to Albany.

119 – McQueen is long…deceivingly strong and he beat a very good wrestler in Alex Gomez. Suffolk sends three wrestlers to Albany in this weight including Detore.

125 – Gerondel may have one of the biggest hearts in a wrestler I have ever seen. Gutty comeback against Delvecchio who is pretty tough in his own right.

130 – Meinsen looked much beter in the finals with an impressive pin of a very hot wrestler. He may be the lone suffolk wrestler in Albany at 130. Colamussi has 3rd and 4th in 2009 and 20210 so can he get a bonus trip to Albany?

135 – Panebianco once again comes back from an early deficit and turns the tables completely in period 3 of his match. He showed lots of character in his semi and finals matches.

140 – Dutton breezed through the section 11 tourney and I am not sure he will be tested much further in Alabny.

145 – A-Rod “did what he had to do” to win another title. He will have to pen up a bit more upstate to repeat as a state champion. Marro was 3rd last year so he can be in Albany for the state tournament as a wildcard.

152 – Terdick/Wade was all it was billed to be. The Terdick split as defense to a deep single came into paly twice in this final. Both should be heading to Albany.

160 – Volpe was very impressive in this final match. He is so tough inside both offensively and defensively on his feet. We will see if Puca’s 4th and 2nd place finishes in 2009 and 2010 get him through as a wildcard. He will have to get in ahead of Bosco to give Bosco a chance with his 4th and 3rd 2009, 2010 finishes.

171 – Fox kept it close with Coggins early and then rallied somewhat late, but Coggins did more than enough to win this one.

189 – Dilorio is a fun 189 pounder to watch. Smith pushed him hard once again but Dilorio’s quickness and that final roll through was too much for Smith. Can Smith get a wildcard with his 4th and 2nd place finishes? Giaramita has 2nd and 3rd place finishes but I believe he cannot jump Smith into the states (since he lost to him in the semis) so Smith needs to get in first.

215 – Provenzano was the best 215 pounder on his feet this weekend and that is why he won this tourney. He will need to use that quickness on his feet to fend off some bigger and stronger heavyweights in Albany.

285 – Wilkinson wins close as usual with the 285 county final. Ben Lee has a 2nd and 4th place finish in Suffolk so he may join Wilkinson on his trip to Albany. Walsh has a 3rd and 5th place finish in the bank but he may be on the outside looking in as a wildcard.

5 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2010 Section XI Tournament”

  1. I cannot believe the incredulous lack of respect Div II wrestlers receive. Other that a small box score (if they are lucky) there is no mention of them and we all know they work just as hard. Should they be so looked down upon because of the size of their school????

    1. Jackie,

      They shouldn’t at all be looked down upon. We certainly don’t. However, there is only so much we can cover with the small team of people we have working with us, so we cover what will have the greatest audience interest.

      Right now while the site brings in little revenue and expenses exceed that revenue, we rely on generous volunteers to donate their time and energies to cover these events. We’d love to expand, but we neither have the volunteers nor the money to do that.

      We had a Suffolk dII guy who offered to volunteer. We talked on the phone. Said he would help. It was the last I heard from him.

      Can you write? We’d love your help.


    2. I couldn’t agree with Jackie more. I understand that Lighthouse may be understaffed but MSG Varsity had a very large presence at Stonybrook and treated the D2 wrestlers in the same manner. MSG had 4 cameras on mat 1 and no coverage on mat 2 were the D2 championships were. I really don’t see why the event couldn’t be covered in it’s entirety , D1 semi finals were covered by MSG and then all 4 cameras went to mat 1.
      I was very taken back by the actions of all media groups, after all even small schools are supporters, and the same amount of champions come out of both divisions.

      1. While the comparison is flattering, MSG varsity is part of a multi-billion dollar corporation. It’s resources are tremendous. Their people raise families on the income that the make from MSG Varsity. All our efforts are volunteer, and I have to convince my wife that I’m not crazy for the time and money I devote to this effort…

        And while MSG varsity got press credentials, we got none, though we asked. We do the best we can with what we have. Hopefully, we can do more some day. You have to respect us for that.

        We’ll be covering the State tournament all day for 2 straight days. We need help with the DII coverage. At most we need 4 people, one for each mat. Would anyone like to volunteer to support us on our Live DII coverage. All you need is a laptop, ability to touch type, and knowledge of wrestling.

  2. actually I respect what any wrestler does…but since I can only follow one division at a time that is all I can write about. At Stony Brook I could not even see the finals matches for d2 way over on the far side of the fieldhouse. unfortunatley on LI the d2 format is the minority of teams…the opposite of most of the upstate sections. So I have to cover what is for the majority of the fans. If you want to get coverage for D2 on LI or even just in Suffolk perhaps you will volunteer hours of your personal time each week to do rankings, write articles and cover the county tournament as 3 of us do here on LHW. We are a small group of people who contribute to this site and we do it because we love wrestling and try to provide the best coverage we can. I am sorry if you think we are against D2 or any wrestlers on LI. Just ask the D2 Babylon coach Ken Brodmerkel about Bill Miller and Pete Candito and I think he will set you straight. Meanwhile you should contact Bill Miller who spends much of his waking hours hard at work bringing comprehensive coverage of HS wrestling on LI as well as college wrestling. Bill would be thrilled to have someone dedicated to D2 wrestling on LI who will submit rankings and articles every couple of weeks all season.

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