Mat Side with Rob Koll – Weekend Observations 10-05

Cornell had a full weekend of wrestling with Lehigh on Friday evening and the New York Intercollegiate Championships all day Saturday and Sunday. We tied #8 Lehigh 15-15 and won the NY States, crowning five champions.

Cornell Big Red
Cornell Big Red

We had a full weekend of wrestling with Lehigh on Friday evening and the New York Intercollegiate Championships all day Saturday and Sunday. We tied #8 Lehigh 15-15 and won the NY States, crowning five champions.

Observations on the weekend:

We created a great atmosphere by bringing down the curtain, essentially reducing the seating capacity to 2,500. I believe we will use this set-up whenever we have the ability to use Bartels Hall against a team that we expect draw between 2,000-3,000. Although I am disappointed we were unable to come away with a victory against Lehigh we did enjoy some outstanding performances throughout the weekend.

Lehigh and NY States:

125 Troy started out like a “ball of fire” but faded in the third period. This was Troy’s first “one hour weigh-in” since last year and it showed. The good news is that he is back down to weight he will be vastly improved for our Sunday Iowa State dual meet. We expected/needed bonus points at this weight. In waning seconds of both the first and second periods it appeared that the fall was eminent but in both cases time ran out. Troy did not compete in the NY States.

125 Frank Perrelli looked fast, strong and technically sound as he cruised to a NY State Championship. Frank is a dynamic wrestler who is developing into a great wrestler. I have no reason to believe Frank will not be one of the nation’s top 125 pound wrestlers next year.

133 Mike Grey continued to look great. He dominated a very tough Lehigh wrestler, Matt Fisk, on Friday and went on to win the NY State title on Sunday. In the finals he avenged one of his three losses on the season by defeating Kevin Smith of Buffalo, 5-2.

This is the best I have seen Mike look. Some guys need to rest during the season. I have found that Mike is a true “work horse” who needs to competition to stay sharp.

141 Kyle Dake wrestled fifth year senior and EIWA champion Matt Ciasulli. Dake did not look particularly sharp but that might have been a result of wrestling a very tough competitor. Kyle has an uncanny ability of being able to turn any position into his favor. I would like to take credit for this but I have to admit he does have some freakish genetics. He was also coached from elementary school through high school by his father, who was an All-American at Kent State as well as by former Cornell wrestling John Kotmel. However since he now wears the Cornell colors I am taking all the credit!

Kyle did not compete in the NY State Championship

149 Corey Manson placed third at the NY States and enjoyed a couple very impressive victories. Against Lehigh he looked sluggish and lost because he could not get off bottom. This is a match we needed to win but Lehigh did a good job of slowing the match down when they were wrestling on their feet; thus forcing the outcome to be dictated by who was better on top. Unfortunately they were on Friday.

157 John Basting placed forth at the NY States and lost 2-0 against Lehigh. John simply did not do enough to earn a victory. Like Corey he could not get out from bottom and this is a Cardinal Sin in our room. There was simply too little action in this match for me to make any other comments.

165 Justin Kerber is starting to look better but he will continue to struggle until he opens up and takes more risks. He looks much better defensively and on top and bottom. That being said he is a much better wrestler than he is showing. Of anyone on the team I believe he will show the most improvement from now until the EIWA’s. His knee is no longer an issue and I expect he will become more aggressive now that he does not have any pain issues.

174 Although Mack only won 3-2 he controlled the match and was never in danger. Mack did not wrestle in the NY States although he was voted as the tournament’s Most Outstanding Table Clock Worker.

174 Colin McDonald replaced Mack in the NY States and came away with title.

184 Steve Bosak was sidelined due to an injury that we do not expect will keep him out too long. In his absence Nate Holley stepped in on short notice and was more than game against #15 Dave Craig. Nate wrestled a competitive 10-6 match. Nate went on to place second at the New York States.

197 Cameron Simaz suffered a disappointing defeat in triple overtime. Cam had four or five very close scoring opportunities in regulation and in overtime but each case either time ran out or his opponent was able to get out of bounds. Cam came back to win the NY States on Sunday.

Cam is a pleasure to coach. No one was more crushed than Cam by his defeat but he is one of the few wrestlers that I never have to worry about when he suffers a loss. He will make the necessary adjustments to increase the likelihood that if and when he wrestles Kennedy again, the outcome will be different.

285 Josh Arnone wrestled Zach Rey, Lehigh’s best wrestler, to a draw up until the last thirty seconds of the bout. Josh has demonstrated the ability to be competitive with the country’s top wrestlers. If he continues to stay healthy I believe he will start beating these guys just in time for the NCAA’s.

Taylor Moore won the New York State Championship.

Upcoming Events

We wrestle Iowa State at 1:00 on Sunday afternoon. We will be honoring this year’s Hall of Distinguished Wrestling Alumni before the event. This year’s incoming class include: Mark Fergeson, Patrick Waters, Gene Nighman and Dale Porter. If you plan on attending the pre-match social and ceremony please let Cathy Pace know that you will be able to attend. There is no charge for the social but we do need to know how much food to order. Cathy’s email is: Cmp2(at)cornell(dot)edu

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