Section VIII Individual Rankings 10-01

This is the second release of the Section VIII (Nassau County) indiducal rankings. Wrestlers have been ranked at the lowest weight class where they competed at in results as of 12/23/2009.

This is the second release of the Section VIII (Nassau County) individual rankings. Wrestlers have been ranked at the lowest weight class where they competed at in results as of 12/23/2009.

96 Lbs. Class

  1. Mark Raghunandan (Long Beach) — ??
  2. Krishna Sewkumar (Long Beach) — ??
  3. J. Doria (Massapequa) — ??
  4. Tom Reina (Garden City) — ??
  5. Robert Person (BJFK) — ??
  6. Kevin Herold (MacArthur) — ??

103 Lbs. Class

  1. Joe Barbato (Wantagh) — Jr
  2. Vinny Pannullo (East Meadow) — ??
  3. ?? Donahue (Massapequa) — ??
  4. Jack Reina (Garden City) — ??
  5. AJ Muller (Seaford) — Sr
  6. Candela Rocco (Oc) — ??

112 Lbs. Class

  1. Chris Perez (Macarthur) — Jr
  2. Will Montgomery (Seaford) — Sr
  3. Thomas Mignone (Island Trees) — ??
  4. Joe Maher (BJFK) — Sr
  5. Dan McDevitt (Wantagh) — Fr
  6. Eric Faimon (Syosset) — So

119 Lbs. Class

  1. Luke Alber (Farmingdale) — Sr
  2. Nick Falco (East Meadow) — Sr
  3. John Pellegrino (Divison) — Jr
  4. Rudy Lanzilotta (Massapequa) — Jr
  5. Anthony Abidin (Calhoun) — ??
  6. Kenny Albert (Wantagh) — ??

125 Lbs. Class

  1. Marvin Amazan (Uniondale) — Jr
  2. Sam Gallaso (Syosset) — ??
  3. Anthony Locast (Seaford) — Jr
  4. Mike Palermo (MacArthur) — ??
  5. Mike Lofrese (Garden City) — So
  6. Matthew Alleva (Massapequa) — ??

130 Lbs. Class

  1. Nick Arajau (Syosset) — Sr
  2. Patrick Connelly (Wantagh) — ??
  3. Mike Leonard (Clarke) — Jr
  4. Angelo Rella (MacArthur) — ??
  5. Richard Frank (BJFK) — ??
  6. Vincent Andriotti (Farmingdale) — Sr

135 Lbs. Class

  1. Mike Ruane (Division) — Sr
  2. Matt Schmelzinger (Garden City) — Fr
  3. Anthony Bartilucci (Wantag) — Sr
  4. Nick Tucillo (Jericho) — Sr
  5. Nick Khoury (Long Beach) — Jr
  6. Derrick Whitlock (Uniondale) — Sr

140 Lbs. Class

  1. Adam Troy (MacArthur) — Sr
  2. Dylan Palacio (Long Beach) — So
  3. Ryan Harding (Seaford) — ??
  4. Paul Friscia (Wantagh) — Sr
  5. Dante Epps (Uniondale) — Sr
  6. Nick Chicoine (Island Trees) — Jr

145 Lbs. Class

  1. Mac Maldarelli (Calhoun) — Sr
  2. Daniel Cataldi (Great Neck South) — Sr
  3. Mike Paccione (Mepham) — Jr
  4. Robert Zorn (Sewanhaka East) — ??
  5. Adam D’Auguste (Uniondale) — Jr
  6. Chris Sarro (Massapequa) — ??

152 Lbs. Class

  1. Nick Fitmaurice (Wantagh) — Sr
  2. Tyler Dunne (Macarthur) — Sr
  3. Brandon Guastafeste (Syosset) — Sr
  4. Nick Fera (Manhasset) — Jr
  5. Gildizao Hermes (Baldwin) — ??
  6. Patrick Morgan (Massapequa) — ??

160 Lbs. Class

  1. Jermaine John (Bethpage) — Jr
  2. Joe Giametta (Macarthur) — Sr
  3. Joe Chamish (Jericho) — Sr
  4. James Ondris (Massapequa) — Sr
  5. Sutherland (Mepham) — ??
  6. Shash Bogdanich (Glenn Cove) — ??

171 Lbs. Class

  1. Joe Kavanagh (Wantagh) — Jr
  2. Guy Macchia (Syosset) — Sr
  3. Rocco Calderaro (East Meadow) — ??
  4. Dequan Simmons (Long Beach) — Sr
  5. Naquan Miller (Uniondale) — Sr
  6. Nick Merrero (MacArthur) — Sr

189 Lbs. Class

  1. Matt Loew (Wantagh) — Sr
  2. Conor Wetzel (Massapequa) — Jr
  3. Salvatore Carrilo (MacArthur) — ??
  4. Samson Magid (Roslyn) — Sr
  5. Ajith Anthony Sylvester (Uniondale) — Sr
  6. McCauley (Levittown Division) — ??

215 Lbs. Class

  1. Connor Horl (Garden City) — Sr
  2. Tom Hall (Wantagh) — Jr
  3. David Ng (Plainedge) — Jr
  4. Oliver Astone (Long Beach) — Sr
  5. Steve Graziano (Jericho) — Sr
  6. Andrew Danziger (East Meadow) — Jr

285 Lbs. Class

  1. David Agu (Freeport) — Sr
  2. Yaseen Mudassar (Division) — Sr
  3. ?? Dunat (Bethpage) — Sr
  4. John Tenny (Farmingdale) — Sr
  5. Conor Barnes (MacArthur) — Sr
  6. Jason Delgrosso (Lawrence) — JR

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17 thoughts on “Section VIII Individual Rankings 10-01”

  1. no these really are horrible i am ranked but so many weigihts, names and ages are just so incorrect. If a website wants to create a ranking looked upon by hundreds of people they should make an ATTEMPT at getting their information correct

    1. It’s much easier to criticize a ranking than to do one yourself. It may not be apparent to you from the results, but approximately 10 hours went into that ranking after poring through tons of results. I bet if you had access to the data that I do, you wouldn’t be so sure of yourself.

      I know this from seeing many people take a stab at rankings throughout the years: most people who say they can be unbiased rarely are. With the incomplete results that we have to work with, these rankings represent our best effort to make the results speak for themselves. When the results prove our inferences wrong, we’ll be the first to correct them.

      1. Lowering yourself to answer this comment, Mr Miller.
        If “critisizer” would send in his own list, maybe
        he’d garner a little respect.

  2. you guys are not giving abidin any credit beat pelligrino 3-0 beat marvin amazan 8-0

    joe chiaffetella is back for calhoun to

    1. how? 96 looks 100% perfect. 103, 112, 125, 130 look like somebody picked names out of a hat and layed them on a table in an order of 2-6. i agree with most of those #1 guys except marvin who has lost multiple times this year and will most likely not even place in the county at that weight

  3. Well…I wouldnt absolutely go by these rankings but there not far off…acceptions in certain weights but its nto terrible jsut slightly off… has better ranks but none up yet that are good

  4. john shanley of division 215 and juan carlos diaz 160 of divsion should be on these rankings and rob mcnamara of divsiion 171 beat naquan miller

  5. bosset beat famino and mignone at 112. peligino has wrestled all year long and looks really solid at 119. also kerwin(125) and ruane(135) in my opinion will get all county. diaz is one of the best wrestlers around at 160 and shuld place in the top 4. also yes MaNamera beat miller. and divison also has great heavy weights yassen and shanley

  6. ok these rankings are terrible, 96 id say is pretty close but your missing a few guys, person beat herold 3-0 domination who is a lot better then little doria and reina. 103 this kid from oceanside is pretty random, i watched this kid from roslyn which isnt a great wrestling school but is getting better, lanzilotti or lanzillotti idk its long but hes quick and pins kids in under a mintue all most all the time wins his tournies and beats good guys, hes shown to be better then the bottom 4 at 103 and has indirect wins over panullo from the offseason and also barbato is going three and i heard they wrestle with eachother most of the time at vhw and hes under the best look out for him out in the finals vs barbato the others are in a lower league in my opinion. Anthony abidin will win the counties and i could bet millions on it i could see him as state champ and mark those words cause when it happens u will be suprised and i will laugh. Truthfully u should probably take some advice and input some of the info incorporate into the longislandwrestling rankings because those are just about flawless. But other then a few light weight rankings ure mostly good.

    1. im not sure about state champ for abidin “nassau county watcher” but i could bet on the county title and your right about lanzillotti(which is how his name is spelt). Hes real good and hes trained under Vougar arujau(or orudjov) its just easier to use the english version. He wrestles with the best and is ranked 2nd right now behind barbato in the rankings. Should come interesting during county time but barbato is hungry for that championship he never got but he should get it this coming counties.

  7. these arent good at all no offense…

    person, raghunandan, herold, sewkumar, sullivan, levine

    barbato, fera, lanzilloti, jones, gray, panullo

    perez, montgomery, maher, mcdevitt, manning, haft

    alber, falco, abidin, pellegrino, lofrese, lanzillota

    arujau, leonard, locast, whitlock, krug, singh

    andriotti, tigre, frank, shumely, gewold, ?

    troy, chiaffetella, harding, montepouris, iannetta, malinowski

    palacio, dituro, epps, cataldi, friscia, chicoine

    spurgeon, malderelli, d’auguste, sarro, zorn, luxmore

    ondris, dunne, fitzmaurice, guastefeste, fera, younger

    giametta, john, jones, chamish, diaz, sutherland

    kavanagh, macchia, gorinsky, simmons, germenario, calderaro

    loew, wetzel, anthony-sylvester, ferro, alfano, mccauley

    horl, graziano, ng, hall, astone, danzigger

    agu, madussar, dunat, delogroso, kapatos, tenny

  8. rate the rankings above on how good they are for each weight class! ill also add this
    most pins- arujau/loew

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