Section VIII Individual Rankings 09-48

This is a baseline Section VIII (Nassau County) ranking for the 2009/2010 season. Preseason rankings are generally way off. They serve as a starting point for discussion around weights and competition.

This is a baseline Section VIII (Nassau County) ranking for the 2009/2010 season.  Preseason rankings are generally way off.  They serve as a starting point for discussion around weights and competition.  Please treat it as such.  All constructive comments are welcome.

96 lbs division

  1. Not ranked until the season starts

103 Lbs. Class

  1. Will Montgomery (Seaford) — Sr
  2. Thomas Manning (MacArthur) — Jr
  3. Joe Barbato (Wantagh) — Jr
  4. Eric Faimon (Syosset) — So
  5. Mike Fera (Manhasset) — Fr
  6. AJ Muller (Seaford) — Sr

112 Lbs. Class

  1. Chris Perez (Macarthur) — Jr
  2. Rudy Lanzilotta (Massapequa) — Jr
  3. Marvin Amazan (Uniondale) — Jr
  4. Joe Maher (BJFK) — Sr
  5. Chris Dluginski (Sewenhaka. E.) — Fr
  6. Dan McDevitt (Wantagh) — Fr

119 Lbs. Class

  1. Edisson Tigre (Long Beach) — Jr
  2. Anthony Abidin (Calhoun) — ??
  3. John Pellegrino (Divison) — Jr
  4. Anthony Locast (Seaford) — Jr
  5. Mike Lofrese (Garden City) — So
  6. Tyler Calinda (Roslyn) — Jr

125 Lbs. Class

  1. Nick Arajau (Syosset) — Sr
  2. Mike Leonard (Clarke) — Jr
  3. Luke Alber (Farmingdale) — Sr
  4. Matt Schmelinger (Garden City) — Fr
  5. Nick Falco (East Meadow) — Sr
  6. Derrick Whitlock (Uniondale) — Sr

130 Lbs. Class

  1. Dylan Palacio (Long Beach) — So
  2. Vincent Andriotti (Farmingdale) — Sr
  3. Paul Friscia (Wantagh) — Sr
  4. Dean Schmuely (North Shore) — Jr
  5. Nick Khoury (Long Beach) — Jr
  6. Evan Lurie (BJFK) — Jr

135 Lbs. Class

  1. Nick Fitmaurice (Wantagh) — Sr
  2. Dante Epps (Uniondale) — Sr
  3. Tony Montepouris (Uniondale) — Sr
  4. Hector Paez (Glenn Cove) — Sr
  5. Nick Tucillo (Jericho) — Sr
  6. Nick Chicoine (Island Trees) — Jr

140 Lbs. Class

  1. Joe Chiaffitella (Calhoun) — Sr
  2. Adam D’Auguste (Long Beach) — Jr
  3. Mike Tucillo (Jericho) — Sr
  4. Frank Medieros (Macarthur) — Sr
  5. David Gresack (Island Trees) — Jr
  6. Anthony Bartilucci (Wantagh) — Sr

145 Lbs. Class

  1. Daniel Cataldi (Great Neck South) — Sr
  2. Nick Fera (Manhasset) — Jr
  3. Glenn Monroy (Lawrence) — Sr
  4. Chris Somma (East Meadow) — Jr
  5. Mike Paccione (Mepham) — Jr
  6. Anthony Comando (LynbrooK) — Sr

152 Lbs. Class

  1. Mac Maldarelli (Calhoun) — Sr
  2. Tyler Dunne (Macarthur) — Sr
  3. Brandon Guastafeste (Syosset) — Sr
  4. Andre Davidson (Uniondale) — Sr
  5. Rob Bianco (East Meadow) — Sr
  6. Rob Panebianco (Island Trees) — Sr

160 Lbs. Class

  1. Jermaine John (Bethpage) — Jr
  2. Joe Chamish (Jericho) — Sr
  3. Guy Macchia (Syosset) — Sr
  4. Juan Carlos Diaz (Levittown Division) — Jr
  5. James Ondris (Massapequa) — Sr
  6. Andrew Jones (Plainedge) — So

171 Lbs. Class

  1. Joe Kavanagh (Wantagh) — Jr
  2. Joe Giametta (Macarthur) — Sr
  3. Dequan Simmons (Long Beach) — Sr
  4. Carlos Navas (Calhoun) — Sr
  5. Naquan Miller (Uniondale) — Sr
  6. Nick Merrero (MacArthur) — Sr

189 Lbs. Class

  1. Matt Loew (Wantagh) — Sr
  2. Conor Wetzel (Massapequa) — Jr
  3. Vincent Hall (Long Beach) — Sr
  4. Samson Magid (Roslyn) — Sr
  5. Nick Napoli (Seaford) — Sr
  6. Adrian Montague (Uniondale) — Sr

215 Lbs. Class

  1. Connor Horl (Garden City) — Sr
  2. Tom Hall (Wantagh) — Jr
  3. David Ng (Plainedge) — Jr
  4. Steve Graziano (Jericho) — Sr
  5. Andrew Danziger (East Meadow) — Jr
  6. Ajith Anthony Sylvester (Uniondale) — Sr

285 Lbs. Class

  1. David Agu (Freeport) — Sr
  2. Yaseen Mudassar (Division) — Sr
  3. John Tenny (Farmingdale) — Sr
  4. Oliver Astone (Long Beach) — Sr
  5. Niv Sultan (Hewlett) — Jr
  6. Conor Barnes (MacArthur) — Sr

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12 thoughts on “Section VIII Individual Rankings 09-48”

  1. Juan Carlos Diaz is actually from Lev. Division so that needs to be corrected. He was a round away from placing at 152 last year.

  2. these ranking are being proven very wrong especially at the 189 weight class there are some kids rising to the challenge. #4 samson magid got pinned this weekend and napoli is going 171 after he gets back because he broke his anlke. Also at the macarthur tournament Sal Carrillo pinned his way throught to win in the finals at 189 against Magid and pinned Matt Dato in the semis.

  3. it always amazes me how people have to point out how the rankings are “wrong.” rankings are a benchmark…the people who do them spend a lot of time to create them and provide a starting point for fans and wrestlers to look at. I am glad for the guys stepping up…and I am sure if they continue they will be ranked. here is some sound advice based upon experience as an ex wrestler and a former wrestler’s dad. Rankings are for fun. No one will remember who was ranked where years from now. But go place in the counties and make your mark. then you have nothing to worry about. so give it up with the rankings are “wrong” comments. go start your own free site and see how easy it is to write articles, provide content, rankings and results to the wrestling community for FREE.

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