Mat Side with Rob Koll – Maryland Dual Meet Analysis

I was going to put this off until after the Body Bar but l figured I might as well get it over with. We lost a heartbreaker tonight. There were some absolutely amazing performances and an equal number of less than stellar performances. I will start with the positives.

Cornell Big Red
Cornell Big Red

I was going to put this off until after the Body Bar but l figured I might as well get it over with. We lost a heartbreaker tonight. There were some absolutely amazing performances and an equal number of less than stellar performances. I will start with the positives.

125 Frank Perrelli stepped in for Nickerson and defeated a very tough nationally ranked Maryland wrestler. This was Frank’s first competition of the year. I was worried that between competing, making weight for the first time and wrestling in front of a sold out crowd, he might fatigue late in the match. Frank was very sharp for two periods and then wrestled smart the third. I am pleased with Frank but I believe he will be much more impressive in the Body Bar.

141 Kyle Dake lived up to his all-star billing. Kyle did not practice all week after injuring his knee with one second remaining in the Binghamton Open finals. Kyle’s first live competition since Binghamton was tonight. He was protecting his knee and was therefore not as aggressive as he would normally have been. Despite not being able to shoot Kyle found a way to win. Late in the third and down by one, Kyle body locked All-American #4 Krom to his back for five points. Kyle is the consummate competitor. He thrives on pressure and will only improve as the year progresses.

149 I never have to worry about Corey Manson’s effort. He defeated ACC Champion, Jon Kohler 11-7. Corey currently has no leg defense which makes his matches much more difficult than necessary. He needs to always be on the offense and/or work on keeping guys off his legs. We will make sure both of these things occur.

174 Mack Lewnes defeated the #4 ranked wrestling by the score of 18-3! Mack did just about anything he wanted to do. His shots were fluid and transitioned into second and third shots. Mack looks big, strong and dominant at 174.

184 I almost did not mention Steve Bosak because I was not overly pleased with his performance. Steve won 4-0 and was dominant on top. However like many of our guys he was ridden too long and he was content to win. I have great expectations for Steve and I know he can do even better. That being said it was his first match at the Friedman Center, and he did win, and his parents will likely read this so I will keep him on the “good” side.

Not so great

133 Not sure if Mike Grey wrestled poorly or #8 Bell wrestled smart. Mike had a few scoring opportunities but couldn’t finish. Bell is strong and kept good position. I expect these two will face each other once or more times this year.

157 This was DJ Meagher’s first competition and it showed. He missed the Binghamton Open due to a knee injury and to his defense, he has not been able to wrestle live for the past two weeks. That aside he had many scoring opportunities in the first period but failed to capitalize. He was ridden far too long and looked gassed in the third. DJ will wrestle himself into shape so although I am disappointed, I am not too worried about DJ’s performance.

165 John Basting is a good 157 pound wrestler but only average at 165. He depends on his strength and that is not a good thing when you have to bump up for the team. John wrestled hard and kept the match close until the end.

Justin Kerber had minor knee surgery and is expected to compete in the Las Vegas Open on Dec 4-5.

197 Cam wrestled #3 Hudson Taylor. Talyor is more than good on the mat. Cam needs to keep any future meetings between them on their feet. Cam is normally very good off bottom but we will continue to work on getting out from legs as it is not unlikely that he will face Taylor again at the NCAA’s.

285 Josh Arnone was winning with three seconds to go when he gave up the tying takedown. Josh was completely gassed and few Cornellian’s felt to confident going into OT. Josh made a bad shot and Maryland was rewarded.

Josh needs to wrestle himself into shape. The only problem is this will take some time because his body will not permit him to compete all the time. Josh also needs to adjust to the heavyweight style. A lot more pushing and shoving and whole lot less action. I am confident that Josh will be ready when it counts. He was crushed by his loss but his body, although sore, is in one piece. We are going to use Josh prudently so it will take longer for him to be at his best. Once this occurs I expect Josh will be capable of competing with anyone in the country.

Okay this write-up was slightly cathartic. There were far too many positives to take away from this match to be too upset. Furthermore the negatives are correctable. Maryland has a very nice team and they wrestled well from top to bottom. Even in defeat I believe we have the makings of a great team. I think we will have a couple guys out for the Body Bar and then make a big push for the Las Vegas Open. I expect everyone except Troy to be ready and fortunately we have a more than capable replacement in Perrelli.

All the best,
P.S. I did not proof this so no need to critique.

Lewnes vs Letts Match Clips and Interview

No. 4 Cornell(17) vs. No. 10 MARYLAND(18)

125 – Frank Perrelli (Cornell) dec. James Knox (Maryland), 4-2 (Cornell 3, Maryland 0)
133 – No. 8 Steven Bell (Maryland) dec. No. 6 Mike Grey (Cornell), 4-3 (Cornell 3, Maryland 3)
141 – No. 8 Kyle Dake (Cornell) dec. No. 4 Alex Krom (Maryland), 8-3 (Cornell 6, Maryland 3)
149 – Corey Manson (Cornell) dec. Jon Kohler (Maryland), 11-7 (Cornell 9, Maryland 3)
157 – Kyle John (Maryland) dec. DJ Meagher (Cornell), 4-1 (Cornell 9, Maryland 6)
165 – Josh Asper (Maryland) dec. John Basting (Cornell), 8-6 (Cornell 9, Maryland 9)
174 – No. 2 Mack Lewnes (Cornell) tech fall No. 4 Mike Letts (Maryland), 18-3 (7:00) (Cornell 14, Maryland 9)
184 – No. 20 Steve Bosak (Cornell) dec. Corey Peltier (Maryland), 4-0 (Cornell 17, Maryland 9)
197 – No. 3 Hudson Taylor (Maryland) win by fall No. 5 Cam Simaz (Cornell), 4:45 (Cornell 17, Maryland 15)
HWT – Patrick Gilmore (Maryland) dec. No. 12 Josh Arnone (Cornell), 6-4 SV (Cornell 17, Maryland 18)

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