Mat Side with Rob Koll – Binghamton Open Results

Here are the results from the Binghamton Open. Most of our guys wrestled “unattached” which means they did not represent Cornell, and Cornell did not pay for any of their expenses.

cornellbigredHere are the results from the Binghamton Open. Most of our guys wrestled “unattached” which means they did not represent Cornell and Cornell did not pay for any of their expenses. Had they represented Cornell or we had paid for any of their expenses this would have counted as one of our thirteen dates of competition. Due to sickness many of our guys were unable to compete.  We expect to have everyone back for Maryland on Friday night. I have already had a couple emails asking me about Arnone’s medical default to Taylor Moore. No, he is not seriously injured. I had planned for him to wrestle three matches, more if his body was holding up. I did not think four matches in one day, this early in the season, would be prudent considering his medical history and the fact that he would be wrestling his teammate and roommate.

Great job to all the champs. Special mention goes out to Nate Holley who defeated returning All-American Josh Patterson 9-5 in his run at the title. He was defeated by teammate Steve Bosak who defeated Harvard All-American Louis Caputo to make the finals. As a coach is it great to see wrestlers like these two tempered tough in the forges of the Friedman Wrestling Center!

Championship Finals
125 – Garrett Frey, Princeton 9-4 Greg Einfrank, Brown
133 – Mike Grey, Cornell 3-2 Bryan Ortenzio, Penn
141 – Kyle Dake, Cornell 3-0 Anwar Goeres, Binghamton
149 – Donnie Vinson, Binghamton 6-4 Steven Santos, Columbia
157 – JP O’Connor, Harvard 3-1 Daryl Cocozzo, Rutgers
165 – Gabriel Burak, Penn F5:55 Scott Winston, Rutgers
174 – Mack Lewnes, Cornell F2:23 Jim Resnick, Rider
184 – Steve Bosak, Cornell F3:55 Nate Holley, Cornell
197 – Cameron Simaz, Cornell 1-0 Micah Burak, Penn
285 – Ed Bordas, Rider 2-0 Tyler Moore, Cornell

Consolation Finals (for third and fifth) Losers in semi-finals automatically wrestle for third and fourth
125 – Tony Comunale, Princeton F4:25 Tyler Biscaha, Cornell; Steven Keith, Harvard 12-2 Tyler Marlow, Brockport
133 – Joe Stanzione, Finger Lakes WC F2:25 Denny Herndon, George Mason; John Trumbetti, Lock Haven MFF Eric McCann, Delaware Valley
141 – Tony Buxton, Harvard MFF Matt Bradley, Rider; Zach Kemmerer, Penn 14-7 Zak Andrews, Delaware Valley
149 – Walter Peppelman, Harvard F0:35 Joey Walters, Army; Matt Mariacher, American 5-2 Corey Manson, Cornell
157 – Justin Lear, Binghamton 8-0 Derek Schreiner, Cornell; Bryan Tracy, Brown 7-2 Corey Lear, Bucknell
165 – Rob Morrison, Rider 5-1 Erenn Civan, Columbia; Matt Kaylor, Binghamton F1:51 Adam Hogue, Harvard
174 – Jonathan Weibel, Columbia MFF Mike Ward, Rider; Austin Meys, Lehigh 4-2;2tb Dan Daddino, Delaware Valley
184 – Louis Caputo, Harvard 2-1 Jeremie Cook, Lock Haven; Josh Patterson, Binghamton MFF Jon Fausey, Virginia
197 – Brandon Palik, Drexel F5:29 Martin Porter, Delaware Valley; Branden Stearns, Brown 2-0 Larry Otsuka, Brown
285 – Stryker Lane, Cornell MFF Josh Arnone, Cornell; Kevin Lester, Columbia 14-9 Corey Waite, Binghamton

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