An Interview with Scott Green – Part 4: Shamrock AC

What’s your vision for the Shamrock AC? Where do you plan to take it? What are your hopes and dreams for the club?

The New Shamrock Athletic Club
The New Shamrock Athletic Club

LHW: What’s your vision for the Shamrock AC? Where do you plan to take it? What are your hopes and dreams for the club?

GREEN: Well, for one…if we don’t have an Olympian or two in London, I’m going to be pretty disappointed.  That’s the next step, translating Fargo success into World medals.  Kyle Dake making the FILA Jr team was huge for us. Donnie Vinson followed up this year and placed 8th in the World.  We should have guys competing for the US every year.   It set the bar for a new height…our guys are competitive enough to get after it…everything we put out there now, from youth to open, has the words London 2012 on it somewhere.

We opened the SHAAC in 2006 and just moved to a newer, bigger facility.  We have branched out in a lot of different directions so a lot of my vision will be managing the business.  I think we made some great decisions early on as far as branding our product, and establishing a strong web presence.  We have many strong partnerships that have helped us grow as well.  We help promote wrestling with Journeymen, we have great gear with WorldwideSport.  We train with Team Bomb Squad, an MMA Outfit run by a former wrestler of mine, Ryan Ciotoli, which has given a lot of our guys opportunities besides FS/GR or NCAA.  Two ex Shamrock wrestlers are under UFC contract right now- Tamden McCrory and Jonny Jones.  Our youth club, Leprechaun Elite, has a long waiting list and we are hoping to expand that.

So, growing the business and training athletes to win International medals is the next step

LHW: In an interview a couple of years back with Matt Diano you mentioned that you were looking to franchise Shamrock by establishing satellite clubs throughout the state.  Can something like Shamrock be duplicated?  In order to duplicate the success in that fashion, you have to believe that there’s a formula that can be easily replicated.  How is it possible to replicate Shamrock?  Maybe I’m wrong, but when people think of Shamrock, they would expect to duplicate the kind of post season success that you’ve created with your original club.  I would think to have that kind of success; you would have to clone yourself.   What are your thoughts on that?

GREEN: There are people who could do it, but it would be really difficult.  I’m a pretty low profile guy and have had a ton of success staying out of the way of my own ego.  Not everyone can do that.  I think people in this area, for the most part, don’t feel threatened by me coaching their kids in the offseason in the club setting.  I get the feeling that doesn’t happen everywhere else.  Like I said, it’s all about cooperation.  The more people you have in an area doing their own thing, the more you dilute your talent pool.  Some people just don’t want to release control over their athletes.  Some people are just completely apathetic.  Some want to set the price tag too high.  It isn’t easy.  The biggest obstacles are always going to be egos.  We have guys on our staff- like Rich Manning and Jason Goldman- who keep it about the kids.  Any kid, anytime, anyplace.  People respect that.

LHW: The Shamrock club has had tremendous success in post season events such as Fargo.   The club may have produced more All-Americans than any club in post season events in NY State history.   Where does the success of the SAC stand with respect to post season records and accomplishments?

GREEN: Well we have a ways to go before we catch up to Coach DeMeo and ATWA….but I’m proud of what we’ve done.  In 2006 we had 14 AA’s.  2003 was a breakthrough year with 7 different guys.  Guys come up through the ranks, they see the expectation and they realize it’s possible if they prepare.


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