Why Wrestle?

I’m working on an essay to be published on this site with the title, Why Wrestle!   I thought it would be fun to hear views from the wrestling community as to why they embrace this sport as avidly as they do.   I’m looking for views not just from the competitors.  I’d like to hear from the fans, the parents, the spouses, coaches, prominent figures in the media, and of course the competitors.  Depending on the response, I will take some of your thoughts and weave it into the essay with full attribution.  If you’d like to contribute your thoughts, please submit a comment (all comments are moderated so there is a delayafter submission before they appear on the site ) or email me at webmaster(at)lighthousewrestling(dot)com. 

2 thoughts on “Why Wrestle?”

  1. In response to the question : Why Wrestle?.. I would like to send you an excerpt from one of my wrestling articles, entitled
    What Wrestling Taught ME:
    I was not a wrestler, but the younger sister of brothers who wrestled..and this is what wrestling taught me:

    Why wrestle.. because I learned from it that whether you think you will suceed or fail, you are right…You have to rise to a challenge with courage. I learned that fear can make you go back when you should go forward; it is better to go forward. I learned that I could go hungry ans still be tough enough to continue, and that few people really even know what true hunger is.. I learned that if you want something bad enough, you must make it first and foremost in your thoughts and deeds. I learned that if and when you must face an adversary , you need to do your homework, know “his” moves, and plan your strategy. I learned that your body can be tired and hurting but you always have more to give. I learned that once you quit.. it IS OVER! I learned that pain passes, that victory after working hard for something is a high to which nothing else compares. I learned that you can lose and still keep your dignity, but it is so much sweeter to win. I learned that you can go through all the correct “moves” in life, but for life to really be worthwhile you must have passion.. that eye of the tiger! Lastly, I learned from wrestlers, and wrestling, that you go out into that circle as in life, come what may, tired , battered in victory or defeat, and that in this life you must proceed with fearlessness..plan and work hard, take the lumps, expect to win, live with passion, you are always stronger than you think you are, but most of all NEVER give up..for when that whistle blows, the true champions of life are ready to go another round..in summary..
    Why wrestle..because it prepares you for handling life..

    PS.. Coach Petersen from Island Trees used to say..
    “if you can wrestle for one season, you can do anything in life”

  2. The sport is basically open to all students Boys, girls , heavy , light , tall , short , blind , no legs ,slow , fast .
    You name this great sport has it . Our team has an severly autistic kid and the team loves him .

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