Mighty Max: Soria Finishes A Great Year for the Brother Tandem As A National FS Runner-up

Two minutes ! This was how close to the 98-pound Junior National freestyle title rising Kings Park senior, Maxwell Soria, was this morning as he kicked off the final day of the week long festivities under the FargoDome….Winning the first period 2-0 against his finals opponent, Ruben Navejas of Washington, on the strength of a counter roll-through, Soria was the closest to the crown that any Empire Stater had been over the course of the past seven days….But, as simplistic as it may sound, a championship for New York was just not meant to be.

With neither man able to score during regulation, the second period would go to the coin toss/leg clinch….One lucky flip away from in all likelihood claiming the hardware (the wrestler winning the toss has an extremely high successful rate in winning the period), Soria had to watch as the disk came up blue, signifying that Navejas would be given the opportunity to lock….Fighting very hard off of the whistle, the 2009 NYS third place finisher did an extremely impressive job of making his West Coast foe earn the period…But alas, Navejas was eventually able to convert for the takedown to even the bout at one period apiece.

Soria, who many of you may remember garnered an immense amount of recognition and respect when he selflessly elected to forfeit to twin brother Mike in the quarterfinals of the New York State tournament (a day later Mike went on to win the state crown), appeared to put himself in a great position to reign victorious in the all-deciding third period when he hit a sweet duck-under early into the final two minutes…However, much to his credit, Navejas, who was the national runner-up earlier in the week in the Junior Greco-Roman tournament, refused to surrender the takedown without a fight….Reaching back for Soria’s head, the Washington wrestler was able to pull the New York wrestler over far enough to be awarded a two-point exposure….Soria would finish the takedown attempt to cut the deficit in half…He would get no closer though, as Nevejas would complete his championship journey but getting in deep and exposing Soria in a scramble to account for the final 4-1 tally. 

Soria, who joined his brother in 2009 as a member of the Newsday All-Long Island first team, punched his ticket into the Junior freestyle finals by going 6-0 in pool play (three of which coming by way of pin or match termination) including a straight period victory over the 2009 Junior National Greco bronze medalist, the Lone Star State’s Michael Dauterive…In fact, despite not advancing to the placement round, Soria actually defeated Dauterive during pool play in the GR tournament as well, making it a clean sweep of the talented wrestler from Texas….The Suffolk native would also enact some degree of revenge in freestyle, tech falling California’s Manny Marin by identical 7-0, 7-0 scores…It was Marin who ultimately knocked Soria out of the Greco-Roman tournament, pinning him earlier in the week. 

Joining Soria as the only other All-American in Junior freestyle was Greene High School’s (Section IV) Tyler Beckwith, who finished 8th at 171-pounds despite being forced to injury default his final three bouts of the tournament…Beckwith, a prized member of the nationally regarded Shamrock Wrestling Club (under the leadership of Coach Scott Green), was the only New Yorker to earn double AA honors on the junior level…Several days earlier, Beckwith dropped a heartbreaking 1-0, 1-0 decision in the Greco-Roman finals….The top-15 recruit, who is rumored to have a short list consisting of Binghamton (where Green is an Assistant Coach) and Virginia Tech, should see his already sky high stock explode by virtue of his impressive showing.

On behalf of everyone here at LHW, we congratulate both Max and Tyler their excellent performances….Both have made the entire Empire State mighty proud !!!

2009 Junior National Freestyle Placement Matches ( Track Wrestling):

1st Place – Ruben Navejas of Washington
2nd Place – Maxwell Soria of New York
3rd Place – Michael Dauterive of Texas
4th Place – Kevon Powell of Illinois
5th Place – Jordan Wigger of South Carolina
6th Place – Manny Marin of California
7th Place – Joey Moita of California
8th Place – Austin Hood of Kansas
1st Place Match
Ruben Navejas (Washington) over Maxwell Soria (New York) Dec 0-2,1-0,4-1
3rd Place Match
Michael Dauterive (Texas) over Kevon Powell (Illinois ) Dec 2-1,0-6,4-1
5th Place Match
Jordan Wigger (South Carolina) over Manny Marin (California) TF 6-0,10-4
7th Place Match
Joey Moita (California) over Austin Hood (Kansas) Dec 3-1,0-2,2-0

1st Place – Jade Rauser of Montana
2nd Place – Jack Hathaway of Iowa
3rd Place – Caleb Richardson of Virginia
4th Place – Cody Wheeler of Pennsylvania
5th Place – Brenan Lyon of Michigan
6th Place – Damien Gomez of California
7th Place – Kyle Taylor of Pennsylvania
8th Place – Kevin Malarick of Illinois
1st Place Match
Jade Rauser (Montana) over Jack Hathaway (Iowa) Dec 6-0,3-0
3rd Place Match
Caleb Richardson (Virginia) over Cody Wheeler (Pennsylvania) Dec 0-1,5-3,6-3
5th Place Match
Brenan Lyon (Michigan) over Damien Gomez (California) Dec 3-6,6-3,2-0
7th Place Match
Kyle Taylor (Pennsylvania) over Kevin Malarick (Illinois ) Dec 7-0,2-1

1st Place – Ryak Finch of Arizona
2nd Place – Val Rauser of Montana
3rd Place – Carson Kuhn of Utah
4th Place – Tanner Moon of Alabama
5th Place – Jeff Vesta of Kansas
6th Place – Bricker Dixon of Missouri
7th Place – Matt Cavallaris of Illinois
8th Place – Blake Thomas of Tennessee
1st Place Match
Ryak Finch (Arizona) over Val Rauser (Montana) TF 6-0,6-0
3rd Place Match
Carson Kuhn (Utah) over Tanner Moon (Alabama) Dec 2-2,6-2
5th Place Match
Jeff Vesta (Kansas) over Bricker Dixon (Missouri) Fall 1:56
7th Place Match
Matt Cavallaris (Illinois ) over Blake Thomas (Tennessee) TF 0-1,8-1,6-0

1st Place – Ty Mitch of Ohio
2nd Place – Nico Megaludis of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – Alan Waters of Missouri
4th Place – Ryan Mango of Missouri
5th Place – Camden Eppert of Indiana
6th Place – Joe Roth of Illinois
7th Place – Pat Prada of Maryland
8th Place – Jerry Huff of Colorado
1st Place Match
Ty Mitch (Ohio) over Nico Megaludis (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,1-0
3rd Place Match
Alan Waters (Missouri) over Ryan Mango (Missouri) Dec 1-0,2-1
5th Place Match
Camden Eppert (Indiana) over Joe Roth (Illinois ) Dec 5-0,2-0
7th Place Match
Pat Prada (Maryland) over Jerry Huff (Colorado) ID

1st Place – David Thorn of Minnesota
2nd Place – Devin Carter of Virginia
3rd Place – Ladd Rupp of Oklahoma
4th Place – Patrick Myers of Pennsylvania
5th Place – Shane McGough of Arizona
6th Place – Frank Goodwin of Maryland
7th Place – Louie Trujillo of New Mexico
8th Place – James Inghram of Ohio
1st Place Match
David Thorn (Minnesota) over Devin Carter (Virginia) Dec 1-0,3-1
3rd Place Match
Ladd Rupp (Oklahoma) over Patrick Myers (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,6-0
5th Place Match
Shane McGough (Arizona) over Frank Goodwin (Maryland) Fall 8-1,0-7,1:23
7th Place Match
Louie Trujillo (New Mexico) over James Inghram (Ohio) Dec 1-0,2-0

1st Place – Cashe` Quiroga of Indiana
2nd Place – Nick Dardanes of Illinois
3rd Place – Sam Sherlock of Pennsylvania
4th Place – Chris Dardanes of Illinois
5th Place – David Klingsheim of California
6th Place – Colton Rasche of Illinois
7th Place – Justin LaValle of Minnesota
8th Place – Nick Schenk of Delaware
1st Place Match
Cashe` Quiroga (Indiana) over Nick Dardanes (Illinois ) Dec 1-2,7-0,5-0
3rd Place Match
Sam Sherlock (Pennsylvania) over Chris Dardanes (Illinois ) Dec 7-0,1-0
5th Place Match
David Klingsheim (California) over Colton Rasche (Illinois ) Dec 0-6,2-0,4-1
7th Place Match
Justin LaValle (Minnesota) over Nick Schenk (Delaware) Dec 4-0,4-0

1st Place – Josh Dziewa of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – CJ Napier of Kansas
3rd Place – Ryen Nieman of Michigan
4th Place – Jake Ballweg of Iowa
5th Place – Daniel Osterman of Michigan
6th Place – Simon Kitzis of Massachusetts
7th Place – Jed Lightfoot of Illinois
8th Place – Henry Carlson of Alabama
1st Place Match
Josh Dziewa (Pennsylvania) over CJ Napier (Kansas) Dec 3-3,1-0
3rd Place Match
Ryen Nieman (Michigan) over Jake Ballweg (Iowa) Dec 1-1,4-0
5th Place Match
Daniel Osterman (Michigan) over Simon Kitzis (Massachusetts) Dec 2-0,1-0
7th Place Match
Jed Lightfoot (Illinois ) over Henry Carlson (Alabama) Dec 1-1,6-0,1-0

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