Golden Girl: Longwood’s Burkert Pins Her Way to 2009 Junior National Women’s Title

1st Place – Veronica Carlson of Illinois
2nd Place – Audrey Morehouse of California
3rd Place – Sheridan McDonald of Washington
4th Place – Jenny Ojerio of Hawaii
5th Place – Krista Revelle of Kansas
6th Place – Demi Strub of Indiana
7th Place – Shana Lee Prifte of New York
8th Place – Lorrie-Ann Ramos of Florida
1st Place Match
Veronica Carlson (Illinois) over Audrey Morehouse (California) TF 7-0,6-0
3rd Place Match
Sheridan McDonald (Washington) over Jenny Ojerio (Hawaii) Fall 1-1,1:59
5th Place Match
Krista Revelle (Kansas) over Demi Strub (Indiana) Dec 3-0,2-0
7th Place Match
Shana Lee Prifte (New York) over Lorrie-Ann Ramos (Florida) Dec 5-0,4-0

1st Place – Julia Salata of Michigan
2nd Place – Brittany Goebel of Illinois
3rd Place – Laura Ponshock of Texas
4th Place – Francisca Harriss of California
5th Place – Mary Westman of New York
6th Place – Alexis Willcher of Washington
7th Place – Chelsea Taylor of Nebraska
8th Place – Carmen Orozco of Arizona
1st Place Match
Julia Salata (Michigan) over Brittany Goebel (Illinois) Dec 1-0,2-0
3rd Place Match
Laura Ponshock (Texas) over Francisca Harriss (California) Fall 0:37
5th Place Match
Mary Westman (New York) over Alexis Willcher (Washington) Dec 6-1,4-10,4-0
7th Place Match
Chelsea Taylor (Nebraska) over Carmen Orozco (Arizona) Dec 6-1,1-0

1st Place – Annelise DeAragon of Idaho
2nd Place – Karra Stratton of Texas
3rd Place – Brittney Roberts of Texas
4th Place – Kim Spiegel of Pennsylvania
5th Place – Lilia Gudzuyk of Washington
6th Place – Michaela Ecklund of Washington
7th Place – Tonya Keegan of Pennsylvania
8th Place – Erin English of Ohio
1st Place Match
Annelise DeAragon (Idaho) over Karra Stratton (Texas) Fall 1-8,0:22
3rd Place Match
Brittney Roberts (Texas) over Kim Spiegel (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-0,2-0
5th Place Match
Lilia Gudzuyk (Washington) over Michaela Ecklund (Washington) Fall 7-0,1:23
7th Place Match
Tonya Keegan (Pennsylvania) over Erin English (Ohio) Dec 2-4,2-1,2-0

1st Place – Adeline Gray of Colorado
2nd Place – Jessica Smith of Ohio
3rd Place – Jordan Hagerman of Missouri
4th Place – Jennifer Spitza of Michigan
5th Place – Elda Mendoza of Texas
6th Place – Casey Silkwood of Wisconsin
7th Place – Stephanie Tucker of Michigan
8th Place – Alexandrea Holt of California
1st Place Match
Adeline Gray (Colorado) over Jessica Smith (Ohio) Fall 0:52
3rd Place Match
Jordan Hagerman (Missouri) over Jennifer Spitza (Michigan) Dec 6-0,3-1
5th Place Match
Elda Mendoza (Texas) over Casey Silkwood (Wisconsin) Dec 3-0,2-0
7th Place Match
Stephanie Tucker (Michigan) over Alexandrea Holt (California) Dec 4-3,7-0

1st Place – Alisha Beach of Washington
2nd Place – Angela Vyborny of California
3rd Place – Alana Jimenez of Texas
4th Place – Pamela Abshire of Texas
5th Place – Morgan Touhey of California
6th Place – Indya Randall of Texas
7th Place – Kayla Orr of Michigan
8th Place – Melissa Reyes of Texas
1st Place Match
Alisha Beach (Washington) over Angela Vyborny (California) Fall 2-6,2-0,0:47
3rd Place Match
Alana Jimenez (Texas) over Pamela Abshire (Texas) Dec 1-0,0-3,3-0
5th Place Match
Morgan Touhey (California) over Indya Randall (Texas) Dec 0-4,2-1,7-0
7th Place Match
Kayla Orr (Michigan) over Melissa Reyes (Texas) Fall 0:34

1st Place – Yadinma Nwaiwu of Texas
2nd Place – Ronny Elor of California
3rd Place – Jami Moore of Texas
4th Place – Miriam Moreno of Texas
5th Place – Angel Brewer of South Carolina
6th Place – Melissa Bublitz of Missouri
7th Place – Kendra Cremeans of Washington
8th Place – Hayley Mitchell of Texas
1st Place Match
Yadinma Nwaiwu (Texas) over Ronny Elor (California) Dec 3-2,6-3
3rd Place Match
Jami Moore (Texas) over Miriam Moreno (Texas) Fall 0-3,0:31
5th Place Match
Angel Brewer (South Carolina) over Melissa Bublitz (Missouri) Fall 1:40
7th Place Match
Kendra Cremeans (Washington) over Hayley Mitchell (Texas) TF 7-0,6-0

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  1. Thanks for pointing that out….I remember someone telling me that Shana was a LW product…It must have slipped my mind.

    I edited the article so that it reflects your piece of information.

    Thanks again !!!

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