Way Back in 1970 Section 8 Finals

LHW presents the 1970 Section 8 County Championship on video.

Thanks to the efforts of Carol Carroza and Bobby O’Conner for making these matches available on video, LHW presents the 1970 Section 8 County Championship. We may have some of the names incorrect, and at 175, we do not have the names of the competitors. If you happen to have information that we are missing, please add it with a comment.

If you have some old videos of NYS events that you would like to make available on Lighthouse Wrestling, please contact the webmaster.

Tom Lang (Cal) vs Ivan Mitchell (GNS)

Eric Waters (Fdale) vs Adham (VSS)

Ken Hunt (BJFK) vs Wunderlich (BJFK)

Carl Carozza (IT) vs Johne Felice (IT)

Joe Savino (Mep) vs John Golden (IT)

Pecora (Law) vs Lawrence(Sea)

John Cuomo (EM) vs Murphy (EM)

Gerardi (Fdale) vs Rose (EM)

Russ Poore (EM) vs R. Fiorvanti (Mass)

Kowalchuk (Hick) vs Dworkin (Her)

12 thoughts on “Way Back in 1970 Section 8 Finals”

  1. My brother Carl will be thrilled to see this posted.. thanks Bobby for getting this on the site..
    Carol Carrozza

  2. I remember that match as if it were yesterday.. the stands silent as teammate vs teammate wrestling partners who knew each others moves only too well..Coach Petersen sat silent, the school secretly betting on who would win up in the stands…. Gary Venti, well we knew where his heart was..all was quiet until one of Felices fans yelled and then it was a school divided..the best man won.. and it was on to the STATES..what a great day that was!!

    1. Thanks for posting of these matches. Brings back some great memories. I recently talked with Rick Gerardi. He was thrilled after I sent him the site info. Wish I was at that weight now.
      LI was a different place back then. Thanks again for the great clips and the old beach music. Was that the Ventures?

      Rick Kowalchuk
      Midlothian Va

    1. Ivan..how you doing? Remember those trips to Granby wrestling camp? Your dad will always be loved. I bet you’ve got some great film 35mm from him.

  3. Is there video available for the 1970 finals for (Suffolk County)Section 11? I won the 148 lb. class that year.


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