All New York State DII Power Rankings 03-09

Final DII power ranking for the 2008-2009 season. Power rankings are calculated from state results over the last three years only: 2007, 2008, and 2009.

The top 25 Division II New York Wrestlers have been identified using a power ranking formula to compare performance across weight classes. No subjective information was used to rank the wrestlers except for arriving at the power point system which was applied the same for each wrestler.

The formula weights the following factors for each wrestler:

  • Points are awarded for performance in state tournaments only.
  • This year’s performance is more heavily weighted than performance in previous year’s.
  • Only results for years 2009, 2008, and 2007 are factored into the calculation.
  • Weight classes are weighted differently based on strength of weight class in states over the last 10 years. Generally, lower weights have less weighting than higher weight classes.
  • Rank in brackets indicate what the wrestler was ranked in the previous ranking in the fall. NR stands for Not Ranked in former ranking.
Rank Wrestler Power Points
1,[1] Alex Ekstrom (Palmyra-Macedon, Sr.) 133.35
2,[4] Ryan Leblanc (Morrixville-Eaton, Sr.) 131.67
3,[3] Kenny Betts (6-Fredonia, Sr.) 119.70
4,[6] Tyler Beckwith (Greene, Jr.) 120.07
5,[7] Kyle Dake (Lansing, Sr.) 117.75
6,[14] Brian Sewalt (Waverly, Sr.) 114.00
7,[16] Chris Nocchi (Waverly, Sr.) 113.19
8,[2] Mike Nevinger (Letchworth, Sr.) 105.30
9,[5] Ian Paddock (Warsaw, Sr.) 103.73
10,[NR] Kyle Colling (6-Pioneer, Jr.) 85.50
11,[NR] Jeremy Burns (Hoosick Falls, Sr.) 85.26
12,[NR] Derak Heyman (4-Tioga, So.) 83.25
13,[NR] Victor Coronado (Harpursville, Sr.) 82.65
14,[9] Cody Hutcheson (Bath, Sr.) 82.32
15,[NR] Craig Scott (5-Lyons, So.) 81.23
16,[NR] Nick Wilcox (4-Greene, Jr.) 79.90
17,[10] Dan Fruscella (3-Holland Patent, Sr.) 79.38
18,[12] Mark Crisafulli (3-Phoenix, Sr.) 79.16
19,[NR] Kyle Mcgregor (6-Tonawanda, Jr.) 78.98
20,[NR] Matt Peters (6-East Aurora, Sr.) 78.03
21,[24] Genta Murayama (1-Edgemont, Sr.) 77.18
22,[21] Sean Walton (5-Palmyra-Macedon, Sr.) 76.65
23,[NR] Quinton Murphy (5-Holley, Fr.) 72.21
24,[13] Ken Kampnich (3-Immaculate Heart Central, Sr.) 69.99
25,[NR] Bucky Hendrickson (5-Letchworth, Jr.) 67.88

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This is one of any number of possible ways to weight the performance of wrestlers to arrive at an objective ranking. What do we have wrong? Who would you add, remove, or change the order of to make this ranking reflect reality better? Please comment and let us know.


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