Swami Matt’s Predictions: NCAA Conference Tournament Edition


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With the NY high school season on temporary hiatus until NHSCA Nationals, I figured now would be as good a time as any to refocus on my passion, the collegiate scene. Last week, the Pac-10 officially kicked off the DI postseason with their conference tournament, won by Boise State behind the efforts of six champions. This coming weekend, the remainder of the 2009 NCAA DI qualifiers would be determined as the Big-10, Big-12, ACC, EIWA, EWL, CAA, MAC, SoCon, as well as several of the other mid major conferences take to the mat for their respective conference tournaments.

Because seedings are not officially out yet for the majority of the conferences, I will do my best to use the national rankings and other sources to come as close as possible to coming up with the correct matchups. I will then make my predictions based on these anticipated matchups….So as to save time, I will begin the predictions in the Quarterfinal or semifinal¬†round (depending on how in-depth the latest conference rankings are)¬†and focus on the tournaments that I feel will be of the greatest interest to you, my viewers.

Please, because we are a site that very much rejoices in reader participation, feel free to comment on the predictions by making picks of your own.

Colonial Athletic Association (March 6th-7th)—Based on CAA Rankings from 2/24:

(1) James Nicholson (ODU) vs. (8) Mike Impellizeri (SHU)—Winner: Nicholson
(2) Steve Bonanno (HU) vs. (7) Tim Trivisonno (Rider)—Winner: Bonanno
(3) Brian Wright (GMU) vs. (6) Ryan Dowd (Boston U)—-Winner: Wright
(4) Tyler Malmberg (Bing) vs. (5) Mike Gomez (Drexel)—Winner: Gomez

(1) James Nicholson (ODU) vs. (5) Mike Gomez (Drexel)—Winner: Nicholson
(2) Steve Bonanno (HU) vs. (3) Brian Wright (GMU)—Winner: Bonanno

(1) James Nicholson (ODU) vs. (2) Steve Bonanno (HU)—Champion: Nicholson (ODU)


(1) Lou Ruggirello (HU) vs. (8) Ryan Buff (Boston U)—Winner: Ruggirello
(2) Kyle Hutter (ODU) vs. (7) Mike Kleeman (Bing)—Winner: Hutter
(3) Denny Herndon (GMU) vs. (6) Frank Cimato (Drexel)—-Winner: Cimato
(4) Cory Dunn (SHU) vs. (5) Jimmy Kirchner (Rider)—Winner: Kirchner

(1) Lou Ruggirello (HU) vs. (5) Jimmy Kirchner (Rider)—Winner: Ruggirello
(2) Kyle Hutter (ODU) vs. (6) Frank Cimato (Drexel)—Winner: Hutter

(1) Lou Ruggirello (HU) vs. (2) Kyle Hutter (ODU)—Champion: Ruggirello (HU) ________________________________________________________________

(1) Ryan WIlliams (ODU) vs. (8) John Delgado (GMU)—-Winner: Williams
(2) Justin Accordino (HU) vs. (7) Abbie Rush (Boston U)—Winner: Accordino
(3) Chris Davis (SHU) vs. (6) Matt Dugan (Drexel)—Winner: Davis
(4) Anwar Goerres (Bing) vs. (5) Fred Rodgers (Rider)—Winner: Rodgers

(1) Ryan Williams (ODU) vs. (5) Fred Rodgers (Rider)—Winner: Williams
(2) Justin Accordino (HU) vs. (3) Chris Davis (SHU)—Winner: Davis

(1) Ryan Williams (ODU) vs. (3) Chris Davis (SHU)—Champion: Williams (ODU) _________________________________________________________________

(1) Mike Roberts (Boston U) vs. (8) Brian Bucher (GMU)—Winner: Roberts
(2) Joey Metzler (ODU) vs. (7) Robert Robinson (Drexel)—Winner: Metzler
(3) Anthony Priore (SHU) vs. (6) P.J. Gillespie (HU)—Winner: Gillespie
(4) Matt Kaylor (Bing) vs. (5) Aaron Nester (Rider)—Winner: Kaylor

(1) Mike Roberts (Boston U) vs. (4) Matt Kaylor (Bing)—Winner: Roberts
(2) Joey Metzler (ODU) vs. (6) P.J. Gillespie (HU)—Winner: Gillespie

(1) Mike Roberts (Boston U) vs. (6) P.J. Gillespie (HU)—Champion: Gillespie (HU) ___________________________________________________________________

(1) Jon Bonilla-Bowman (HU) vs. (8) John Rizzitello (SHU)—Winner: Bonilla-Bowman
(2) Mike Kessler (Rider) vs. (7) Ben Mendelbraut (Boston U)—Winner: Kessler
(3) Kaylen Baxter (ODU) vs. (6) Billy Haydt (Drexel)—Winner: Baxter
(4) Nate Patterson (Bing) vs. (5) Frankie McLaughlin (GMU)—Winner: Patterson

(1) Jon Bonilla-Bowman (HU) vs. (4) Nate Patterson (Bing)—Winner: Bonilla-Bowman
(2) Mike Kessler (Rider) vs. (3) Kaylen Baxter (ODU)—Winner: Baxter

(1) Jon Bonilla-Bowman (HU) vs. (3) Kaylen Baxter (ODU)—Champion: Bonilla-Bowman (HU)_________________________________________________________________________

(1) Chris Brown (ODU) vs. (8) Mike Hartman (SHU)—Winner: Brown
(2) Ryan Patrovich (HU) vs. (7) Jimmy Kaden (GMU)—Winner: Patrovich
(3) Jason Lapham (Rider) vs. (6) Ryan McGarity (Bing)—Winner: Lapham
(4) Scott Hunter (Drexel) vs. (5) CJ Inglin (Boston U)—Winner: Inglin

(1) Chris Brown (ODU) vs. (5) CJ Inglin (Boston U)—-Winner: Brown
(2) Ryan Patrovich (HU) vs. (3) Jason Lapham (Rider)—-Winner: Patrovich

(1) Chris Brown (ODU) vs. (2) Ryan Patrovich (HU)—-Champion: Brown (ODU) _____________________________________________________________

(1) Alton Lucas (HU) vs. (8)Austin Alpaugh (SHU)—Winner: Lucas
(2) Bagna Tovuujav (GMU) vs. (7) Anthony Esposito (Bing)—-Winner: Tovuujav
(3) Eric Decker (ODU) vs. (6) Mike Ward (Rider)—Winner: Decker
(4) Hunter Meys (Boston U) vs. (5) Dave Woodall (Drexel)—Winner: Meys

(1) Alton Lucas (HU) vs. (4) Hunter Meys (Boston U)—Winner: Lucas
(2) Bagna Tovuujav (GMU) vs. (3) Eric Decker (ODU)—Winner: Tovuujav

(1) Alton Lucas (HU) vs. (2) Bagna Tovuujav (GMU)—Champion: Lucas (HU) _____________________________________________________________

(1) Josh Patterson (Bing) vs. (8) Zach Ulm (GMU)—Winner: Patterson
(2) Doug Umbehauer (Rider) vs. (7) Brandon Lapp (SHU)—Winner: Umbehauer
(3) Ben Clymer (HU) vs. (6) Joe Kennedy (Boston U)—-Winner: Clymer
(4) Joe Budi (ODU) vs. (5) Justin Wieller (Drexel)—Winner: Budi

(1) Josh Patterson (Bing) vs. (4) Joe Budi (ODU)—Winner: Patterson
(2) Doug Umbehauer (Rider) vs. (3) Ben Clymer (HU)—Winner: Umbehauer

(1) Josh Patterson (Bing) vs. (2) Doug Umbehauer (Rider)—Champion: Patterson (Bing) _____________________________________________________________________

(1) Cayle Byers (GMU) vs. (8) Rick Eichenlaub (SHU)—Winner: Byers
(2) John Hall (Boston U) vs. (7) Corey Wiate (Bing)—Winner: Hall
(3) Jon Oplinger (Drexel) vs. (6) Mike Miller (Rider)—Winner: Oplinger
(4) Jesse Strawn (ODU) vs. (5) Joe Fagiano (HU)—Winner: Strawn

(1) Cayle Byers (GMU) vs. (4) Jesse Strawn (ODU)—Winner: Byers
(2) John Hall (Boston U) vs. (3) Jon Oplinger (Drexel)—Winner: Oplinger

(1) Cayle Byers (GMU) vs. (3) Jon Oplinger (Drexel)—Champion: Oplinger (Drexel) ______________________________________________________________

(1) Eddie Bordas (Rider) vs. (8) Hunter Manpile (GMU)—-Winner: Bordas
(2) Roy Dragon (ODU) vs. (7) Dan Bittner (Bing)—Winner: Dragon
(3) Kyle Frey (Drexel) vs. (6) Bill Beiermeister (SHU)—Winner: Frey
(4) Jordan Enck (HU) vs. (5) Jim Connors (Boston U)—Winner: Enck

(1) Eddie Bordas (Rider) vs. (4) Jordan Enck (HU)—Winner: Bordas
(2) Roy Dragon (ODU) vs. (3) Kyle Frey (Drexel)—Winner: Dragon

(1) Eddie Bordas (Rider) vs. (2) Roy Dragon (ODU)—Champion: Bordas (Rider)

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