This Week In Wrestling #15: 02/23-03/01

Hi Everyone.

Sorry, no cool foreign language greetings this week.  I am sick in bed, so the enthusiasm to be quirky simply is not there today.  I will return next week after the NYS tournament with a little “language 101” for you all.  I know the silly greetings are not the reason that you read this column.  However, anytime I can interject a little bit of flavor into my column, I try to do it. 

I hope that all of you glued to your computers last week for the Section VIII finals enjoyed my and Bill’s live text coverage.  We each have our own distinct style of coverage.  However, I’ve always felt that we each do a fantastic job in keeping everyone at home updated as to what is going on at the arena.  My sincerest apologies to Wade Schalles.  Last week, when doing the updates for the 119 finals match (won by Long Beach’s Dylan Palacio), I referred to the move he used to gain the fall as a chalice.  Honestly, I do not know if I had Sunday Mass on my mind or if it was a mere brain cramp.  While I admit to the lack of a strong technical knowledge of wrestling (having never wrestled,  I am still learning the proper names for all of the moves), I do know Mr. Schalles and am quite familiar with the move.  Hence, I own up to my moment of stupidity.  Hopefully, this damn cold that I am currently battling will show decent enough improvement tomorrow, thus enabling me to accompany the rest of the LHW team up to Albany.  This way, I will be afforded the opportunity to do live updates of the tournament and make amends for last weekend’s error….Should I be a scratch for the NYS tournament, rest assured that guys like Bill and company will be right there to step in for me and make sure that those of you unable to attend will remain in the know. 

Speaking of wrestling related trips, I hope that all of you have shown more intelligence than I have and booked your reservations months in advance.  To let you in on a little running joke around my house, the past three weeks have been amusing to say the least.  While all of you already know that I was in Buffalo (actually, I was past Buffalo, but you get the point) a few weeks ago for the CHSAA State tournament.  What you don’t know is that because I did not book a hotel room until a day and a half before the event, I was forced to crash with one of the Monsignor Farrell coaches for the first night of the stay over.  In fact, if not for his generosity (and trust me when I say that anyone willing to spend a night with my annoying butt is plenty generous), I would probably have had to skip the tournament entirely. 

Following this bad luck, one would think that I would have learned from the experience and then booked early for the CAA tournament (yes, contrary to my post from a few weeks ago, I am still considering flying down to southern Virginia for the tournament)….Nope, not me.  Instead, I have procrastinated once again.  And, the result:  In the past week, I have seen the price on the trip increase by an average of $22 per day.  Hence, if I do not take action soon, I will have successfully lollygagged my butt out of making the trip.  

As you have likely noticed, there was not a Swami article this week.  The reason for this, is that for the most part, all of the DI college teams are off until their respective conference tournaments.  Therefore, thinking that none of you really had a dying interest in knowing who I felt would win the Tennessee-Chatt/VMI dual yesterday, I decided to take a pass on issuing predictions for the week.  

One thing that I would like to do, pending your support and participation, is put together a post that specializes in compiling a list of predictions for this weekend’s state tournament. In the past, anytime that there has been a big event such as the NCAA tournament, the World Championships, and the Olympics, I loved how USA Wrestling has always gathered the predictions from various publications from across the country and then placed them into a singular article so that the predictions could be compared to one another.  I think that if we could do this on the state level, it would be a whole lot of fun and would lead to some excellent discussion leading into the tournament.  If you are interested in having your predictions featured on LHW, please send them to be by Friday morning.  As always, I am reachable at the following e-mail address: hofpride19@optonline(dot)com.   Perhaps if we garner enough participation, we can turn it into a game where +2 will be awarded for every correct finalist predicted, and +5 will be given for each champion correctly identified.  When submitting your predictions, please be kind enough to also provide a name or alias. 

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