This Week at Cornell with Steve Anceravage 08-09

This is Steve Anceravage and I will be writing Coach Kolls weekly update. On the bus trip home from Boston I was trying to get a sneak peak of what coach was writing about me. He got tired of me reading over his shoulder and decided to let, or should I say, make me write it.

Steve Anceravage 171lbs Senior at Cornell

Hey everyone,

This is Steve Anceravage and I will be writing Coach Koll’s weekly update. On the bus trip home from Boston I was trying to get a sneak peak of what coach was writing about me. He got tired of me reading over his shoulder and decided to let, or should I say, make me write it.

This weekend we defeated Brown and Harvard. With the sweep the team captured its 7th straight Ivy League title. I know I speak for everyone when I say we are excited that the dual meet portion of our season is over so that we can get to the tournaments. We finished the season ranked 2nd in the country with a 12-2 record. Here is my recap:

125 Troy scored a second period fall against Brown and received a forfeit against Harvard. Troy has been on a terror winning fifteen straight matches while raking up seven falls along the way.

133 Mike Grey is wrestling very well, really pushing the action and dominating his opponents. He got a tech. fall against Brown and won against Harvard, despite wrestling against an extremely defensive opponent.

141 Corey Manson lost against Brown in a close match. He really opened up today and got a tech. fall against Harvard.

149 DJ Meagher scored two regular decisions this weekend. The match against Harvard was a great match for DJ. He scored a takedown early and rode out his opponent. His opponent is very good on top and chose to take top in the second period and DJ chose bottom in the third. DJ got ridden pretty hard but didn’t give up any back points and secured the 3-1 win. It would have been nice to see DJ escape and that is something I know he will be working on in the coming weeks.

157 Derek Schreiner went 0-2 on the weekend. It was a great weekend for Derek to gain some mat time against some quality opponents. Against Harvard, he wrestled #5 ranked JP O’Conner and held it to a regular decision.

165 Mack Lewnes got two pins on the weekend, this upsets me a bit because we have a pinning competition going and this puts him up by two on the season. I will close the gap and hopefully pass him. He’s ranked #1 in the country and undefeated, what more need I say about him.

174 I got a forfeit against Brown, again, upsetting because I was hoping to get the opportunity to pin someone and won by 7 points against Harvard. The Harvard match was frustrating because my opponent was very flexible and difficult to turn.  I spent too much time trying to force the pin and I should have just been racking up takedowns. I know this frustrates the coaches but they have to realize how important the pin competition is to me. Seriously, they are right and I need to listen to them.

Editors Note: A recent petition has been circulated to change the Most Falls Award to the Highest Pinning Percentage Award. To date Troy’s is the only name on the petition.

184 Justin Kerber won against Brown 5-2. Kerber needs to open up more and attack on his feet. He is so good when he attacks, I know, I wrestle with him on the time. He tweaked his knee and the coaches and Chris Scarlata, our trainer decided not to wrestle him against Caputo today. Chris doesn’t believe the injury is too serious but we will know more this week.

197 Cam Simaz beat his Brown kid 10-4 in typical Cam Simaz fashion. He gets his opponent tired and then scores a lot of points. He just continues to push the action and he will make some noise in the post season. He received a forfeit against Harvard.

HWT Zach Hammond lost 3-2 against Brown, I am not sure what happened to Zach toward the end of the season, but I believe he needed to get a win under his belt to get the ball rolling again. Zach got that win against Harvard by a score of 6-0. I am still very confident that Zach will finish off his career in a very strong way. On a side note, it seems that Daniel Koll (coach’s nine year old son) cares very much about how Zach performs. Zach spoke with him this weekend after the Harvard match and told him, “!!AWESOME, Zach is back!!” I am sure these words will echo in Zach’s mind throughout the post-season.

All in all the weekend went well. Dave Wechsler was kind enough to give us a tour of the Maritime International Shipping and storage yard. It looks like a pretty intense operation he has going on there. The storage areas were pretty cold though, around -25 degrees. Coach Koll wanted to get a good idea of the temperature so he toured through the freezer topless. He certainly is one of a kind (my nice way of saying absolutely crazy). Editors Note: Not sure what the big deal is, I kept my pants on.

The season is winding down and it is pretty crazy to think about my career coming to an end. It has been an absolute pleasure to wrestle for this program. I have met so many great people, built so many friendships, made a ton of memories and learned so much. I couldn’t imagine wrestling for any other program in the country. I look forward to staying involved with wrestling and this program even after I leave campus.

Koll’s  Tidbits:

* Leen is not injured. Three weeks ago he asked if he could take one weekend off. We knew we might need him against Hofstra/Columbia or Penn/Princeton weekends so we decided then that he would rest the Brown/ Harvard weekend. I have never regretted giving Jordan time off. He is a wrestler who thrives on staying fresh both physically as well as mentally.

* The decision to sit Justin against Harvard was a tough one. A win against Caputo would have been a great boost for his national ranking and seeding where as a loss would not hurt him. This is more important this year because of the new NCAA tournament qualifying criteria.

*As Steve mentioned earlier my son Daniel is a huge Zach Hammond fan. He has been a fan every since Zach’s recruiting trip where Zach spent two hours playing ,and losing, video games against him.

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