Live Webcasts of Final Season Tournaments

Lighthouse Wrestling will be broadcasting live on Saturday, February 28th at 6:00PM the Section XI D1 finals.

On Saturday February 28th at 7PM, Lighthouse Wrestling will be broadcasting live the New York State D1 finals.

NYS Championships Live Broadcast on Saturday at 6:00PM

For the finals broadcast, follow us on twitter to keep abreast of any late changes to the broadcast just in case we run into any technical problems.   Bookmark this link on twitter: .  Before and during the finals, we will keep you up to date on our broadcast and redirect you all to a new link if necessary.  Also, we will post any updates to forums at, if we experience any troubles during the broadcast.

On Saturday February 28thbeginning at 6:00 PM, Lighthouse Wrestling will be broadcasting live the New York State D1 finals.

6:00 Parade of place winners, introductions, and national anthem

6:15 Wrestling begins

Post Tournament Discussion immediately after the tournament ends.

To sponsor either of these events, contact Lighthouse Wrestling at our email address advertise(at)lighthousewrestling(dot)com or call at 516.699.5483 for details and ask for Pete Candito.


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9 thoughts on “Live Webcasts of Final Season Tournaments”

  1. what? why would Nassau not want to get live coverage for their tournament…seems strange that Section XI and NYS tournaments want coverage but Nassau does not. Oh well.

    1. Let people in the Section VIII wrestling community know how much you value the coverage that this site brings and that you would like to see the live coverage next season. Be nice, but let them know that you are disappointed. We were even actually going to do Division II finals since they are at different times. Those kids get no exposure. It would have been nice for them.

  2. What is this about? And whom from the section 8 community exactly needs to be convinced! There cant be enough press and coverage for this needs all it can get, and there is enough for everyone.. I am very upset .. who is in charge of getting press passes for you? This is ridiculous..

  3. Id like to see Section 11, Section 8 and Section 1 have more tournaments like the Eastern States Classic and more match ups
    against all of these Sections in order to better each wrestler
    and to better each Section prior to the NYS tournament.

  4. In the 135lb weight Class they have Paul Liqouri a 2x state champ
    seeded 8th, Lenzi, thereturning state champ at # 3 , Dutton at # 2
    who is 42-0 and a guy from Valley Central who is 46-4 as the # 1
    seed when Dutton should be the# 1 seed this year in my opinion.

  5. Anyone have a copy of that semi final match between Grippi – Rugg ?
    That was an exciting match between Realbuto and McQueen, I know McQueen was the heavy favor to win but Realbuto who is only a 9th grader works his butt off all year round for that state title.
    He wrestles all over the country on the off season and just lives,
    thinks, sleeps, trains,works out everyday for wrestling !
    I thought the match was very exciting but Mcqueen should have shaken
    Realbuto’s hand and accepted the second place metal, I thought that
    was very unsportsmanlike, Realbuto is a hard working kid and is a class act with alot of natural talent and has been around wrestling ever since he was in 1st grade. His record speaks for itself 133-9

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