So what’s the BIG deal?

This post is being written to give everyone details of THE IRON EMPIRE’S training. I would like to talk a little about the gym and what it is that we have to offer. Also, I would like to give the details of the NEW group training package.

casinoThis post is being written to give everyone details of THE IRON EMPIRE’S training. I would like to talk a little about the gym and what it is that we have to offer. Also, I would like to give the details of the NEW group training package.

First off, let me start by saying that there are clubs and there are gyms. The Iron Empire is definitely a gym. In other words, we have nothing fancy, just everything you need to become REALLY STRONG!

This is a good start, but what really sets us apart is the members. It is the attitude, knowledge, work ethic, competitiveness and the desire to win that makes our gym different.

Everyone who trains with me is serious about getting stronger. For example, some of the former high school and college athletes now may compete in powerlifting. It is a common sight for a new member to see John (teacher and coach) and Dom (All-American baseball player and MONSTER) handling some huge iron.

While it is pretty incredible to see them squatting and pulling 500 or even 600 pounds, how great is it, and how motivating is it to train side by side with some of the best lifters around? What about the importance of them coming over to a new lifter with instruction on technique.

How much extra motivation would you feel as these men, and all the rest of our members are shouting encouragement as you shoot for your personal best? I have been in the iron game for almost 30 years now. I can tell you that the members of this gym still motivate me to lift my hardest!

Another great thing about this is it knocks down “the walls of limitations.” Seeing is believing, and when you see others doing things you thought were impossible; all of a sudden it is NOT OUT OF REACH!

Louie Simmons of WESTSIDE BARBELL talks about the first members of his gym shattering records or so called weight barriers. Once one has done it, others believe that now they to can do it. They had to move the minimum weight standards for his gym’s “elite” club up. “It was too easy and too many people were reaching the old standards”, he said.

I remember clearly the first athletes I had pulling 400+ on the TRAPBAR. 450 came rather quickly after that and then 500lbs was in sight. It took some time but 500 fell and I recall several things…

All the kids rallying around the lifter, the talk changing to “taking out” 550, and the amount of athletes seemingly out of nowhere lifting personal records. Oh, and don’t forget the complete turn around of the football and wrestling teams!

The flood gates were open and my 1st COUNTY CHAMPION and STATE PLACE WINNER set the bar at 575. I would say that that is pretty darn good in itself, but the kid did it with ONLY THREE YEARS OF WRESTLING AND TRAINING!!!!!!!

The following year the previously mentioned John was on a mission to take out some records and did so with a 435 squat and 585 dead. Again, pretty good for any high school athlete going into their senior year, but how about doing it at @ 200lbs body weight!!!!!

Still, 600 would not fall and truthfully I had no idea that it would. Some new things were happening, like Flynn hitting 415 for 10 reps in his first year at the gym and shocking everyone. Then, Marc made my jaw hit the floor with 450 for 10 at @180lbs. body weight going into his jr. year!

But it would be neither of these fine lifters. Josh stated he wanted to be the FIRST TO LIFT THE 600. I have to admit, I thought it was going to be a little too much for him. He wanted the shot and I have had kids blow me away before! To his credit, and with only 2 years of lifting under his belt, HE PULLED IT!

This would never have happened for him anywhere else. He would not have had the training, motivation and belief that he could move such a tremendous amount of iron which leads us to the next point.

I teach every athlete how to lift safely and correctly. A program is set up for each kid’s current strength level. I do not treat a beginner like an advanced lifter. We don’t care if you lift 100lbs. or 500lbs as long as you work your tail off! When you train with us YOU ARE PART OF OUR TEAM!

Well, you may say, this is all very nice but does it help on the mat? In college, two, two-time ALL-AMERICANS worked out with me on my program. We were strong but I would be the first to tell you the training we did was not close to what I teach now.

So let’s take a quick look at just the past 3 years, and the kids I have been involved with coaching and training.

– 10 current or former college wrestlers (there have been other college athletes, too)

– 4 state place winners

– 4 county champions

– 9 county finalists

– and over 20 county place winners!

This is pretty good, but more amazing than these stats, is this…In the past 3 years I can only think of 3 athletes who have trained with me for 2 or more years that did not become all county!

NOW FOR THE BEST PART! Over the past three years I have offered a 20 week package deal for training. At $1000 I felt it was by far the best deal you will ever find.

The training was for 4 days a week and a minimum of 1 hour. Many who knew about it, must have felt that this was indeed a great offer and took advantage of it. Still I was told that I needed to do more and a couple of things happened.

1) Spreading the word was the first of the things that I was constantly told to do. Now, thanks to BILL MILLER and this tremendous website I am given the great opportunity to write about training and my gym.

2) The economy went down the tubes. Money seems to be tight for everyone so people asked and I responded! ***THIS WILL BE A ONE TIME OFFER!

This is the LIGHTHOUSE 1/2 price SPECIAL. It is called 20 weeks, but that is the minimum! IT IS FROM NOW till SEPT. FIRST!!!!!! $500 + gym membership (also currently offering a special of $20 a month).

I also will have a new deal for all college athletes. Just contact me and I will take care of all of you too! This is on a first come basis, if you are interested don’t wait. Contact me at and we will set up a time to meet. Thank you Coach Ellinger

20 thoughts on “So what’s the BIG deal?”

  1. It so true that just surrounding yourself with positive people who are working hard makes such a big difference.

    I also have to make a note that the first county champ you are referring I’ve heard “rumors” that you found him working at a Carvel making cakes instead of playing sports LOL… It just goes to show you that in this sport if you work hard enough, put in the time and believe in yourself that any one can be a champion.

  2. Yes surround yourself with people with the same goals and HARD WORK is key.

    No as I remember I found him in the lunch room eating Ding Dongs.

  3. Singled, are you talking about wrestlers I train??? As for college at Southern CT. Sate U. Both the wrestlers I wrestled with the most over the years were All-Americans 1 a national finalist.

  4. Coach Ellinger really knows his stuff…The Iron Empire program is second to none, and Willie knows how to get unbelievable gains out of his athletes over only a few months. I can’t wait to regain my title as trap bar king.

  5. Singled- I figured that was what you meant. Let me tell you I have been doing this for a pretty long time. I have coached wrestling at 6 different schools and at all levels both in Nassau and Suffolk. I have worked with several other coaches, helping out with various aspects of their programs. So I have been involved with 100’s if not 1000’s of wrestlers and other athletes throughout the years. If you are talking about the last three years. I have had many of the top wrestlers from Bethpage, Plainedge and BJFK, several college and a few others working with me. I ask all who train with me to help me spread the word about the training. So if you’re a wrestler? You can just ask or better yet come down and meet them.

  6. Marc, Thank you for the kind words. We all look forward to when you get back. I have some BIG competitions planed and it seems everyone wants the TRAP BAR RECORDS! Hey, if you can, Bring your friend- the funny looking skinny kid from Bellmore. I show him how to ride the “boots”

  7. Coach E. Have you lost your mind? I read about your price reduction and I don’t understand how you can offer such a deal. That is just $25 a week for 4+ hours of training for 20 weeks? Plus the special gym membership rate? You can’t find many personal trainers to offer that at the popular gyms. What gives?

  8. Yes this deal is crazy! What is more crazy is that if you start now it is more like 30 WEEKS! The idea behind it is to allow every athlete who is willing to truly work hard and wants to win. To give them the opportunity. I also offer a 1 week trail, just for coming down. I tell all the athletes who come down. Check it out, if it is not for you, I’ll shake your hand no hard feelings. It is not the common way to do business these days. With all the high pressure, sign now stuff.This is the way DR. KEN did it with my brother and me when we joined the IRON ISLAND GYM back in the day. I want everyone to feel that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

  9. Some have contacted me about “other options” to coming down to The Iron Empire to train. Yes I could work with you at your gym. I have done this in the past and would be more than happy to do it again. There are however some drawbacks. The first one is the cost. Most gyms have a set fee for personal training and it can get expensive. 2) the equipment in most gyms is less then ideal.

    Coming down to your school is another possibility. This would more than likely have to be set up as a seminar. You would have to speak with your coach to see if it could be an option? Then if he decided he wanted to do it he could contact me.

    If you are lucky enough to have a real home gym, I could also work with you at your house.

    The best option I feel would be to come down for 1 or 2 weeks to get proper instruction. then I could give you a program and consult with you on a set schedule.

  10. Well said, Yes you and your partner have one team goal. To bring a LI championship back to Nassau. I know you two will do your part, maybe others will join the fight?

  11. I believe that everyone who is a part of the EMPIRE feels the same way! I am very happy with the direction that we seem to be heading. We have a great group of young men working extremely hard.

    We would certainly like to take a page out of the Iowa Wrestling program. There dedication, intensity and winning tradition is something all athletes should strive for.

  12. I need to make this correction to the YEARLY gym fee. It is $100 down and 19 a month. Sorry for the mistake.

  13. Eagle- pretty good? Well I guess that is kind of a compliment. Thanks, your a pretty good guy; Read the TRAIN articles Ellinger

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