Nassau Dual Meet Team Rankings 04-09

Top Ten Nassau County Dual Meet teams as of January 17, 2009.

Numbers in brackets indicates previous ranking.

  1. Wantagh – [1]
  2. Macarthur – [2]
  3. Massapequa – [3]
  4. Plainedge – [4]
  5. Uniondale – [6]
  6. Syosset – [8]
  7. Seaford – [5]
  8. Farmingdale – [10]
  9. Bellmore JFK – [U]
  10. Calhoun – [U]

Take the poll, and select your top 5 dual meet teams in Nassau county for 2008-2009. If you select other, please identify that other team with a comment, and if you like, rank your selections in order from 1 to 10 with a comment.

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7 thoughts on “Nassau Dual Meet Team Rankings 04-09”

  1. long beach demolished
    Bellmore JFK
    this site must really have something against those kids!
    they work hard all year round
    and get no recognition

  2. You need to speak with your coach. Ask him why all those good results aren’t posted anywhere when both LIWA and this site give ample opportunity to get the good word out. The only result I could confirm in your list was against Farmingdale.

    1. Okay, most of those results are from to today. I’m sure they’ll get factored into the next ranking. Don’t you think you’re going a bit overboard by suggesting this site has something against LB, when these results were only produced today? We may have under estimated LB’s strength, but to suggest we have something against LB is simply out of line.

  3. Well it just seems that way because LB has beat the teams that are ranked 4-10, they came pretty close to Mass. as well WITH starters out. watch LB in the County Duals this weekend.

  4. While I have nothing to do with the rankings, I have to admit, LB has been huge rival of mine, and I find it difficult rooting for them! I have never beat them both as a wrestler and a coach! Early in my HS career,(1980 freshmen yr.)they had those killer teams. No one beat them! My senior year we had them beat, but our ranked Hvy. weight was injured and was unable to wrestle their Hvy. who he would have killed. At BJFK, all I can say is we didn’t show up especially my first 2 years when we were 6th in the county(3years ago) and in the dual meet championship(2 years ago) and still lost to them in the league dual!

    I have too give them a lot of credit this year. They are getting the job done! I would have to put them #4 right now.

  5. the rankings above were as of 1/20….all of those wins posted in newsday that you point to above were after 1/20 other than Bellmore JFK. I am sure Long Beach is in the next rankings. However, your tact (or lack of) used in pointing this out is childish and lacks class. It amazes me how people can trash a FREE web site that does nothing but promote LI wrestling with great content, live webcasts and so much more. Check out the rankings that come out in the next day or so…then maybe you can stop accusing people of things you obviously know very little about.

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