Nassau Dual Meet Team Rankings 52-08

Top Ten Nassau County Dual Meet teams as of December 27, 2008.

Numbers in brackets indicates previous ranking.

  1. Wantagh – [2]
  2. Macarthur – [1]
  3. Massapequa – [4]
  4. Plainedge – [5]
  5. Seaford – [U]
  6. Uniondale – [3]
  7. East Meadow – [6]
  8. Syosset – [U]
  9. Garden City – [7]
  10. Farmingdale – [10]

Take the poll, and select your top 5 dual meet teams in Nassau county for 2008-2009. If you select other, please identify that other team with a comment, and if you like, rank your selections in order from 1 to 10 with a comment.

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15 thoughts on “Nassau Dual Meet Team Rankings 52-08”

  1. Thats good information. Now where can I find it posted anywhere? There’s no excuses about Newsday any longer. Both LIWA and LHW provide multiple means for getting the information out. It’s up to the coaches and the wrestlers to make the information known, and it simply isn’t happening like it should.

  2. Calhoun also lost to Syosset and finished behind BJFK and Mepham in the Sprig Gardner tourney…not always clear cut. Let’s see what happens through next week and go from there.

  3. calhoun had half the wrestlers that BJFK and Mepham had in the sprig and this is for dual meets so tourneys dont matter for this,
    calhoun lost to syosset by 10 because of 3 FFTs

  4. i dnt think seaford belongs to b rankd, 103-125 is the strength in their lineup, and locast is probably going to be out for a while bcuz of a hand injury

  5. Calhoun did beat plainedge however. they got killed by uniondale and plainedge beat uniondale. if i am not mistaken calhoun went to the hankparis at plainedge and got a whipping.

  6. it’s rarely cut and dry when ranking teams…you can always state one result but then there are several others that could either kill your argument or reinforce it.

  7. long beach should def be up there
    they demolished garden city and farmingdale
    they beat farmingdal 46-17 at timmy collins duals
    and they beat garden city 40- 19
    and dnt forget beat bjk 40-23
    give these kids their props
    they worked hard all summer and half of them
    went to fargo

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