Nassau County Rankings 52-08

Nassau County rankings for top 6 at every weight based on results as December 20, 2008.

96 lbs division

  1. Will Montgomery (Seaford) — 10th
  2. Joe Barbato (Wantagh) — 10th
  3. Thomas Manning (MacArthur) — 10th
  4. Shane Saltzman (VSN) — ??
  5. Kevin Herold (MacArthur) — ??
  6. Danny Jones (Garden City) — ??

103 Lbs. Class

  1. Vinny Pecora (Baldwin) — 12th
  2. Alex Grant (MacArthur) — 12th
  3. Chris Perez (MacArthur) — 10th
  4. Rudy Lanzilotta (Massapequa) — 9th
  5. Joe Maher (Bellmore JFK) — 11th
  6. Scott Rubin (Calhoun) — ??

112 Lbs. Class

  1. Sean Kempf (MacArthur) — 12th
  2. Mike Lofrese (Garden City) — 9th
  3. Sam Galasso(Syosett) — ??
  4. Anthony Fachinni (Seaford) — 12th
  5. Marvin Amazon (Uniondale) — 11th
  6. Russ Lascala (Plainedge) — ??

119 Lbs. Class

  1. Christian Toscano (Bethpage) — 12th
  2. Luck Alber (Farmingdale) — 12th
  3. Anthony Locast (Seaford) — 10th
  4. Nick Falco (East Meadow) — 11th
  5. Rich Frank (BJFK) — 12th
  6. Mike Palermo (MacArthur) — 11th

125 lbs division

  1. Nick Arujau (Syosett) — 11th
  2. Ariel Guerrero (MacArthur) — 12th
  3. Mike Walker (Uniondale) — ??
  4. Mike Leonard (Clarke) — 11th
  5. Gary Kavarsky(Lawrence) — 12th
  6. Mike Snow (BJFK) — 12th

130 lbs division

  1. Nick Fitzmaurice (Wantagh) — 11th
  2. Danny Lofrese (Garden City) — 12th
  3. Kelly Palmer (Clarke) — 12th
  4. Nick Devecchis (Island Trees) — ??
  5. ? Laurie (BJFK) — ??
  6. tbd

135 lbs division

  1. Paul Liguori (Wantagh) — 12th
  2. Quimes Delacruz (Wantagh) — 12th
  3. Anthony Evangelista (Massapequa) — 12th
  4. Frank Mederios (MacArthur) —
  5. Mike Tucillo (Jericho) — 11th
  6. Joe Chiaffattella (Clarke) — ??

140 lbs division

  1. Matt Eberlein (Island Trees) — 12th
  2. Andre Berry (Uniondale) — 12th
  3. Eric Kaufman (Massapequa) — 12th
  4. Steve Spurgeon (Plainedge) — 12th
  5. Gerard Quinn (Baldwin) — 12th
  6. Troy Carney (BJFK) — ??

145 lbs division

  1. Brian Herold (MacArthur) — 12th
  2. Mack Maldarelli (Calhoun) — 12th
  3. Tyler Dunne (MacArthur) — 11th
  4. Troy Sterling (Uniondale) — 12th
  5. Robert Mancino (East Meadow) — 12th
  6. Josh Maddock (Massapequa) — 12th

152 lbs division

  1. John Greisheimer (Wantagh) — 12th
  2. German Meza (Bethpage) — 12th
  3. Robert Grabher (North Shore) — ??
  4. Anday Ayala (Long Beach) — ??
  5. Peter Curcio (Lynbrook) — 12th
  6. Dan Sutherland (Mepham) — 11th

160 lbs division

  1. Brian Mulholland (MacArthur) — 12th
  2. Rocco Caldarero (East Meadow) — ??
  3. Joe Chamish (Jericho) — 12th
  4. ?? MacNamara (Division) — ??
  5. Anthony Minnici (Plainedge) — 12th
  6. Kyle Cohen (Baldwin) — 12th

171 lbs division

  1. Joe Kavanagh (Wantagh) — 10th
  2. John Daddino (Sewanaka East) — 10th
  3. Nick Camera (Plainedge) 12th
  4. Guy Macchia (Syosett) — 11th
  5. Joe Giametta (MacArthur) — 12th
  6. Nick Isnardi (Massapequa) — 12th

189 lbs division

  1. Matt Loew (Wantagh) — 11th
  2. Thomas Jackson (Farmingdale) — 12th
  3. Sebastian Randazzo (Syosett) — ??
  4. Steven Graziano (Jericho) — 11th
  5. Brian Taveras (Freeport> — ??
  6. Alex Todd (Calhoun) — 12th

215 lbs division

  1. Connor Horl (Garden City) — 11th
  2. ?? Anthony(Uniondale – ??
  3. Dan Nicolino (Island Trees) 12th
  4. Andrew Danziger (East Meadow) — 11th
  5. Joe Greci (Plainedge) — ??
  6. Thomas Hall (Wantagh) — 10th

285 lbs division

  1. Yseen Madassar (Divison) — ??
  2. Chris Williams (Syosset) — 12th
  3. Joe Devonellis (North Shore) — ??
  4. David Argu (Freeport) — ??
  5. Andrew Rollo (Clarke) — ??
  6. ?? Astone (Long Beach) — ??

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16 thoughts on “Nassau County Rankings 52-08”

  1. snow is going 130 not 125
    did tyler dunne get certified at 140 or 145
    madden from mepham should be ranked at 130 and kalberer from mepham should be ranked at 215

  2. amazan from uniondale should be ranked at 103 hes not goin 112 and im pretty sure he beat all of the 103 lbs. ranked 4-6

  3. falco beat abler at 119……f’dale 125 lber TECHED leonard from clarke and is unranked….countless other mistakes dont feel like listing them all

  4. here is how I feel about rankings…first of alloif you don’t do them…don’t critcize them. secondly…”pretty sure” does not cut it and there are not “mistakes.” Also does not matter where someone is certified until they actually wrestle that weight. The Jermain John kid from Bethpage is tough…and he may crack the rankings at one point. Keep in mind his win over Kauffman happened on 12/27. These rankings are dated 12/26. I’m sure the rankers will take it all into consideration…just cut them a break sometimes and let them do the best they can. MMMMM…I’d say if you can’t list the countless “mistakes” and back them up…then why throw out that comment?

    Other than that…I have nothing to say…LOL!

  5. Bill just wanted to say doing a great job with the site and it’s coming along real nice..Couple of corrections that I noticed,you have Grieci from plainedge ranked at 215 when hes been wrestling at 285 all year and is staying up there.Grieci is in 12th grade.He has split matches w/ the division kid that you have ranked 1…Also Minicci was about to tech Macnamara from division who u have ranked..I believe he was up by 12 before he got caught late in the 3rd..Also Navas from Calhoun beat Camera and is pretty tough he should be considered at 171…Also Kashinsky from plainedge is at 215 and at the uniondale duals beat nicolino from IT, and Anthony from Uniondale with his only loss coming to O brian from Port Wash..

  6. I already listed two mistakes LIfan. And they are MISTAKES. When you have one kid ranked over another kid and the kid ranked higher LOST to the kid ranked lower with them having no other common opponents, that is classified as a MISTAKE. Second MISTAKE is farmingdale 25 lber not being ranked after TECHING leonard from clarke who is ranked. I haven’t seen the kid lose all year. Another obvious mistake. I am aware I don’t do the rankings but you make it seem like an impossible task which it is not. At 171….Giamentta DOMINATD Macchia but is still ranked lower….Mistake? I would say so….I can find several other mistakes by doing simple research. I’m not bashing the rankings, merely pointing out some errors so they could considering fixing them if they wish to do so.

  7. good input…just get irked by rankings being trashed when people volunteer to put in the time to do them. I’ll take the high road and apologize for my reply. Seems like the Leonard and Macchia results you mentioned were not published. That is the issue with rankings that is most difficult…unpublished results. If you know results that should have a bearing on rankings maybe you can email them to the webmaster so he gets those results to the people who do the rankings.

  8. yea kempf made 112 and dominated everyone today at the Long Island Challenge. i dont think there’s anyone who can stop him

  9. with ya on that one…I apologized…it’s all good. the rankers took the info needed to adjust moving forward…just wish all the results were reported because I know what it takes to get rankings right.

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