Massapequa Live Coverage

LHW will provide live coverage of the Massapequa tournament starting at around 12PM. LHW plans to cover the finals with live internet radio, conditions permitting.

LHW provided live web radio coverage of the Massapequa finals. The audio was recorded; however, ustream, the content provider for the streaming radio, seems to have some glitches in their system, and the recording is not available.  I’ve contacted the provider about it, and they said they were experiencing problems with their systems last evening with archiving recordings.   I’ve contacted them about seeing if they could resurrect it.  If they do, I will alert everyone to the archived recording.

Marty agreed to host the radio recording at the last minute when the original cohost was unable to attend the event.  It was fun working with Marty on this broadcast.  His knowledge of the athletes helped the coverage and his love for the sport and the athletes showed through the broadcast.  Thanks Marty for helping me out on this one and for bringing your A game, and hopefully we can continue to work on future broadcasts together.

I’d also like to thank Paul Ligouri for cohosting the coverage after his final’s match.   He also did a terrific job.   I think it’s great having the athletes covering the events, and hopefully we can do more of that in the future.

I’m working on a weekly web TV program. I’m hopeful that we can begin our first program in January. The plan is to have a once weekly TV program every Sunday morning. If any of you have any talents in such a program and would like to contribute, please contact me at webmaster(at)lighthousewrestling(dot)com.

Massapequa Holiday Tournament
December 27, 2008
Team Scores
1. Hauppauge 263.00
2. Monroe-Woodbury 199.00
3. Connetquot 179.00
4. Massapequa 171.50
5. Wantagh 146.00
6. Long Beach 120.00
7. Bethpage 68.00

Championship Finals
96 – Nick Mauriello(Haup) dec Joe Barbato(Wan), 5-0
103 – Sean McCabe(Conn) dec Tyler McGann(Haup), 6-0
112 – Vaquan Kelly(MW) pin Mike Faraglia(LB), 1:43
119 – Kenneth Collado(Haup) TF Nick Wolff(MW), 5:25
125 – Jamie Franco(MW) dec James Cameron(Conn), 8-3
130 – Mike Vespa(MW) TF Nick Fitzmaurice(Wan), 4:51
135 – Paul Ligouri(Wan) pin Anthony Evangelista(Mass), 1:27
140 – Quimes Delacruz(Wan) dec Kevin Panebianco(Haup), 6-4
145 – Germain Meza(Beth) dec Patrick Morgan(Mass), 6-4
152 – John Greisheimer(Wan) MD Joshua Maddock(Mass), 22-8
160 – James Ondris(Mass) dec Chanse Menendez(Haup), 6-4
171 – Nick Isnardi(Mass) dec Will Shuesller(MW), 5-7
189 – Matt Loew(Wan) dec Joe Pellegrino(Conn), 9-3
215 – Eric Wooley(Haup) dec Shaun Bacchiocchi(MW), 7-4
285 – Scot Munro(Haup) dec David Yeu(Beth), 9-2
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Paul Ligouri – 135 lbs. Wantagh
Most Pins Least Time: Paul Ligouri – 135 lbs. Wantagh
Champion of Champions: Ken Collado – 119 lbs. Hauppauge

Consolation Finals
96 – Gary Wolff(MW) pin Mark Raghunandan(LB), :54
103 – Rudy Lanzillotta(Mass) pin Oral Allen(LB), 4:44
112 – Sam Schwartzapfel(Haup) MD Kevin Wilson(MW), 10-0
119 – James McCabe(Conn) dec Adam Lepkowsky(Haup), 6-4
125 – Michael Ehlinger(Haup) MD Nick Khoury(LB), 10-1
130 – James Corsitto(Conn) MD Dom Maieta(MW), 17-5
135 – Anthony Piscitello(Haup) pin Mike Cella(Conn), 3:45
140 – Adam D’Auguste(LB) dec Vincent Guntur(Haup), 3-0
145 – Anthony Bonaventura(Haup) FFT Andy Ayala(LB)
152 – Jermain John(Beth) dec Eric Kaufman(Mass), 6-2
160 – John Zullo(Conn) pin Mike Caiozzo(Conn), 5-4
171 – Mike Pellegrino(Conn) dec Dequan Simmons(LB), 8-4
189 – Vincent Hall(LB) dec James Napolitano(Haup), 4-2
215 – Astone Oliver(LB) dec Mike Gallino(Conn), 5-3
285 – Dalon Hampton(MW) dec James Edwards(LB), 4-2


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