Wantagh vs. MacArthur Videos

Matches from the Wantagh, MacArthur Match.

130 – Nick Fitzmaurice (Wan) dec. Ariel Guerrero (Mac), 8-6


171 – Joe Kavanaugh (Wan) dec. Joe Giametta (Mac), 10-5

152 – John Griesheimer Pin Brian Herold 1:49

More will be posted throughout the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Wantagh vs. MacArthur Videos”

  1. can someone post the herold gresh match i was hearing alot of talk about how good herold looked and he got caught i want to see it for myself that would be great thank you

  2. Herold really did look good in this match. He pushed the action and wasn’t overly aggressive. He came out there with a mission to make a statement and beat Gresh but Gresh was just too big and strong for him. I gotta give Gresh a lot of credit though to handle himslef under the relentless pressure and not let it affect how he wrestled the match. Overall even though it was short, i think it was right up there with the most exciting matches along with the 103 with barbato and perez and at 130 with fitzmaurice and guererro.

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