What wrestling Taught Me?

As a you all ready know from reading my other wrestling tales, that I was a little girl when I was introduced to the world of wrestling. I watched every match of my “big brothers'” team from the same spot every time. My parents were always there, and I would sit with my fingers crossed and my heart racing. At the time, I’m sure I didn’t know I was learning so much from these “grown-up” warriors. All I knew then was that I admired what they could do out there on the mat, and felt that there was something special about the closeness the teammates shared. Its as if my brother’s belonged to a second family, where they could show their skill, and win or lose be accepted and loved. These guys would play together, cry together, even go hungry together! At that time, the only thing I knew was that , there was something special about the whole thing!

Years have gone by now, and the gym that was packed then is much quieter now. I enter it today as a teacher, and I can still feel all the wrestlers there; my heart still races! Those wrestlers, have become successful men with kids of their own today. But I wonder if they know all that I learned from them ? As a grown woman, I now know what watching those wrestlers taught me about life…and I want them to know much how they impacted my life!

Dear Wrestlers,

From you I learned, that whether you think you will succeed or fail, you have to rise to the challenge with courage.

I learned that fear can make you go back, when you should go forward; it is better to go forward.

I learned that you can go HUNGRY and still be tough enough to continue…and that few people really know what HUNGER is !!

I learned that if you want something bad enough you make it first in your thoughts and deeds.

I learned that if you must face an adversary, do your homework, know his moves, plan your strategy .

I learned that your body can be tired and hurting, but you always have more to give.

I learned that once you quit, it is over!

I learned that pain passes.

I learned that victory after working hard for something is a high to which nothing compares.

I learned that you can lose and keep your dignity; but it is so much better to WIN!

I learned that you can go through all the correct moves in life, but for it to be really great you must have passion, …eye of the tiger!

Lastly, I learned, from watching my brothers Frank and Carl, as well as all the rest, go out into that circle come what may, and return, tired, battered, sometimes in victory sometimes in defeat, that in this life, you must enter it with courage, plan and work hard, take the lumps, expect to win, live with passion, you can stand more than you think you can, and never give up!

For when the next whistle blows, the champion of life is ready to go another round!

Dedicated to : My inspirations: Frank and Carl Carrozza, and all of the Wrestling Alumni of Island Trees High School, Levittown, Long Island, NY

7 thoughts on “What wrestling Taught Me?”

  1. thank you for printing my article as it gives me the chance to Thank all those men who influenced my life..esp my brothers Frank and Carl Carrozza

  2. You are such a bean head. Yes I like all those qualities that you have learned from the wrestlers but I will not give a comment because I will see you in person and talk about all these great things.

    Love Ya


  3. Great article. Can you get your brother for an interview. Perhaps about his wrestling days spaning into his coaching, etc. Might be a very good peace.

  4. Irlo definitely can do that..either I can put you in contact with him directly or if you know what ques. you would like to have me ask I will do that.. contact me so we can work it out..
    Frank is called at his school where he is AD (Minisink Valley HS)
    The “father” of Minisink wrestling..great program he has been there over 30 years now.. lets talk about this interview

  5. Great piece , shows how this is truly the most demanding of all sports .. Carol love your passion for our great sport !

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