1. To all the Hofstra fans following the match live through the live blog, thanks for following. Doesn’t Matt do a great job? He’s a great colorman.

    As for the live video, I’m still learning the software, but I believe I have the system well understood now, and next time things should go a lot smoother, at least I hope. The video seemed to be working well by the Patrovich match.

    We’re going to keep plugging. Eventually, we’ll get this right. The plan is to cover the wantagh vs. macarthur match with live video, all bouts.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen,

    Please join me in extending sincere appreciation to Bill for providing the amazing video for last night’s HU/BU coverage.

    As I mentioned during my portion of the coverage, HU never issued Mr. Miller the press passes that he is entitled to. Therefore, despite having to pay full price to attend, Bill took it upon himself to make available video of the dual for those of you who were unable to attend.

    I’ve only known Bill a short time. However, I do not hesitate in saying that “Bill Miller is great for the sport of wrestling. The more Bill Millers we have giving back to the sport, the better it is for all of us who love it with all of our hearts.”

    If you see Bill at a tournament and/or dual, please make it a priority to pull him aside and let him know how much you appreciate his efforts.

    I could never deliver the caliber of coverage that I desire if I did not have Bill Miller behind me every step of the way.

    I hope everyone enjoyed the coverage tonight (both text and video)….I hope to see all of you, my loyal views, back on January 11th when the Pride will takeon the Wolfpack of North Carolina State.

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