All Nassau Power Ranking

The top 20 wrestlers in Nassau County identified by power ranking formula.

The top 20 Nassau county wrestlers have been identified using a power ranking formula to compare performance across weight classes. No subjective information was used to rank the wrestlers except for arriving at the power point system which was applied the same for each wrestler.

The formula weights the following factors for each wrestler:

  • Points are awarded for performance in county and state tournaments only.
  • Last years performance is more heavily weighted than performance in previous year’s.
  • Weight classes are weighted differently based on strength of weight class in states over the last 10 years. Generally, lower weights have less weigthing than higher weight classes.
Rank Wrestler Power Points
1 Paul Liguori (Wantagh – Sr.) 82.43
2 John Greisheimer (Wantagh – Sr.) 79.73
3 Nick Arujau (Syosset – Jr.) 48.90
4 Matt Loew (Wantagh – Jr.) 25.50
5 Joe Kavanagh (Wantagh – So.) 24.23
6 Andre Berry (Uniondale – Sr.) 21.68
7 Matt Eberlein (Island Trees – Sr.) 21.68
8 Thomas Jackson (Framingdale – Jr.) 19.50
9 Robert Grabher (North Shore – Sr.) 18.53
10 John Daddino (Sewanhaka East – So.) 18.53
11 Vincent Pecora (Baldwin – Sr.) 17.50
12 Mac Maldarelli (Calhoun – Sr.) 16.58
13 German Meza (Bethpage – Sr.) 15.45
14 Brian Herold (MacArthur – Sr.) 15.30
15 Mike Walker (Uniondale – Sr.) 14.63
16 Quimes Delacruz (Wantagh – Sr.) 13.50
17 Nick Camera (Plainedge – Sr.) 11.40
18 Sean Kempf (MacArthur – Sr.) 9.75
19 Eric Kaufman (Massapequa – Sr.) 9.00
20 Gary Kavarsky (Lawrence – Sr.) 9.00

Answer the poll to rank the top 8 wrestlers in Section 8 as you see them.

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This is one of any number of possible ways to weight the performance of wrestlers to arrive at an objective ranking. What do we have wrong? Who would you add, remove, or change the order of to make this ranking reflect reality better? Please comment and let us know.

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3 thoughts on “All Nassau Power Ranking”

  1. how is pecora, who took 4th in NYS, behind kids that have never won a county title or not even MADE THE COUNTY FINALS!!! Thats ridiculous… Pecora should be the 4th one on that list, behind only returning state champs.

  2. There’s a long history at the state tournament of lightweights never returning to the big dance when they move up in weight. There was a recent example of that in Suffolk county.

    The lightweight accomplishments are not as heavily weighted as the upper weight accomplishments in this power ranking. We need some criteria to normalize the performance against different weights, this is one method and only one of the criteria. There may be others to compare that would make sense as well.

  3. gentlemen,

    kelly palmer from clarke hs is undefeated at 130

    pounds. he also defeated the #1 ranked wrestler from suffolk

    county, adam troy, 5-2. how is anyone from nassau ranked ahead of him?

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