All Long Island Power Rankings

Top 20 Nassau and Suffolk wrestlers based on power points.

Note, the All Long Island Power rankings have been revised with an update to the formula.   Click here for the most recent version.  The Nassau and Suffolk county wrestlers have been ranked using a power ranking formula to compare performance across weight classes.  No subjective information was used to rank the wrestlers except for arriving at the power point system which was applied the same for each wrestler. 

The formula weights the following factors for each wrestler:

  • Points are awarded for performance in county and state tournaments only.
  • Last years performance is more heavily weighted than performance in previous year’s.
  • Weight classes are weighted differently based on strength of weight class in states over the last 10 years. Generally, lower weights have less weigthing than higher weight classes.

Rank Wrestler Power Points
1 Paul Liguori (Wantagh – Sr.) 45.18
2 John Greisheimer (Wantagh – Sr.) 38.63
3 Stephen Dutton (Rocky Pt. – Jr.) 37.87
4 TJ Neidhart (SWR – Sr) 36.45
5 Andy Rodriguez (Central Islip – Jr.) 32.55
6 Josue Mendez (Brentwood – Sr.) 30.00
7 Nick Arujau (Syosett – Jr.) 26.15
8 Steven Keith (SWR – Sr.) 22.25
9 Zach Buonaiuto (Miller Place – Sr.) 15.00
10 Adam Troy (Walt Whitman – Jr.) 13.62
11* Matt Loew (Wantagh – Jr.) 13.50
11* Ernest James (Longwood – Sr.) 13.50
13 Thomas Jackson (Farmingdale – Sr.) 12.00
14* Matt Eberlein (Island Trees – Sr.) 11.48
14* Joe Kavanagh (Wantagh – So.) 11.48
14* Andre Berry (Uniondale – Sr.) 11.48
17 German Meza (Bethpage – Sr.) 11.40
18 William Parks (Longwood – Sr.) 10.50
19 Vincent Pecora (Baldwin – Sr.) 10.25
20 Anthony Volpe (Rocky Pt. – Jr.) 10.20

This is one of any number of possible ways to weight the performance of wrestlers to arrive at an objective ranking.  What do we have wrong?  Who would you add, remove, or change the order of to make this ranking reflect reality better?  Please comment and let us know.

You have permission to copy and reproduce this ranking
 as is without modification.  All republication must include  this
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11 thoughts on “All Long Island Power Rankings”

  1. if it’s based only on state and county tournaments than how is joe kavanaugh on there and ken collado isnt

  2. It’s not only based on state and county results; it’s based on the weight that the results were earned in, AND it’s based on previous year’s performance, but the most recent year’s performance is weighed more heavily.

    This is an attempt to normalize the wrestlers against wrestlers at different weight classes. This power ranking weighs performance at the higher weights more heavily than at lower weights. Historical stats show that the lower weight classes favor the younger wrestlers because there are less upperclassmen in those weights, therefore, they are less experienced wrestlers and less physically mature wrestlers.

    Let me give you some real stats on 2008 states. 88% of the competitors in the 96lb weight class were in 10th grade or less. In the 103lb weight class 63% of the competitors were in 10th grade or less. In the upper weights such as 145 and 171 100% of the wrestlers are 12th and 11th graders. Once you get above 125lb weight class, there are no competitors in the 9th, 8th, or 7th grades.

    This ranking favors those weight classes with the most experienced wrestlers based on grade. There are many ways to compare against weight classes. This is just one approach. I do agree, though, that the formula needs to be tweeked some. We’ll work on that.

  3. oh i was just wondering how that would be possible because pecora is up there and collado wasn’t even though he was a state champ at that weight. still a great job though

  4. Wrestler, you are correct to point that out, though. The formula needs some tweeking, and I’ve been working on it. Collado should be ahead of Pecora. It doesn’t make sense that someone who placed lower at the same weight would be higher ranked.

  5. to clarify…Collado was a state champ at 96 and Pecora placed 4th at 103. Still…makes sense that a state champ at any weight would be in the top 20…a 96 punder would understandably be ranked lower than a state champ at a higher weight though.

  6. tjohn55, Dutton is at Rocky Point.

    LIFAN, Collado won state at 103.
    103 – Ken Collado (11-Hauppauge, So.) dec. Luke Popolizio (2-Shenendehowa, Jr.) 4-2 2OT


    SEE THEM BUST OUT. 103, 112, 119,125 130

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