2 thoughts on “Hofstra vs. Wagner—-LIVE TEXT/Blog (Complete)”

  1. There certainly weren’t too many surprises in last night’s Hofstra-Wagner dual, but the dozens in attendance were treated to a few memorable moments.

    We saw more pins than you’ll see in your local bowling alley………
    We saw last minute substitute, Jeff Rotella, at 141, hit with a big move to come from behind and defeat by pinfall, Jake Villaret.
    We saw JBB pick-up a point for riding time !!!! When was the last time you saw that happen? And given Jon’s style of wrestling, when are likely to see it again?
    We saw Rob Piscitello, filling-in for Joe Fagiano, win the battle of Long Islanders at 197 in convincing fashion.
    ……..and we saw just how strong Jordan Enck is for an undersized heavyweight.

    Of course, we also saw dominant performances by the staples of the Pride program in Ruggirello and Lucas, and encouraging wins by Bonnano, Gillespie and Patrovich.

    Mostly, we saw what we expected to see. We saw a prominent national program with a core of better young wrestlers soundly whip a clearly overmatched, but game local program.
    Making mention of the score is overkill, so I won’t. If points could be awarded for intent and effort, the score would have been much closer. The Wagner wrestlers probably knew that they were going to take their lumps, but they still showed up……
    still gave their all. They don’t wrestle for the glory or the accolades, but for the sheer enjoyment of the sport.

    I take my hat off to them…..thus exposing my balding head.

    Did last night prove anything? Nope.
    Penn State is next. Wednesday’s Goliath suddenly becomes Sunday’s David.
    Stay tuned.

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