Part 3: The Interview with Neil J. Alton

This is final part of the three part series of Lighthouse Wrestling’s interview Neil Alton a former Long Beach wrestler for Paul Gillespie and father of Dylan and Andrew Alton, two of the top High School wrestlers in the country.

LHW: Is there one thing that stands out that made your boys what they are today? If asked to describe each son in fives words of less, what words would you choose?

Mr. Alton: Yes – it is their Mother, their Sisters and myself being involved with them the whole way through. Both of my daughters play soccer in college and the boys have been a tremendous help to them also. They all acknowledge a hard work ethic is absolutely necessary to achieve your goals. When the whole family adopts that attitude it seems to be just what is expected, this is where Paul Gillespie has had an effect that he probably doesn’t even realize. My wife is a natural hard worker, but she said she never thought about it until she started to hear me telling the kids what it means in life.

Then the Boy’s being around other wrestlers and coaches that have similar values, goals and approach in life and wrestling is just the icing on the cake.

Dylan: Caring, Confident, Humble, Joking & Vicious. 

Andrew: Unforgiving, Confident, Loyal, Humble & Vicious.


LHW: Dylan and Andrew are currently ranked in the top 3 in every publication in America. They are being heavy recruited. Are the boys leaning toward a particular college? Is it a foregone conclusion that the two of them will end up at the same college/university?  

Mr. Alton They are starting to narrow down their choices but still have plenty of time. Want to visit a few places meet coaches and team mates and then watch them compete this year at the NCAA’s.

Yes both will decide where they want to go, and both will attend the same place. That is their decision to make, and both are agreeable on some things and not on others. It will work it self out.


LHW: Mr. Alton, thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat with us.  We wish you and your sons continued success, both on and off the mat.

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