Nassau Preseason Dual Meet Team Rankings

Nassau preseason team rankings.

  1. Macarthur
  2. Wantagh
  3. Uniondale
  4. Massapequa
  5. Plainedge
  6. East Meadow
  7. Garden City
  8. Bellmore JFK
  9. Calhoun
  10. Farmingdale

Take the poll, and select your top 5 dual meet teams in Nassau county for 2008-2009.  If you select other, please identify that other team with a comment, and if you like, rank your selections in order from 1 to 10 with a comment.

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9 thoughts on “Nassau Preseason Dual Meet Team Rankings”

  1. well long beach beat clahoun at the maccarthur dual meet tornament. So if calhouns up there, long beach should be also. Calhoun definetly doesnt deserve that place.

  2. if you are talking about the Macarthur preseason tourney I do not believe those reults are used as consideration since many full teams are not there and even replacement wrestlers from other towns are used.

  3. Calhouns up there bc they finished 8th in the nassau county tournament, calhoun beat destroyed long beach last year

  4. mepham beat long beach last year and beat kennedy at deul meet play offs and wen is macarthur wantagh dual meet

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