Which Suffolk Teams Will Finish in the Top 5 in 2009?

Here’s your chance to select the top five team place finishers for Suffolk county in 2009.

Which Suffolk County teams will finish in the top five in 2009?  Pick your top five.  If you pick other, please follow up with a comment and identify the team that you recommend to be in the top 5 for Suffolk County in 2009.  If you would, order the top 5 or even 10 in the comments after you submit your top 5 selections.

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12 thoughts on “Which Suffolk Teams Will Finish in the Top 5 in 2009?”

  1. Harbrofields!

    they are ranked top 10 but are not on the ballot for a possible top 5 spot? bwhy are teams like west hampton beach, ward melville, hills east, copaigue, and amityville on the ballot but not the already ranked harborfields??

  2. Joe, the poll was seeded from the top 15 finishers in the county tournament last year. It’s rare for a team that finished outside the top 15 to jump into the top 5 spot in one season.

  3. yah east islip won the rocky gilmore tournament and placed second in huntington tournment they are going to be at least in the top 5 in the county watch them this year they are underestimated they did win county and place 2 in countys in the last 4 years

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